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Nov 8, 2020
Hello, Lovelies of Writing Home.

We'd like to take this time to remind our users of the work and dedication it takes to ensure our site is safe and compliant with both federal laws and our own personal rules. Because we seek to ensure all users are complying with said laws and rules, it means we are constantly looking for those who may accidentally or purposefully break them.

Sometimes, what we find may not be something worth a instant permanent ban (those are rare) and we may reach out to inform you of what was found to give you time to correct the issue or we may contact you to clarify if what we're seeing is what we're actually seeing. We, too, can make mistakes and that is why we contact our users and discuss the issue instead of doing immediate bans or warnings. This allows us to learn if what we see or what we thought aligns with the issue at hand.

No matter why we contact you, the best thing you can do is be kind and be honest. More so, if you can assist us, do so.

Do not make excuses. Do not try to shift blame. Do not give us attitude. Don't give us the 'how could you make that mistake!?' if we ask you about something and it turns out we're wrong. We come to you to ensure we're handling things properly. If we didn't, we'd have to assume the worst and ban/warn people immediately.

If you're feeling heated after the talk, either don't reply if there is no need to or simply say "I understand" or something short to that nature.
We're not here to yell at you or think less of you. Mistakes happen. We have to step in when it's called for. We're not 'taking sides'.

We're protecting Writing Home.

There is always a chance something you say may not be intended to sound aggressive or insulting, so it's wise to ensure what your saying adds to the solution, not the problem. Talking back in an aggressive, insulting or disrespectful way can earn you a 24-hour or 3-day ban. This time is given to let the user reflect if their morals and demeanor match with Writing Homes and what we stand for.

Remember, we have a few hundred users and people are posting both in forums and in private messages throughout the day. The system is trained to spot things we might miss so we can keep an eye on our users. Admins and Moderators also have lives and jobs outside the site, meaning sometimes we do what's easiest to find a solution: Contact the User.

So, please, understand that we know you make mistakes and we make mistakes, which is why we are so pro-communication on this site.
We want the relationship between users and admins/moderators to be a healthy one so that we can keep the site safe.

With that said, we'd also like to remind users that "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse for not following them.
Not only are a few of our content rules stated in your intro message when joining the site, but the link to the rules list is included.
To get to the 'site rules', you must enter the forum where you see a full list of rules organized to make it easier to find specific rules quickly.
Stopping after 'Site Rules' when 'Site Content Rules' is below it, is not an excuse for not reading them.
We also regularly put out reminders about rules and let people know when we make changes to them.

Failure to read the rules on your part is not a fault on our end.
As any roleplayer knows, you should familiarize yourself with the site rules upon joining.
Not all sites are the same or allow the same content or behaviors.

Thank you.

Writing Home Staff