NSFW M for F Fandom Open Kingdom Sluts: Peter’s Adventure

Mar 2, 2021
Hello to all!

I am looking to do a long term roleplay which will require a GM or someone playing multiple characters as the story progresses. Using Kingdom Hearts as a base point, where Sora travels to different Disney themed worlds. This would involve my character Peter, travelling across different worlds from various fictional universes. Perhaps there is an evil organisation out to take over the worlds using the various villains that reside among them. As stated I would like to include various fictional universes into this roleplay, the ones in bold are the ones most wanted, you don’t need to know every detail about characters, myself or google can fill in the essential details for things you may not be familiar with.

Kuoh Academy - Highschool DxD

Magic Kingdom - Disney: Frozen, Kim Possible, etc

Nintendonia - Mario, Zelda, Metroid, SSB

Pokétopia - Pokémon games/tv series

Hanzō Academy - Senran Kagura

TARDIS - Doctor Who

Superhero City - Marvel

The Galaxy - Star Wars

Battle City - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fighting Lands - DoA, MK, Street Fighter

Pandora - Borderlands

Biohazard - Resident Evil

Furry Islands - AC, Sonic, Crash, Spyro etc

Dark City - DC

Sierra 117 - Halo

Underworld - Devil May Cry

Outer Haven - Metal Gear Solid

Hogwarts - Harry Potter

Shiganshina - Attack on Titan

Capsule Corporation - Dragonball Z/Super

Asaka - Monster Musume

The Entity - Dead by Daylight

Ashen Dream- Soulsborne

The Continent - The Witcher

Watchpoint - Overwatch

Night City - Cyberpunk 2077

The Nexus - Hub world of sorts

The Nexus will serve as a world that connects to the rest, but isn’t based on a fandom, but the Nexus will feature characters from random games/shows etc, where it may not be difficult to build a world around it. For example: Lara Croft (TR), Alloy (HZD), certain Power Rangers, etc. These characters can remain in the nexus or swap around with others to keep it like a busy metropolis hub.

That should be enough to get a selection of worlds and get the ball going, should there be something you want to suggest, feel free too. I might have mentally skipped over it while putting world names to franchises.

Peter will either have a connection to these worlds already, having visited before or this would be his first time to them all, but he can have a connection to the worlds, memories of past adventures and characters can remember him if he returns to a world after leaving.

For example: Peter has left left Kuoh Academy to travel back to Magic Kingdom, instead of the residents being clueless to him they know who he is, he has history there, maybe even has homes so people don’t know that he leaves for other places.

So that’s my idea, more of a dream roleplay really, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now and I’ve worked out a way to make it sound interesting...I think?

The canon characters Peter comes across throughout these worlds will be female or futa mix of both is best possible additions of some genderbend characters: Super Maria, Jessie Voorhees, etc.

Kinks can be finalised in chat, here is my Kink List, couldn’t select the last two for some reason.

Anyway, DM’s are open, send me a message if you’re interested, letting me know what worlds you want to include in the roleplay the more the better, plenty of variety should we get bored in a world.

Send me your discord name or ask for mine. As I’m building a server.