1x1 Roleplaying Recruitment Rules/Info!


  • Please, make sure to read the rules of the 1 x 1 forum before creating your thread.
    If you make a small error or post in the wrong section, an admin or moderator will fix it for you.
    You are NOT in trouble and it is NOT a warning.

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(All site rules apply on all forums/threads)

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What doesn't belong in this forum?
Anything that is not stated below.
If you're looking to create a thread for your 1x1 roleplay, do so in the Active 1x1 RP forum.
If you're looking to create a thread for OOC between 1x1 partners, do so in the 1x1 OOC sub-forum.


  • If you're looking to play a female and want your partner to play a male, you post in Female for Male.
  • If you're looking to play a female and want your partner to play a female, you post in Female for Female.
  • If you're looking to play a male and want your partner to play a female, you post in Male for Female.
  • If you're looking to play a male and wanting your partner to play a male, you post in Male for Male.
  • If you're looking to for an RP with characters undefined by gender (futanari, monsters, Nonbinary humans, etc), you post in Nonbinary.
  • If you're indifferent and will play whatever gender your partner doesn't want to play in your pairings, you post in Gender Irrelevant.
    • To clarify, to post in Gender Irrelevant, all pairings/plots must conform to this. You cannot have half where you only play (gender) but the rest are irrelevant. All must be irrelevant. Otherwise, you must make two separate threads that go in their correct forum.
  • If you're looking to play or have your partner to play a character from a show, cartoon, anime, etc., you post in Fandom.

What if I’m bisexual and/or I don’t care my or my partner’s character gender?

There are three ways to go about this.
  • The first is to just post the same search thread in different forums while adjusting any gender verbiage usage, or keeping all gender verbiage out when reposting.
  • The second way, if you have specific stories where you’d prefer one over the other, is to split them and create two unique threads for both sections.
  • The last way, if you prefer one gender but open to others is to simply make a note in your rules such as ‘although this thread is focused toward hetero pairings, I am willing to discuss lesbian/gay, etc.’

Can I request Roleplays be done in Private Messages or over Discord?

Please keep in mind that if you take your RP offsite, admins cannot help you if conflict occurs.

Can my thread in 'Gender for Gender/Gender Irrelevant' include Fandom options?

Yes, it can.
However, please read this section carefully.
If your thread contains a lot of originals and a few fandoms or an equal amount of fandoms, you may combine them in the same thread in a gender for gender or gender irrelevant section.
In this thread, fandoms must be posted UNDER the originals as they cannot be the focus in this section (fandom focused threads must be in the fandom section).

However, if your thread contains MORE fandoms than originals, it will need to be split into two forums, where you keep your originals in the current section and your fandoms are moved to their own thread in the fandom section.

Why is this a rule?

While many users love to roleplay fandoms, many do not.
We want to ensure that users can easily find fandoms when they seek them and find originals when they don't.
By keeping originals at the focus of gender for gender/gender irrelevant pairings, we make it easier for users to find suitable partners.

We understand this can be confusing and we won't get mad at users who miss/forget this rule.

On that same note, non-fandom(original) plots/pairings cannot be posted in Fandoms. The fandom section, unlike the gender for gender is 100% fandom only.

What do I do if I want to close my thread?

You have two ways of doing this...

  • First, If you're looking to open a new one, you can always temporarily close this one (put a 'closed for edit' in the title) and redesign your thread for what you want it for next.
  • Second, If you just want to remove it completely to delete all responses below, you can click 'delete'.
    • We cannot recover threads that you delete, so please be cautious when using this feature.
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