Fandom Fandom Request Thread

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Sonic The Hedgehog: Blaze The Cat X Sonic
Pokemon (OC X OC)
Street Fighter: OC X Juri or OC X Chun Li
Mortal Kombat (OC X OC or Mileena or Kitana)
Overwatch: (OC X Widowmaker or OC X OC)
Arrowverse CW TV Show
The Flash CW TV Show
DC Comics
OC X Cheetah
OC X Hawkgirl
OC X Poison Ivy
OC X Catwoman

Marvel Comics
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Peter Parker (Spider-Man) X Amelie Lacroix (Widowmaker Overwatch Series)
Spider-Man series (Spider-Man/Peter Parker x OC or OC x OC)

Resident Evil
Devil May Cry
Outlaw Star
Super Smash Bros
Rachet & Clank

Story 1 Sonic The Hedgehog: Okay so here I am talking about Sonic 06 Blaze's story now upon defeating Iblis, Silver tried to seal Iblis inside himself. However, when Silver was rejected as a vessel, Blaze took his place as her soul was alit with flames and would thus be accepted. Blaze promptly sealed Iblis inside her and begged Silver to use Chaos Control to seal her in another dimension, but Silver refused to sacrifice her. Nevertheless, Blaze did the deed herself. After this had occurred I had an idea where Blaze ends up sending herself to the Chaos Dimension where many monsters exist and they are all about causing chaos of course so Blaze navigates her way through the chaos dimension and finds a some sort of magical prison that keeps certain monsters trapped forever so Blaze puts Iblis inside the prison and after that she tries to navigate her way out of the dimension. Meanwhile back in Sonic's dimension the story of Sonic 06 is over however Sonic gets this nagging feeling that Blaze is trapped somewhere in another dimension so Sonic has Tails build a dimensional transporter to send him to where he thinks Blaze is trapped at. I wanted to play this story out where Sonic and Blaze have to fight a horde of monsters from the Chaos Dimension in order to get back to Sonic's dimension but it won't be easy.

Story 2 Devil May Cry: After the events of DMC 5 while Dante and Vergil are stuck in the underworld MC and YC OC's living in Red Grave City as devil hunters for hire. Are hired by Morrison the guy that brings them their missions to visit a castle overrun with demons in a large unknown city. These demons are after a powerful artifact. It up to our characters to stop these demons from getting their greedy little claws on it and return the artifact back to his original place within the castle. Will are characters be able to handle the job or will the demons succeed and take hold of the artifact? Their is something more sinister brewing in the shadows an evil that is growing so it could overthrow the human world and take control of it. It is a demon named Urien and the lesser demons are trying to obtain that artifact from the castle to free Urien from his prison in the underworld.