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Smut, Romance, Angst and Drama are my weaknesses!
Jan 11, 2022

About Me:

Hello, I am Khloe.

I am 23 and I live within the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. I have been roleplaying for about a decade, so I am quite literate and typically have good grammar. Most weekdays I am quite active, weekends are hard as I have plans, so I may not be able to respond daily.

At this time, I am only doing fandom roleplays, so please do not suggest anything other than the ones I have posted or any other roleplay ideas you have. I am looking for a male partner, or a female playing as a male is alright as well.

I have been wanting to try polygamous relationships for a bit, so I am looking for someone who can play both characters for the ones labeled and/or would be wonderful.

3 - 6 Paragraphs per post
Good grammar/Spelling
All Characters 18+
Willing to discuss over plot/storyline
Third-person writing style
NSFW details can be discussed in private

I would like for there to be romance, angst, drama, action, comedy, and most importantly, the building of emotion. I prefer for this to be more of romance smut. Tearing characters apart emotionally to their breaking points is my specialty and love to have it in my roleplays, I like to cry from breaking my characters, creating trauma for my characters is my favorite. There will be sexual scenes, but it won't be right away. I like to have a build-up of emotions before anything sexual happens.

I am looking to do {My} female OC x Canon male characters. Please do not suggest Oc x Oc or Canon x Canon, I am only looking for the ones I posted about. These are the only characters and fandoms I am looking for and know about in detail.

Obito/Tobi, Kakashi
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

To be able to slip from one world to another, always sounded more like a dream to her, but it truly happened. Kasai was nothing more than a child, still learning the basics of magic when she slipped from her world of witches and familiars into one of ninjas and demons. She was so small, scared, and timid, that it was hard to believe that she survived there.

She had been placed with a team of these ninjas, learning their ways of them and how to fight. Kasai remembered those days fondly, learning all that she could to keep up with her teammates. Trying to be as strong as possible for them. Despite her short time there, she grew attached to them, even had crushes and the dramas of having a first love. It was all ripped away, losing some of them, watching them die with the sudden shock and feelings she never knew existed.

Stupidly, she somehow managed to return to her world, changed and broken from the loss of her friends. Kasai decided she would change her world, training every day to always be the strongest witch and familiar possible. Working in the law enforcement of her own world, she desperately tried to recreate what she had in that mysterious world she slipped into. Kasai didn't feel like she belonged to her own world anymore, so she tried to return to the other.

Almost exactly a decade later, she tried again. The same routine that had mysteriously worked all those years ago to return to the world of ninja, to return to a world that truly felt like she had belonged. A quick prayer to whatever deity listened before she tried and her eyes shut tightly, with the whisper of goodbye from the world that rejected her, she was accepted back to another. She was back to a world she loved, with one that she loved waiting for her.

After years of trying and failing, she had finally succeeded in her return. The only question now was, would he be happy with her return? Would he even remember her? The questions were constantly in the young woman's head as she knew that this was far from the happy ending she had always dreamed about.
Milo, Leon, Piers

Kasai Victoriano, the recently fallen champion of Alola, has moved back home to Galar. She was the daughter of a former champion, Kasai was always pushed and forced to be like her father. From the beginning, she always had everything she could have wanted. A perfectly balanced team was provided and ensured that they would be the best for the new champion. Kasai had traveled a bit on her own, stuck with the team she was forced to have that had eventually become truly her own team as they grew closer.

When the time came for the gym challenge to start in Galar, she denied the challenge and chose to break contact with her family. She had been abruptly forced to move with her family to Alola from Galar as a result of her actions, she regrets being unable to tell her friends about what had happened. Now that she is back home and with the title of former champion, she doesn't exactly know what to do in life as she had been training all her life for that title. She ponders the question of what to do with her life now. She has spent her entire life with this team and isn't willing to give them up for another to try another gym challenge. She decided to travel the area once again in Galar, hoping to reconnect with old friends and see the sights she missed fondly, maybe even make some new ones along the way. Of course, if she can dodge the nosy media and paparazzi.
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Kasai had moved to Alola to get away. She was really trying to escape, moving away in the middle of the night as soon as she could. She didn't tell a human soul about what she had done. She didn't dare as she knew it would only mean that the paparazzi would try to track her down quicker. Being one of the former champions and challengers of different regions, she was quite popular in the eyes of the media.

Everything in Galar was simply a mess, it wasn't like she was leaving a perfectly happy life behind when she did. Kasai would figure things out once she had made it to Alola, which was a lot easier than she thought it would be.

Kasai had a small fortune saved up from her days as a champion and challenger. She didn't really have to worry about the expenses of the trip or anything for a while, but that didn't mean she and her team would lay around all day not doing anything. The first week there, they did relax, Kasai trying to find the most isolated hotel and beach for them to enjoy the warm weather and exoticness of it all.

After that, she started her search for something to do, any sort of job, and a bit more permanent place to stay at. She had stumbled across the perfect home, one that guarantees she wouldn't be so easily disturbed. A beach house that was built in a small cove, the back of it against a cliff and only accessible by water or air. She jumped at the chance to buy, easily paying it in cash with enough left over for the luxury of filling it. Her pokemon were more than happy about their little paradise, being able to be out of their pokeballs while home instead of being crammed into a small apartment in Galar was much better, not to mention the large area to run about or the beach line they privately owned now.

Next, was the job and dealing with the small amount of paparazzi that managed to locate her, which actually helped for once. Professor Kukui had made no attempts in hiding the fact that he knew who she was, he had even approached her out of nowhere, greeting her more like an old friend than a stranger by calling her name. Kasai had half the mind to sick one of her pokemon on him, that was until he made a proposition. Alola was still expanding and he wanted to keep it growing, but it was a lot harder than it seemed. The help from someone like her would help the growth rapidly. He didn't offer her much salary-wise, but she didn't mind, it was at least something.

Suddenly, she had things to do and enjoyed helping the islands. The only pain in her life was dealing with Team Skull, she had yet to meet the leader or boss. When she did, she didn't expect anything much to happen during their meeting, much less the crush she seemed to develop out of nowhere. Despite her better judgment, she got herself involved with trying to help Team Skull with their disbanding, which meant helping a certain big bad boss out as well.
Volo and/or Adaman
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

She doesn't remember what happened to her, how she fell through the rift, or what had pulled her in. All Kasai knew was that she was suddenly falling through an endless black hole, a Charizard staring down as he followed her along. Kasai knew her name and his, this Charizard was her partner, Knight, her protector. They were inseparable, even now as they fell together, Kasai reaching out to him as she tried to call out.

She stopped in the air, turning and floating as her phone slipped past her, she hadn't even noticed that it was there until now. Knight thrashed about as he was being pulled away as well by an unseen force, Kasai reached out again to him as a giant laminated figure of a pokemon looked down at them. Even the giant Charizard looked miniature up close to the pokemon as it seemed to envelop the Charizard and device in light. Kasai tried to yell and scream as she feared for her partner before the two balls of light now moved toward her.

He wasn't a Charizard anymore, he was a Charmander that looked up at her as the light disappeared, gently floating into her arms as she quickly wrapped her arms around him. The other ball of light floated toward them as she held Knight in one air and reached for the device in the other. Kasai glanced up at the strange pokemon for a moment before a flash blinded them.

The next thing Kasai knew, she was waking up on a beach, a strange man and his three Pokemon looking down at the woman and Charmander in her arms. Kasai had so many questions about what happened, why she was here and how was Knight a Charmander again? What was happening? As she agreed to join Galaxy Team, Knight at her side, the duo were eager to find out what was happening and to try to regain their memories with the help of those around her, even if her trust may be misplaced.
Volo (Modern AU)
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Arceus had sent her back, she was done with whatever tasks it had sent for her and now, she was finally back home. She wasn’t sent back without a heavy heart, she didn’t even get to say her goodbyes to anyone, along with the still disbelief and broken heart from the betrayal of Volo as well. Her journey had her run into the merchant often, she had found herself growing a crush on the man while in the wrong timeline, that was until he revealed his plans and shattered her poor innocent heart.

All her memories had returned as she was welcomed back to the correct timeline. Being a former champion and still in some sort of spotlight since she disappeared, she was having a tough time trying to adjust to modern life after spending so much time away. That was until a familiar face appeared one day and everything seemed to flip upside down once again in her life.

Giratina had seemed to give Volo a curse of immortality, never to grow old and never to die, to watch the suffering of everyone he tried to get close to die in front of his eyes. He had suffered for decades, never forgetting the one that had defeated him, never forgetting how close he was to his goal, he would have let her join him if she didn’t try to stop him. He wanted revenge, somehow, he thought that she had died or that her family line was long gone.

That was until he saw her on television, the announcement of her being found and living in a city not far from him, it seemed that they were always fated to meet again. Now, the question was to see how he was to get back at her, how was he to make her life a living hell? Did he simply want to scare her? Or was he thinking of something more diabolical, only time would tell what Volo has in mind for the young woman.
One Punch Man
Genos and/or Saitama
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Not every hero starts off as a hero, sometimes they realize what terrible things they have done and try to redeem themselves. That was what Kasai was trying her best to do. Daughter of a former kingpin, she was nothing more than a pampered weapon to him, killing and torturing as she was told as she knew nothing more in life and not daring to disobey orders until she couldn't take it anymore.

Kasai managed to slip away one day after she had enough of being used, turning herself in and helping in the detaining of most of her family. With her help, they managed to catch her father, locking them away while she got to live a new life, a life of trying to redeem herself now, which wasn't as easy as it seemed.

She has to deal with the constant fear of her remaining brothers that escaped finding her. It was hard to climb the ranking board as a hero as many people knew who she was, not to mention she had quite a few stalkers that seemed to never leave her alone. Kasai struggled to find any friends, struggled to make most of the ends meet off her hero money, and felt like she was at an all-time low. That was until she ran into a pair of heroes that would change her life, she just hoped that she could keep her past a secret and not let it catch up to her.
Gazmee and/or Kurloz
Sollux and/or Mituna
Karkat and/or Eridan
Or any combination of these characters.
Warning! Dark Themes Wanted!

The migration of trolls to earth was slowly starting only a year after humans found out about the existence of the alien species. It seemed like a miracle considering the Empress and the cold nature of the beings. After that, a quick turnaround within the trolls happened, rumors of the Empress falling in love with a human may have swayed their decision.

Kasai had always been fascinated with aliens and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, and as soon as the announcement of the housing program was released, she jumped at the opportunity. The housing of one or two trolls in the homes of single human homes was started to help converge the two species, allowing them access to the possibility of a new world and learning the culture of humans while humans learned of the troll.

As things progress and they all learn about each other more, they all become closer, things become a bit more intimate and curious as the two species want to learn everything they can about each other.
Luaghing Jack, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, and others.
Polygamous relationships are welcomed.
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Kasai was special in a way, she had always known she was. She was gifted in the way of being able to see the monsters that hide in human skin. A mere glance was all she needed to know the disgusting acts and crimes a person had done to be labeled a monster. Some were worse than others, but that never mattered to her, what always mattered was to not get caught.

Kasai was smart, she knew that this ability had to be given to her for some reason, and it clearly had been to rid the world of these monsters. She trained, learned, and practiced every day of her life in secret, plotting and planning how she would always be able to kill these monsters. That was probably the reason she chose to be a mortician and medical examiner for a somewhat large city. No one had ever guessed that the one that helped bury the dead was the cause and she made sure that there were no clues to their deaths either.

She should have recognized the signs of being stalked or followed in her daily life, she had done plenty of stalking herself. Kasai should have at least guessed that her own killings would draw the attention of others. She shouldn't have been alone on that stormy night at the funeral home, it was in a bit of a rural area and the lights had been flickering all night.

Kasai should have known that someone was watching, following her for the perfect moment to steal her away from the world and make her theirs.

When she woke up in the quiet freezing room all alone, thoughts of the impossible had raced through her head and the reality of the situation made her head spin. Terror, denial, angry all flowed through the small human as she tried to reason that this was all a dream. Then she would wake up and be at home, or nodding off at her report desk at work and this was all a horrible dream that she was being held captive, that the one holding her wasn't one of the worst monsters that she ever met, that she would escape alive, that she didn't get odd feelings for her kidnapper, that she would escape this place.
Tokyo Ghoul
Enji Koma, Uta
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

American ghouls, a whole different breed in some ghouls' eyes. While places like Tokyo tried to exterminate them, a few countries tried to use them to their advantage. For decades, ghouls and humans of the United States lived in a harmony that other countries only dreamed of. Of course, they had a few problems with human hunting or gangs, but they were easily dealt with by other ghouls that wished to maintain that peace.

America maintained a unique solution to feeding them, ghouls being only a small portion of the population, were fed the deceased in places named "Body Banks". All humans that died eventually ended up in these facilities, and even some ghouls. Cannibalism was encouraged in the past couple of decades, not wanting to waste any flesh to help keep the ghouls in line and prevent shortages. Extensive testing and monitoring of ghouls that were accepted into the cannibalism programs were required, finding that those that did produce stronger ghouls with stronger mutations than other findings.

These ghouls were well trained, all ghouls were required by America to serve unless proven unable to. They either served in the military branches or alongside law enforcement and other services of that kind. It shouldn't come as a surprise that America had its own secret operations going to help rescue ghouls of other nations, having a special task force that worked specifically in this field. The more ghouls they rescued, the more ghouls they had at their disposal in times of war ever arose.

Tokyo was the newest grounds for the recruitment to start. Rumors of these American Ghouls spread through every district. The government and CCG being unable to kill or lawfully detain American Ghouls caused a bit of tension between the countries, but that didn't mean the recruiters would stop doing their jobs.

That was where Kasai found herself, one of the newest recruiters in the area that found herself a bit over her head at trying to help every ghoul she could. Of course, she couldn't save everyone, some ghouls deserved to be eaten. She had stumbled across Anteiku and started a small alliance, not to mention the beginnings of a crush.
Detroit: Become Human
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Kasai used to work in Detroit before the rise of Androids and their declarations of freedom. She never made enough to have one of her own and she was never cruel to one. She always was a bit put off with the idea of owning one, to begin with. The thought of them never crossed her mind or took up much of her thoughts. Her return to Detroit was a bit different, in more ways than one.

When she first started out as an investigator, she was partnered with Hank in Detroit, the old man was like a father figure in her life back then, she had to thank him for almost everything she learned about. An opportunity and promotion rose for her in New York, so all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, she took it and tried her best to stay in contact with her old partner and laugh at the tales of his new partner, an android.

Kasai had enough of New York, and she missed the streets of Detroit that she knew so well. Thankfully, there was a call for investigators and officers as the Android started to work out their new lives as their own. There were plenty of people that seemed to still have a dislike for the androids and there were a few that showed their hatred for humans as well. It was a boom of hate crimes on both sides.

Kasai had arrived; it seemed at one of the most chaotic times, not to mention Hank, who recently took a bullet to the knee, was going to be out for a while. This led Kasai to be Connor's partner for the time being. The human woman was a bit curious and a little excited after hearing so much about him, she wondered what sort of adventures and shenanigans will the Android get her into.
The Evil Within
Warning: Dark themes/Kinks excepted!

Coming soon to a local theater near you!

Kink List:

Not featured, but I have a Size kink {Small female - Large male} and a Praise kink as well.

I am looking to branch out my writing, so I am willing to try other kinks that aren't too extreme and darker themes in my roleplays as well.

You are welcome to message me!