M for F Looking for a fun villainess

Nov 23, 2020
Let's see what fish I can hook, well villainesses actually.

About me:
1. Male with a full time job
2. Married, love OOC chatter and light flirting, but NO relationships, and of course flirting is not a requirement
3. Multi-para writer
4. Pacific time zone

About you:
1. Your real life gender doesn't matter.
2. YC is either a canon or OC villainess
3. You are comfortable playing dominant female characters.
4. Respect my boundaries and I will respect yours.

MC's: Batman (played by Michael Keaton), Superman (Christopher Reeves)

YC's: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Female Riddler, any one else you can come up with.

Plot ideas: The general idea is that your villainess is dominant to my hero, and I would like to have a fair amount of action and combat along with traps for the hero to work through and fall into.

I know it sounds like a "smut fest" but I promise that is not the intent. Plenty of witty banter, behind the scenes actions to set up each encounter, and action will definitely be thrown into the mix.

If interested feel free to DM me.