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Nov 11, 2020
Hello There!

It'll be a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure! My name is Irredeemable, sometimes called Deem or Deemy for brevity, and enclosed within are the MxF ideas I have. Note that I do actually play a pretty broad spectrum of characters of all genders (and occasionally no gender,) but for the sake of not clogging up the forums I'll be keeping just this one open as a general check for now, and suggest you private message me if you're interested in not doing just a pure MxF pairing, or looking out for the specific plots and/or pairings I put out in the other forums.

First, although it does suck, I'd like to establish some rules very briefly. I know, I know, nobody really likes rules, but it's a good way to make sure we're all on the same page before we start talking, writing, etc. Just makes everything neater!
  1. I always endevour to make sure my partner is comfortable with what we're writing, and I hope the same courtesy can be extended to me. Sometimes you (or I) think we'll like something, try it, and then realise that actually, we're not really a fan of that. There's nothing wrong with that, it happens, and finding new boundaries can only be healthier in the long term!
  2. I prefer partners that both talk OOC and listen to suggestions I have/make, and at least consider them. You can think my suggestion is dumb, and I won't take offence (much 😉) but I'd at least like you to read and acknowledge it! To make this point really clear, I'm asking that people do not post in this thread for the sake of neatness. If you do, i'll just ignore you, and I won't regret it a bit. It's a bad first impression.​
  3. Basic SPaG is a requirement for roleplaying with me. I consider myself a competent writer and I'm confident in what I do write. I, as everyone else does, makes typos and makes mistakes. It happens, and honestly, 80% of the time i'll mentally gloss over typos. That being said, if your grammar is bad, your spelling leaves me guessing what you meant and you can't decide between your yours, we're going to have problems.​
  4. I really, really, really dislike being ghosted. Like, really dislike it. I can be slow to respond at times, but I will always endevour to inform my partner when I think things are going to drag for too long, or if I think it's time to let an RP die on its own. I won't hold it against you if you want to end it- we're here to have fun, not to phone in posts. Just... Let me know, please.​
So, that's the rules. Only four of them! Should be easy to follow I hope 🙂. Now then, onto the plots, pairings, partners and other words beginning with 'p!'

Pairings are quite simple. I don't have a plot, I don't really have a setting, but I do have two character archetype/types/ideas and want to throw them together. Let's work on all that important meat together, shall we?
  • Occult Investigator x Occult Entity​
  • Dragon Rider x Dragon​
  • Human x Angel​
  • Human x Demon​
  • Demon Hunter x Demonically Posessed​
  • Monster Hunter x Monster​
  • Murder Victim Ghost x Detective​
  • Yandere x Victim​
  • Serial Killer x Serial Killer​
  • Bounty Hunter x Knight​
  • Human x Goblin/Dwarf​
  • Paladin x Rogue​
  • Wizard x Barbarian​

Settings are scenarios that I don't have plots in mind for, or that I have too few plots in mind for my overall ambitions. They tend to be taken from historical periods, with fantastical elements thrown in, and some real-world elements changed or made to accomodate.​

From Mytikas Peak:
Mytikas Peak, better known as the throne of the Gods, is the highest point on Mount Olympus. The setting that spreads out from this is one heavily inspired by Golden Age Greece. In the world of Mytikas, demigod heroes clash with terrible monsters, the Fates weave their golden threads through unremarkable lives, and great city states clash and struggle for dominance.

The Land of the Midnight Sun:
Jutland, Norge, Sverige and Sumoi are lands of bitter winters and hardened men. Accustomed to the cold, marvellous sailors, ferocious fighters and adventurous traders, these Norsemen voyage out to explore, settle, and plunder the known world. Death is hardly the end either, for fell magics and powerful rituals can cause draugr to plague the living, or a powerful warrior might descend from the heavens to carry out the will of the Gods.

Cherry Blossom Falls:
Feudal Japan inspired plots. Ronin, shinobi, noble houses warring for supremacy, warrior nuns, maybe even some spirits and magic thrown in for good measure. If you've been wanting to play as or with a ronin with no name, let's figure something out!

Plots are... Well... Plots! Whole formed ideas with clear cut characters that I want to jump into. Don't worry though, there's plenty of room for figuring things out- my plots are never set in concrete.​

The young, ambitious and very domineering CEO of a company in a cyberpunk world has hired a new secretary. Unfortunately for the secretary, they don't just want them for their ability to use a word processor and handle their timekeeping. Involves some heavy BDSM themes, mostly around the 'D' bit. Looking to play the CEO here.

City of Supermen
I've been hit with a craving for a superpowered roleplay recently. I have a few characters I'm interested in playing- an older, more professional supervillain with experience under their belt, a new on the block, cocky, and absurdly powerful (yet very, very outclassed) hero, a superpowered prankster and a few other besides. I've got characters to fit almost every superpower 'vibe,' from more comedic to more gritty. Let's figure something out!

The Jackboot:
Another cyberpunk plot, and another one from the perspective of the 'bad' guys. This time, corporate enforcers- loan sharks with guns, functionally speaking, and the terrible things they do. We'd both play enforcers in this one.

Magic Out West:
A dungeonpunk/western fantasy story. An uncivilised county needs a new marshal, who arrives to a classic western scenario. Banditos, natives and encroaching coporate interests all break the laws of the land in their own way, and it's down to the marshal to mete out justice however they see fit. I could play either the marshal or a local gunslinger for this one.

Out The Forest:
An arranged marriage between an elven prince and a human princess. Mostly a political plot, revolving around the machinations of court and the interactions between the very different cultures that gave rise to the two main characters. Looking to play the prince.

That's All Folks! Thanks for getting this far, and if any of that interested you, I hope to RP with you very soon!



Situation Normal; Everything's Fucked
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Nov 11, 2020
Added some more pairings and two new 'plots' mostly based around the time period they're inspired by than any actual plot. I can already tell this'll need some editing to its formatting as time goes along...