NSFW Romance Slice of Life Open DDarko’s Search (F for M or Doubling)

Jul 27, 2021
Please do not post here.
PM me. Thank you.
Updated list!

Hello everyone.

Just a few things about me:
I’m 28 years old and work a full time job. I work Mon.-Fri. from 8am-4pm EST. I am currently a of a toddler and in grad school so, I may not always be quick to post. post mostly in the evenings/nights. But, occasionally can make time to post during my lunch. I like to post anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs with detail and I’m just asking the same from my partners. I love romance and smut. I do not fade to black in my stories, so if you don’t like that you can just skip over me. I play only females unless we are doubling. I role play in PM and thread. You just tell me what your preference is. I prefer real pictures over anime and ask my partners to use face claims, anime just isn’t my style, but if we somehow agree on anime I’d prefer more realistic style anime. I also ask that when role playing with me you have a CS. Even if it’s short, I like them and it makes things easier when there is one. I also promise if I leave the site for a long period of time I’ll tell you ahead of time, but I don’t believe that would be happening anytime soon. We can discuss limits and what not throughout the plotting process.
What I’m asking from you:
I would like someone who can write 2-5 detailed paragraphs. I’d like to keep the story moving and it’s difficult when there's only one paragraph to work off of. Please do not use any text talk. I don’t even use that when I’m actually texting. Also, speak in the third person when writing. I also hope to find someone who is willing to just chat in OOC PM. I like to get to know people I’m working with.

When I do fandoms I prefer to play the OC since I prefer playing female. Of course I can double for a fandom.

Queen of the Damned:
OC x Lestat

OC X Edward
OC x Jacob

OC x Jughead
OC x Archie

OC x Dean
OC x Sam

Sons Of Anarchy:
OC x Jax
OC x Juice

Vampire Diaries:
OC x Damon
OC x Stefan
OC x Jeremy Gilbert

Harry Potter:
OC x Draco Malfoy
OC x Any of the Weasley Brothers

Gilmore Girls:
OC x Logan
OC x Jess
OC x Dean

OC x Josh

Ghost Adventures:
OC x Zak Bagans

My Hero:
OC x Shoto Todoroki
OC x Dabi

Ex-Girlfriend x Band Member (Vague Plot)
Sister x Older Brother's Best Friend
Inmate x Pen Pal
A love triangle (plot)
The Wedding Date (Vague plot)

Current Cravings:
MGK or Pete Davidson or Both x OC

Queen of the Damned

My Hero Academia

Love Triangle

The Wedding Date


Criminals Minds

Ghost Adventures

K-pop Idol (Lucas, Kai, Wonho, YangYang, Jackson Wang,etc...)