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Jul 5, 2024
hello hello, one and all! c:

i'm mammon, but i also go by mami or mams! whatever works! i use he/they pronouns and identify as a demiguy, please don't refer to me as a woman as it makes me dysphoric- but i'm still very much a girl's girl at heart, haha. i'm 26 years old and while i'm new to the site, i'm not new to roleplay in the slightest with just a little over a decade of experience under my belt! i'm a bit busy these days with working towards my master's, working, and taking care of three pets and a proposal to my lady love soon - but i always make time to write and chat!

i love to chat ooc and make friends with my writing partners, and at the moment i'm currently seeking for new friends to do a bit of silly oc x canon mischief for either marvel or star wars - which i'll be posting about shortly! i really hope i'll be able to find like-minded folks here who i can have a fun long-term story with c:

thanks for reading! have a great one, y'all! < 3


Menagerie Warden
Nov 11, 2020
Welcome to the site! I hope you find a good partner or two for your shenanigans!
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