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Nov 16, 2023

I am The Quiet One, and thus thread will be my main listing for RP searching.

To start, I am a great fan of writing story-based erotica-charged romances, usually in the realm of 'Slice of Life', but I've been known to delve into scifi, cyberpunk, and even some generic free-form fantasy.

As of this moment, I have ideas for a few pairings, which I'll lost below. If any of the pairings piques your interest, let me know, and I'll send details of the idea.

Master/Pet (pseudo-dubcom)
College Teacher/Student (pseudo-dubcon)
Shy boy (virgin)/Popular Girl (college age, gentle femdom)
Friends to lovers (kink exploration)
Poor man/Rich woman (gentle femdom)

And, while supernatural themes aren't my usual thing, I did try this pairing out once, and would like to again.

Succubus/Poor guy

Thanks for stopping by! This is just a rough draft. It'll evolve as I get used to the site.