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Nov 29, 2022
Since the majority of my "plots/ideas" are centred around the characters, I suppose this would be more or less a character thread of sorts. So, with that in mind, here are a few Ladies with a couple of tales attached to them.

generatedtext (64).png
It was uncommon for women to have an opinion in the quaint little sleepy town of Eighmont. It had been even more uncommon for women to spend their time with a nose glued to the end of their noses, especially when there had been dresses to be sewn and husbands to be caught. It had been a flaw pointed out to one lass by more than just her parents and unruly cousins of the same age.

For dear Amelia Elyse Hofferman, the firstborn to the Lord and Lady Hofferman, it had been somewhat of a headache when it had come to keeping the crimson-haired beauty out of the library and in the setting room.

"You'll ruin your eyes if you keep reading in the dark," her governess, Abbigail Chaffer, would repeatedly chide her. "Use the candle I left for you, silly girl."

I'll finish this thought later when my brain is willing to allow me time to type it... :/