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Oct 26, 2023
Hi! I'm Cloud, former RP writer from the Feral Front/ Warrior Cats RPG days.
I've just started writing my own novel on my DND campaign. I'm a huge gamer, hopeless romantic and writing with others is an absolute guilty pleasure.

I love to write sci-fi, action and adventure with that cute slow burn, angsty romance fit for any fan fic!

I tend to match the writing size and style of the ones I am writing with, though would like at least a paragraph or two so I can respond! No 'He blinked' or I swear! I'll beat you with my keyboard. I'm a fairly active writer, live in the upside down so my time zone could be a little different to yours and I will actively use the letter 'u' in things for example 'colour' -gasp-.

Gore? Violence? Lay it on me! I want that dark, brutal character, I want that heart ache, those demons. Lay it all on me.

Though I won't shy from sexual content. I don't want it to be the driving force, I'm not here to discuss kinks or to engage in people's kinks. I'm here to feed guilty writing and reading pleasures and have some good light fun and hopefully find some inspo for my book. That said my only limitations would be incest and such along those lines.

Fandoms! Okay I would totally do OC against soooooo many fandoms, particularly game ones. Assassin's Creed(Ezio/Altiar/Edward), Halo(Chief), Baldurs Gate(Astarion/Halsin), Star wars, The Witcher, Spiderman, however the downfall often is people struggle to capture the nature of these characters that draw me to them. So perhaps dynamics would be better to discuss. I love the power dynamic of a darker character paired with a lighter/kinder character, or a forced together, or a protector sort of dynamic.

So come and scheme with me if my crazy rambling and mild threats have remotely enticed you!

Just shoot me a Pm. Thanks pals!
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