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Nov 8, 2020
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The Deviant Realms Come, see a place where the supernatural meets everyday normal living. Travel the twin cities of Deviant Sanctuary and Deviant Haven which allow the races of many Demon, Fae, or Angel to go about their days. If you wish to find Deviant Sanctuary you'll need to traverse back into the Canadian mountains. Secluding from the rest of the world this large city lays beside a bay. Deviant Haven, another large city, kisses the Atlantic ocean, tucked against the cost by an overgrown jungle. Many races of Demon, Fae, and Angel live within these two cities. We allow for a multi-lore system that lets you choose from Greek, Roman, and Norse mythologies. These three are only our top picks, nothing says you can't work in something of another. So far these races have lived within harmony, but will the balance hold or shall the scales tip?
What we have and who we are:
~ Friendly Admins and Mods to help you navigate into our realms.
~ Generous members
~ Please make note we are strictly an 18+ server ONLY
~ SFW & NSFW channels are within our server
~ We have members from all over the planet
~ We are an all-in-one type of server, meaning our OOC and IN channels are within this server.

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