Newsletter ~ 6/04/2024

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Nov 8, 2020


Hello, Lovelies of Writing Home.


It's finally June! SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!

Happy Pride Month to all users.


Updates on Mama Undead @UndeadEyes

"Hello, my dears! As mentioned above, I've sort of been less active around here the last couple months.
I underwent my hip surgery to fix my CAM Morphology and Labrum tear, along with a Pincer we didn't know I had until they were in there.
Recovery went well despite a few hiccups, such as a thunderclap migraine (google if needed, they are...just no).

I've been busy trying to get my business IRL back up and running while also going to PT (not anymore, as my insurance decided I had enough -- what!?).
So, I'm back now and can focus a little more on the site. Not a lot is planned, but yeah... I'm here. lol"

Rule Reminder

Report Harassment and Bullying -- The Ignore/Block button is your friend!

Despite how hard we try to keep the site a safe place for our users, there is always going to be those who come in and try to stir up trouble.
Thankfully, we are quick to remove them when it is needed.

Saying this, we'd like to remind everyone that Bully/Harassment, in general, is a ban-worthy offense depending on the magnitude of the actions.
With that said, if you are harassed/bullied by a user, do NOT retaliate in words. Report them using the report function and then block them.
Remember, we REQUIRE our users to use the block/ignore function...

If it's not bad enough for a user to block/ignore a harasser, then it must not be worth us stepping in (we're still gonna step in, but the point stands...)

Remember, if you retaliate and say something that goes against our rules, you too could get in trouble, so focus on reporting and less on responding.

Lastly, we'd like to thank our users for...well, being good?

As a site, we are privy to the trouble that goes on around the internet on multiple other sites, from secret pedos, to harassers, etc. We're so thankful that our users, besides a rare few in the past, have come to Writing Home looking to get away from the drama and to seek people with likeminded needs. This has allowed Writing Home to stay peaceful and sans drama. Of course, this won't always be the case, especially as we grow in side, but we're always on the watch and mindful of what 'could' be and will continue to protect our users to the best of our ability.
Thanks for Reading and Thanks for being members of Writing Home!