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Mar 1, 2021
For roleplay partners of course! Okay, so I'm finally getting to making this request thread. I hope it will be acceptable through the site's standards, but this will be a generalized thread with perhaps a few ideas that I will occasionally update as needed. There is no request for any group ones, I will keep that in the appropriate channel anyway. Now, to get into the details.

First, I will get one thing out of the way.

1. This is really important, I do adhere to a night shift schedule. Which means, while most of you are likely awake and doing things here during the day, I'll be a sleep. And at night, I'll be at work, except on my days off. I work 10 hour shifts Wednesday through Saturday. Because of this, to whomever chooses to try and roleplay with me, do expect delays. Not huge delays, I'll see if I can squeeze in a reply before or after work, but my activity will mostly be on the days off. I'll always give a head's up, if I know my delays will be longer than usual.

With that out of the way, let's get into the details of what I like and what to expect from me, should any of you choose me as a roleplay partner.

1. I much prefer story based roleplays. While I am okay with romantic/erotic roleplaying, I'd prefer it if that wasn't the main focus of whatever roleplay we do. I much prefer the genres of adventure, action, thriller, horror, sci-fi, alternative history and so forth. Sexual and romantic moments can still happen in glorious full detail even, but I'd like all that to be on the side, if you will.

2. I have roughly 15-20 years of roleplay experience, give or take periods of just not doing any of course. I don't really know what else to add to this fact aside from that I do have experience in all genres.

3. While I know everyone has varying levels of experience, I'd like to respectfully decline those who only do one liners. One liners are acceptable in certain situations, but if that's all you do, I'd like to skip that, thank you.

4. I do not care about gender and who wants to play what. I also do not care about attraction. I'm pansexual, so anything goes with that.

5. I do like people who are experienced and okay with potentially playing more than one character aside from their main(s), as needed.

6. I do not yet have a kink list up yet, but I will update this when that is good and ready. Until then, for anyone curious about what goes for me when it does come to the explicit content, feel free to DM me.

7. Of course, all site rules apply with me. If you somehow haven't looked over those by now, do that. I'm going to guess this site runs on the "ignorance of the rules is not an excuse" policy. I would anyway.

(To the admins, if any of this is undesirable and needs fixing, do please let me know in DM and I'll fix)


1. Merc vs Merc - A pretty straightforward story, that's probably reminiscent of a few movies. Two mercenaries, who are completely unaware of each other, are employed to take out the same target, by any means they deem necessary, with a higher reward for the target being alive (I can play the target as well as one of the mercs). Upon meeting each other, they race to see who gets the target first and slowly learn of a set up to take them both out. Do they team up? Is love possible? Or will they end up killing each other before they find out who set them up? [I did say I do prefer the romance/erotic stuff to not be the primary focus, but that doesn't mean it can't be a sub-plot]

2. Bad Cruise - A once in a life time chance for a luxury cruise across the Pacific, by a relatively brand new cruise line organization. In adherence to covid-19 regulations (gotta keep up with modern times, right?) this sweepstake has selected a very minimal number of passengers to experience a temporary life upon the open ocean. After a few days of fun in the sun and the smell of the salt water in the air, something begins to feel off. Wrong even. The passengers begin to realize they're not moving. With the cruise ship dead in the ocean and the ship's crew mysteriously missing, it is up to the passengers to find out what happened. A cruise ship mystery that may turn out darker than they would hope. [This roleplay will require a partner that is okay with controlling more than one character]


I might have more ideas later. If you are interested in either of these or have any questions, reply to this thread or DM me directly. If you have your own idea you want to pitch to me, then DM me. Take care for now!
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