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Dreamy Flavor
Jun 28, 2021

Welcome into the Dream
This is my hetero idea thread~ Enjoy seeking plots here

1) I only rp on the forums, so no E-Mail, Skype, or any other off-site alternatives.
2) I need a partner that can post at least one paragraph, absolutely no one liners.
3) If your main posting style is first person, then we will not be compatible.
4) You must have decent literacy for me to understand, i'm not asking for masters, just do your best.
5) If you lose interest, need a break, etc, then tell me and I will understand. I will not bite, I promise.
6) You have an idea? Then drop it in Pm, I am more than willing to listen.
7) Writinghome rules applies.
8) We are here to have fun, and it shall be so!

Role Preference

Kink List
Fantasy Humanoids
Dirty talk
Light biting
Sexual tension
Light Bondage
Nipple play/Breast Play
Exotic Anatomy
Monsters/Aliens/Fantasy Creatures/Humanoid
Light Voyeurism
Opposite Attraction
Forbidden Romance
Age Gap

Heavy Gore/Guro
Too much angst
Heavy Bondage
Heavy Torture
Heavy Abuse/Non-con
Heavy Drug-Use
Excessive Stomach bulging
Excessive Fluids
Food insertion/Food play
Sexual Violence/Gore
Heavy Bloodplay
Yuri/Female Futa
Rubber Suits
Feet fetish
Wound insertion
Object Insertion
Body Mutilation
Pet Play
Tickle Torture
Pain play
Heavy Toy play
Purely smut


Forever Shinobi
MC is the daughter of a wealthy family, rooted into high society. She has been told tales of her family's past, notably of a ninja clan dedicated with the family's protection. There is only one remaining, a ninja who is immortal. MC has met this ninja when she was a child, but she thought it had been a dream. YC is not an illusion, he has been watching over her, and he would protect her no matter what.

Heavens Wrath
Servants of the Dragon of Heaven is given a very important mission: to find a very special mortal woman and sacrifice her to the heavens. This is important as to keep the Dragon of the Earth from gaining power to rule the planet. YC is one of the servant of heaven determine to complete the mission, but could it change from meeting the woman he has to sacrifice?

Keys to Eden
La'Kardia is a desert wasteland that use to be full of life. Since then, the elves built themselves a grand city to survive, leaving the humans to live in the harsh environment. There is a legend of two keys that will unlock the gates to the land of spirits, so that life will pour into La'Kardia once again. Most believe that it is just a myth, but others think otherwise, that it will be a matter of time before hope will come.

Darkest Before Dawn
MC lives in an isolated village where a giant castle looms above. She is the provider of her family, as she has an ailing father to look after. One day, she is taken to the castle, along with an outsider, YC who has wound up here by accident. They both must survive the castle and its inhabitants, lest they suffer a mysterious fate.

The Outcast
MC is an orc that was cast out from her tribe because of her not being a warrior, described as a weak little orc that practices witchcraft. She is a potion-master living in solitude, but YC visits her all the time. He spends time with the orc girl and want her to join an adventure.

Forbidden Touch
MC is a half demon hailed as a hero for defeating her demonic father years ago, and has trained warriors for hundreds of years. Her first love was a hero, but it was unrequited, now she is training his descendant, her heart still lingers for him. YC decided to cure her longing heart with making it whole.

Golden Witchcraft
The Kingdom of Theria is a prosperous land under the King and Queen, and YC is a dedicated knight. The king ordered YC and other knights to escort a prisoner, MC who is a witch, to a holy site to be purged. Witches are banished from the kingdom, and are seen as demon worshipers and evil beings. The witch doesn't seem all that dangerous, as she is very much curious of the outside world. The knight finds himself curious about this witch. Is she and her kind really as bad as everyone claim?

Wings of Mars

20 years ago, an atmosphere bomb has been sent to Mars along with insects to terraform the planet. Now after all that time, explorers checks in on the planet to see its development. Unexpectedly, they have encountered sentient life after exploring the planet known as Fairies. Now the humans don't know what to do.

The Queen's Light
MC is the dark queen of her land, and long ago, she murdered the previous human king. YC is the prince, and he spent years trying to find the queen to have his revenge. The two meet, and the prince couldn't bring himself to kill the queen, and this sets a chain of events that has changed the fate of the world.
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