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May 22, 2022
By this point Tess was warm with her usual plum sake and once again with an empty bottle in hand. It was the usual sights, people coming and going in all sorts of manners, the place always rather lively, and it was even more so apparent when the servers were not on top of her empty bottle. Though she held no complaint. The giant was a pleasant sight. Those poor souls always seemed to be dead before reaching her depths of the ocean, then again if someone made it there and was alive it was quite the surprise for them both. Usually it was some sort of pirate or adventurer looking for something that she never had a clue about.

Now there was another sight to behold. a fully mechanical being. That she would need to be cautious around. An accidental touch could end badly for either of them. Tonight did not seem like a good night for death either. She had always imagined her death as a slow fall to the bottom of the ocean and there she would become one with the blue ecosystem of violence and beauty. However she was rather fascinated by the cantankerous thing. It seemed to catch quite a bit of attention and yet it was also swallowed up into the noise of the bar. This place certainly held its charm of allowing all to be just another customer.

With that the black and white creature got up cup in hand albeit empty and made her way back down to the bar. This time there didn't seem to be any issues as the the place was settling into a normal swing of decent behavior, or at least not bad enough to be tossed out. Few people that were close enough seemed to get a shudder and move out of the way. Though thanks to Lady Rose, she could easily be just another pretty face. It was always a pleasant thing to not be the center of unwanted attention. She might feel guilty if not for how fierce the Queen was and had so many things in place that it would put most of the world to shame and that was just Lady Rose. That didn't even include those who were bouncers, watchers, or protectors in this place. Tess wasn't among any of those, she was always just a bit too nosy for her own good and people here just let her be as it always seemed that she was acting as a protector. Perhaps she had been a regular for a little bit too long.

It took a little bit, but she finally made her way up to the bar, where warm smiles always greeted her.
Dec 14, 2023
After working the kinks out of her muscles a bit more, she put her hands on her pack and glanced at the chairs placed around the table she had chosen. She looked again to confirm what she saw: a chair of a shorter stature, not quite built for children but certainly not built for the usual gargantuan fellows she encountered. Moreover, it actually had cushions fastened to it. Pressing into them a bit, she saw that they were sturdy but relatively soft; her hands actually sank into them a bit, and they slowly relieved themselves of her imprints when she removed her hands from them. Well...that was new.

Actually, the cushions weren't entirely new, but it was odd to see that particular method of interaction with cushions that weren't of the finest materials enchanted by the wealthier and more prominent members of the Capital Tower and of Stormhaven in general. And affixed by some unseen method to a chair of such simplistic design...she knelt to look under the chair, the mechanic's mind poked a bit by the curious construction of it; she felt a small twinge of satisfaction at the confirmation of her hypothesis that the cushions were woven into the seat and back of the chair via some form of cords that she thought were probably leather, given the look and feel of them. They were tightly bound, too - well-constructed and functional rather than built for aesthetic.

Two such chairs graced the table she now took a better look at, seated before the lowered half. Why hadn't anyone else thought of this before? The other half of the small round table, at which the man who'd just vacated the table had been sitting, was a full six inches taller despite the underside of the table being flat and even. Stools graced the other side, one of the three of them with a leather backing and cushion - likely pulled there from the bar or from other tables - but the design of the table itself was fascinating. She was no woodcarver but couldn't help admiring the craftsmanship and innovation of the table regardless.

She sat gently upon one of the cushioned chairs and found herself quite comfortable. Not only that, it didn't creak at all - despite my fat rump, she thought to herself sourly; I really need to lay off the blueberry tarts - indicating that it was as sturdy as it was comfortable. This was definitely a relief after a long journey aboard that ship, and the back was even tall enough that she could rest her head against the back's cushion. She closed her eyes for a few moments before licking her lips. Yeah, her throat was a bit parched. She definitely needed a drink.

After another moment, she dragged herself out of her mock stupor and dug out a small pouch of coins from her pack. Would they be accepted here? The two gold crowns and several silver marks she possessed bore markings that were foreign to most ports, she'd found, and not everyone took them; she'd been able to get by with work and trade in exchange for food and lodging, and she might have to again. It was a risk leaving Volva here at the table but she didn't have much of a choice; he needed maintenance and was low on power beside. She reached under the back of the skull and clicked the switch from ACTIVE to PASSIVE, allowing him to conserve power. She doubted very much anyone would try anything stupid in a tavern this crowded.

The other concern, however, was communication. She pulled a small bit of blank folded parchment and her peacock quill from the pocket of her corduroy overalls and swept from hair from her face before turning to face the bar. There were a handful of tables betwixt hers and the bar, and she looked with slight dismay at the setup. Her head would barely reach the damned thing, it looked like, and the stools were tall enough for the patrons seated thereupon to easily rest upon the bar.

Instead, she looked about to see whether there were barmaids moving about. It looked like there were a couple, but they were on the other end of the room at the moment. Wonderful. Maybe she should take the chair? She looked down at the the black work boots she, definitely not. A glance at the chair told her it would be not only impolite but also imprudent to sully the cushions with her footwear. Maybe she could stand on Volva...?


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Sep 21, 2022
Laurent chuckled at the Queen's comment that despite the range of beings taller than humans, he was still even taller than him. Afterward, he lifted his glass and brought it to his lips, enjoying the drink. He looked out back to the patrons of the tavern. The one that came in with what Laurent assumed to be an automaton seemed busy in their mind. Laurent’s eyes then noticed an aquatic-looking humanoid who appeared to be people-watching just as he was. Spring's comments about his experience brought Laurent out of this person watching, and he focused back on the draconic being. This talk about these beings, the Tel'Horthin, interested him.

He listened as Sprint talked about them and what information he seemed to know. Laurent could sense that despite them bringing it up, it was probably a sore subject, and he decided against bringing it up. Laurent then replied,

“ It seems despite the different realms, war, and death are always present. Not that I expect differently, but maybe there is on our there that has known peace longer than the last.”