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Nov 8, 2020

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Every roleplaying site has their own terminology to express the literacy levels of their users.
To help our users know ours, which can help them understand their partner's levels, we've created this thread.

Level is split into two categories:
Quantity and Quality.
Quantity refers to the length of Writing.
Quality refers to how well it's written*.

(*spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)

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Level 1

Free is the lowest level offered.
People in this category tend to write a few words to a couple sentences with little to no focus on the quality of their posts.
They may not use full words and instead use text-speech.​
Level 2

Casual is the next step up.
People in this category tend to write a couple sentences to around a paragraph with limited focus on the quality.
There are some Casual writers who, though they don't write much, they do care about quality and put a bit more effort into their work.​
Level 3

Moderate is the mid-ground.
People in this category write around one to three paragraphs, often taking a bit more time to ensure quality is above average.​
Level 4

Advance is one of the higher levels.
People in this category often write around four + paragraphs with a decent amount of focus on the quality to ensure errors are limited.
They still make mistakes themselves, so they won't throw a fuss over a few errors from their partners.
They are often known to create their own style of writing, which is how they like their words to flow.
It is known, however, that Advance writers are the pickiest when it comes to accepting new partners who don't match their level or style.​
Level 5

Elitist is the highest level...of bullshit.
People in this category often write towers of pointless information that no one cares about and add nothing to the roleplay,
all while using terminology they themselves probably don't understand in order to look smart.
They'll claim to be writing majors taught by a Mark Twain himself.
You'll never be good enough for them and, even if they do roleplay with you, they will likely nit-pick every sentence you write with a scoff and an eye-roll.
These people are best left in the darkness of their caves, surrounded by their inferiority complex.

(This is clearly a joke...)