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Renewed vigor
Dec 9, 2020
Hello everyone and welcome to my Fandom List! [Not sure on what to call it exactly]. After much time of thinking and being busy from work and now with free time I've decided to give my interests up and hopefully, I can find those that line up or in some places say "Click" with my partner or partners. First off, the rules in which I will have below:

1. In terms of a posting requirement, anywhere from 1-3 decent-sized paragraphs per reply is acceptable as I do not expect a novel from you. (unless you do one if you are comfortable).
2. Communicate! Communication is vital outside of the roleplay and even discussing one with a partner.
3. If you do not see one of your interests/fandoms up on the list, don't be afraid to ask me. I won't bite at all as everyone has questions in roleplays. Though we all have our favorites, I do want to encourage variety and trying other ideas.
4. Have fun! Roleplays are about having fun! Similar to rule one, if you're not having fun then let me know, we can work on that, I prefer to roleplay in PM's, but if you are more comfortable with threads then we can work something out.

Now for this section, this will be more of less my preferences and some things about me, if that is alright with you then I will list them down below this section.

- I like to discuss OOC. I want to get to know my partner while getting into the roleplay as a whole.
- I have a 50/50 plot to smut ratio cause of balance. I like stories with a good balance but also a build that makes the most sense.
- And be respectful and inform me of anything outside the rp that comes up. I like to be kept in the loop and I detest ghosting [really detest it]

With those out of the way, I am happy to display my list that will have my interests that I look forward to do with you all. I do CanonxOC or even OcxOC pairings. Even Canon ones if chosen.
anything in bold indicates a interest I have and those underlined I have plots for and those with an *asterisk means I have a writing sample for.

- Naruto Shippuden*
- Pokemon [Anime and game are grouped]
- Fairy Tail*
- Dragonball [Z and Super count]
- One Punch Man
- Kill La Kill
- Miraculous Ladybug*

- Code Lyoko
- My Hero Academia*
- Winx Club*
- Sailor Moon


- Final Fantasy*
- Kingdom Hearts (AU)
- Street Fighter*
- King of Fighters

- Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) *
- Devil May Cry
- Overwatch
- Persona series
- Huniepop
- Tekken*
- Sakura Wars
- Dead or Alive
- Genshin Impact
- Guilty Gear Strive


- Harry Potter
- Marvel
- DC
- Twilight

I considered one on movies but as of right now at this point, I'm unsure of which ones to use and the interest for that so I stuck to what I have used and what I'm familiar with while offering to share my interests to everyone.

If any one of the following that is up on my list caught your eye/interest I thank you for your time in looking at my thread as I appreciate the time you took in order to see it. But do not be afraid to r send a PM my way about what you liked.


Renewed vigor
Dec 9, 2020
I've returned from a hiatus due to an IRL issue, so I'm looking for RP again with people.