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Nov 8, 2020
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Since we are an 18+ site, it should be obvious that people will often dabble in the more erotic and explicit side of roleplay.
These users often desire and/or need to show their future partners their kinks and depraved desires to ensure a good match.
Most people use F-list, but we, like some other sites, have banned them for numerous reasons.

However, unlike other sites, we wanted to ensure that our users still had the ability to make a kink-list.
So, we made one for you. :)

Please, keep in mind, this is our FIRST design. It's not perfect.
In time, we will try to design something cleaner for use once we have more kinks on the list.
However, this is the kink list allowed for use on this site.
If you have constructive criticism or ideas to improve it, message UndeadEyes directly.

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To get started, just click the banner above.

How to use the Kink List:

Step 1:

Fill out the Kink List accordingly.

Step 2:
When completed, click the 'Export' button.

Step 3:
Name your Kink List

Step 4:
Use the generated link to link people to your list or post it as an image.

Rules When Posting Kink Lists:

Because we are still following our own guidelines of no explicit content on the site, and let's face it, some of the wording and content on a kink list can be a bit explicit, there are 3 ways to post your kink list on your thread properly.

Post it as a text link with clear notice that clicking said link will take you to the Kink List.

Posting it as an image using a spoiler tag with, again, clear notice that it's going to show your Kink List.

Using the tab function on your thread, create a second tab labeled "Kink List" as seen below where you can post it as an image.

You may also link it in the proper area of your profile.

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My Kink Isn't Listed?

Do you have a kink not listed that you'd like added?
As long as it follows the content rules of Writing Home, we are happy to add it for you.
Simply contact UndeadEyes with the topic title: 'Added Kink' and let her know what you'd like added.
If it abides by the rules and isn't redundant, it will be added.

I'm Confused about self vs Partner?

Don't worry, you're not alone.
Even I, when it was done, confused myself.
So, for clarity, if the options for the pairing are self/partner it's meant to be read in this fashion.

Kink option Example: Anal


I would allow it to be done to my character

I would like to do it or have it be done to my partner's character

Do I have to use this kink list?

Yes and no.

If you are going to directly link to a list made via a site, yes.
This is the only one allowed both on the forums and in your profile.

If you just want to copy and paste a list, no.
However, it must be under a spoiler tag AND the kinks must still fall within our guidelines.
Many kink lists from other sites include things such as pedo, incest, etc.
Forgetting to remove those from your list could get you in trouble, so be double sure you don't forget.​
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