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She Of Time
Feb 27, 2021
Thanks for coming to my thread! My name is Danielle but you can call me Dani if it's better for ya. I'm 19 so of course, the types of roleplays I do can do spread across multiple genres- Both PG-13 and not.

I've been roleplaying online for almost three years now but I've done tabletop roleplaying (D&D) for twice as long so I'd say that I'm pretty experienced at this. I can write anything from plain one-liners to detailed ten-paragraph responses if I'm given enough info and such to work off of someone else's post. I don't have any preference for it either so whatever way you like to write, I can easily adjust to it. I also roleplay a wide variety of different genres such as adventure, fantasy, slice of life, realistic, supernatural, and too many more for me to think up off the top of my head! I also don't mind platonic or romantic relationships between characters. (+18 themes are welcome as well but of course, I'd prefer to talk that part out if it's something you want to include in the rp)

I also prefer to play female OCs. Even if my characters can be rude or hard-headed, they will almost always be submissive. The harder to control ones being nothing more than submissive brats.

There are a few pairings below! The roles underlined being the parts that I'd prefer to play but I'm not limited to just these! If you happen to have a plot idea then let me know, I won't bite! {This will be updated as time goes by }

-Possible Pairings-

Badboy x GoodGirl
x Vampire
Demon x Angel
x Jock
Bodyguard x Celebrity
x Human
Demon x Human
x Regular
Neko x Human​

-Plot Ideas-

*An Unpredictable Match* M/F

Muse A, was a shy and sweet girl, who's never had any romantic relations. Muse B, was what you'd call a player, and a bit rude too. One night, Muse A caught Muse B's interest. So when he gets the chance to, he talks to her, and the two advance from there.

*Enemies to Lovers* M/F

Both Muse A and Muse B, two people who have been known to have an obvious dislike towards the other have found out that they were roommates stuck sharing the same home. After the usual arguing and cold looks, the two eventually learn to live together and even become fond of each other.

*Old Friends* M/F

Our characters who knew each other in their late high school years as close friends catch each other in the same cafe and the two start to catch up. After hitting it off the two then plan another hangout where they rekindle more than an old friendship.

*Fated Meeting* M/F

Coming from a rather wealthy family that was well-known among her people, my character is the only child of her parents which also meant that everyone had their eyes on her. The very moment she turned eighteen her parents attempted to marry her off but due to her unwavering stubbornness, sharp-tongue, and bold (almost sassy) attitude, nearly every one of her suitors turned away.

Just when her parents had given up hope for marriage, a new person stepped up. A certain someone who claimed to have the skill to deal with her and not only that but he was loaded. Leaping at this last chance, they didn't hesitate to send her away to meet her groom-to-be. However, during one of the many stops taken to replenish supplies, she managed to slip past the watchful eyes of her escorts and into a nearby town where she'd then be approached by a visiting man who later earns her interest.

Over time, the two manage to build a relationship of their own as she continues to evade her caretakers who are still on the look for her; Only to learn that the man she ran with, was the same one she was meant to marry.

That's all I got so far but let me know if you have something else in mind. I'd be glad to try out your ideas as well.
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