Seeking Romantic Fandom Tales

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Nov 13, 2020
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Pemberley House
Hello, and welcome to my RT! I am here in search of at least one or two partner(s)-in-crime to do long-term, romantic (and adventure) stories within the following fandom universes I'm familiar with, which I will list below. But first, the rules:

- I'm not looking for novella-sized posts that are just walls of text, but what I am looking for is multiple, decent-sized paragraphs per reply and character(s), basically seeking quality over quantity posts.
- I'm only comfortably doing MxF romantic pairings/settings.
- I am double friendly and prefer it if you are as well.
- I'd prefer that all characters be in their twenties or older.
- Please write in the third person perspective in paragraph format.
- Collaborate with me! Don't have me do all the plotting, it's not as fun...
- Please use realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims for your character's appearance, unless stated otherwise.
- I don't have any preference in regards to your skill level as a writer but make sure your writing is legible to read and be creative in your posts.
- Please balance out and put effort into both your (female and male) characters if doubling is to occur.
- Please don't hound/spam me for replies. It usually takes me a day or a few days (or more) to post anything due to having severe depression and chronic migraines. All I ask is for you to be patient and understanding in return.

| Fandom Universes |
(*) - Means don't use a face-claim; just a written description of your character(s)

- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy -
{I'm Seeking Eomer}

- Priest -
{I'm seeking Black Hat}

- Aliens -
{I'm seeking Corporal Hicks}

- The X-Men -
(*90's Animated* or 2000/2002 Films)
{I'm seeking 90's/Marsden's Cyclops or Jackman's Wolverine}

- The Dark Knight Trilogy -
{I'm seeking Scarecrow}

- Batman -
{I'm seeking Keaton's Batman}

- Superman -
{I'm seeking Reeve's Superman}

- The Justice League -
(*Animated Films*)
{I'm seeking Hal Jordan/Green Lantern}

- Star Wars -
(The Original Trilogy or Legends)
{I'm seeking Han Solo, Jacen Solo, Kyp Durron, or human male OC}

- Star Trek -
(TOS or Reboots)
{I'm seeking TOS human male OC or Urban's Dr. McCoy}

- Lucifer -
{I'm seeking Lucifer or Marcus Pierce/Cain}

- Smallville -
{I'm seeking Clark Kent}

- Xena: The Warrior Princess -
{I'm seeking Cupid}

- Almost Human -
{I'm seeking John Kennex}

- The Boys -
{I'm seeking Billy Butcher}​
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