✢ Incest Clarification ✢

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Nov 8, 2020
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✢ Incest Clarification ✢

When it comes to the rules o Incest, we know it can be confusing when one wonders where the 'fine line' or 'gray area' is.
For that reason, we have dedicated this entire post to clarifying what constitutes as incest and what does not.

So, let's get start by breaking it down into segments so it can be better understood.

If you have any questions not answered here, contact @UndeadEyes or @Zverda
What is Incest?

Incest is any sort of sexual activity between blood-relatives.

However, to avoid dangerous subjects, such as grooming, there will be some extensions on what we will clarify as incest.

For instance, siblings who are raised together from a young age (under 15), that would be considered incest.
Parents and child where the child was raised by the parent from an young age (under 15), that would be considered incest.

We will touch on these further below.

✢What pairings are included in incest?

A lot of pairings would be considered incest.
Basically, if the characters are related by blood (full or half), that would be incest.

Examples, but not a complete list:
Mother x Son/Daughter
Brother x Sister/Brother
Dad x Sister/Son
Daughter x Uncle/Aunt
Son x Grandma/Grandpa

However, we also include any situation where a child has been raised by a step-parent/family and any situation where two step-children are raised together from a young age.

✢What is Grooming?

Grooming is one tool common to those who sexually abuse kids: manipulative behaviors that the abuser uses to gain access to a potential victim, coerce them to agree to the abuse, and reduce the risk of being caught.

This is very common in the real world where step-Family or blood-family (the abuser often much older than the victim, but sometimes the same age) 'train' the victim to accept behaviors as normal. Because of how impactful this can be to people in the real world, we want to avoid scenarios in Roleplays where grooming is involved even if the characters are not blood-related.

Even if the roleplayers want to say 'grooming isn't part of it', that's just not how the real world works. It's very rare a child raised by a step-parent will suddenly fall in love (more so, both ways). In almost all situations, the older one too advantage of the young one's naivety. This is not to say there isn't a few rare cases, but the point still stands.

While we do understand grooming can still happen to those over 15, we are willing to give some leeway assuming users do not abuse the scenario in which the characters, once both are over 18, come together.

✢What about a threesome with siblings/twins if they don't touch each other?

This would be considered a very dangerous thin line, which was discussed in details with the founders of the site.
Because of the unrealistic nature of how limiting sexual activities would be in that situation (for instance, two men cannot DP a female because, realistically, their testicles will touch or how two females can't go down on a male because tongues would touch).

Even if we could say that they would not touch, there is a weird 'sexual intention' behind having the two siblings actively turned on by the idea of them both having sexual intercourse with the same person. This is incestuous at its core and, thus, would qualify under incest.

Sibling/Twins could share a sexual partner, but not at the same time.

✢So, can a sibling/twin just watch?

Again, this is a fine line. You tend not to watch people have intercourse if your intent isn't to become sexually aroused.
It would be one thing if there was a rape scene happening and a sibling is being forced to watch and has NO sexual arousal from it. They have no desire to see it or for it to be happening.

Unfortunately, what usually happens is that one watches, gets aroused, and may begin to fondle themselves or masturbate to the actions they are seeing. Because it involves their sibling, this again because incestuous and is not allowed.

Step-Family, however, if they follow the guidelines below, would be different.
If they are step-brothers, for instance, not raised together, they could take part in a threesome together.

✢What about Step-Family that isn't raised together?

As long as both are consenting adults (over 18), then it's fine.
As long as they met when the younger partner is 15 or older at the time, it's fine.

So, for example, if a step-father was introduced to the step-daughter when she was 15 and no grooming took place in that time, when she's 18, they can have a sexual encounter assuming it's built up that he wasn't lusting after her when she was underage.

If two 15-year-old step-siblings are introduced, they can have crushed on one another, even date in secret (as we do allow people to have non-sexual RPs concerning minors). They just couldn't have sexual contact until they were both 18 or older.

✢What about a traumatic backstory that involves incest?

Yes, you can have characters with a traumatic backstory that involves incest.
However, it must be 100% traumatic. Not a character happily saying "twincest was wincest when I was a teen".
It has to be, basically, grooming, molestation, or rape of the character during their past.

You may not act out or write out the incident in the roleplay. It can be explained by the character with limited details, but, like childhood sexual assault, we don't want it written out in graphic details.

In this same point, we will allow characters who have children born out of incest as long as, again, there is no vivid retellings and it was something that wasn't consented to.

✢Why no incest? It's such a common taboo and other sites allow it.

First, we'd like to state that Writing Home is not judging you for your kinks. We do understand it's a common taboo.
However, we're not like other sites and we do not want such activities played out here.
In saying that, we are completely fine with you going to other sites that do allow it to get your incestuous roleplay needs met.
We would hope that you are able to still be part of Writing Home for your non-incest pairings and stories.

Also, in the country where this site is hosted, where the owner lives, incest is a federal crime and illegal across all states.
While there may be some leeway in some states for distant cousins, we are including all blood-relatives in incest.

Consent is not a defense against the law of incest, which means we cannot just use that to skirt the rules.

Since we are required to ban other illegal things, such as pedophilia, we prefer to cover our rear-ends over opening ourselves to possible legal troubles.​

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