✢ Bestiality Clarification ✢

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Nov 8, 2020
✢ Bestiality Clarification ✢

When it comes to the rules of Bestiality, we know it can be confusing when one wonders where the 'fine line' or 'gray area' is.
For that reason, we have dedicated this entire post to clarifying what constitutes as bestiality and what does not.

So, let's get start by breaking it down into segments so it can be better understood.

✢What is Bestiality?✢

Bestiality is any sexual act between a human (or humanoid creature) with an animal or animal-like creature.
Bestiality is also any sexual act between one creature who can actively consent and one who cannot.*
*We will go over the above more below.

✢ What is considered an animal or animal-like creature? ✢

We will define this more as we go along, but here is the general idea of what an animal or animal-like creature is.

If it looks like a dog at first glance, regardless of size, ability to speak/consent, it's a dog.
If it looks like a dragon at first glance, regardless of size, ability to speak/consent, it's a dragon.

✢ Can two animal or animal-like creatures have sexual contact? ✢

Yes, if both parties play the same type of animal or animal-like creature that can communicate and consent, they may have sexual relations with one another, but NOT with a human or humanoid character.
Two animals who are of different breeds (cat and dog), can have sexual relations with one another assuming they can communicate.

✢ Is a Furry considered bestiality? ✢

A furry with a humanoid-like form, such as the one seen in this photo, having sexual relations with a human, humanoid, or another furry is NOT bestiality.
However, a Furry having sexual relationships with a animal or animal-like creature is NOT permitted as that IS bestiality.

We are aware that Furries come in different designs, some more human than others. So, follow the rule below when creating them.
As long as it stands on two feet (outside specific circumstances like running/hunting), generally looks like a human is part of its genetic code, and it can speak/consent with the partner, it is considered a Furry.

Can a furry with a more animalistic form partake in sexual conduct?

If it's having sexual relations with another Furry who is ALSO in an animalistic form, then yes.
If one furry is and one is not, then no.
When a furry goes into a more animalistic form, it returns to animal instinct and design, meaning it qualifies as an animal.

✢ Are Monsters considered bestiality? ✢

It depends on the monster.
If it's half human, like a centaur or a naga, it's safe to use.
In most cases, if the creature/monster is 1 ) Mostly Bipedal, 2 ) can speak/consent, and/or 3 ) has a humanoid quality to them, they are safe.

If the monster is mostly quadruped (walks on four legs) and has more animalistic qualities than human qualities, regardless of its ability to speak or consent, it likely considered bestiality. For example, a wolf given six legs and the ability to speak is still a wolf, if a very weird one.

✢ Are Pokemon considered bestiality? ✢

This is a trickier question as it's both a yes and a no.

This comes back to "Does it look like an animal".

Many Pokemon are considered 'monsters' or 'animals'.

For example; almost all dog pokemon, excluding Lucario (bipedal*/humanoid), are dogs. All cat Pokemon, excluding Mewtwo, are cats.*
*There may be some others I'm missing, but I don't know all near 900 by heart, so I'm just giving a reference.
*Just being bipedal isn't enough to make them safe, they must be humanoid as well.

When deciding on if a pokemon is safe, consider the above first and then move on to the info below.

"But pokemon can't speak, so they can't consent."

This is, technically, false.

Pokemon DO speak, but not in the language of the humans around them (excluding Meowth and a few psychic pokemon).
Meowth has proven that they CAN learn to speak in the language of the humans around them.

Nonetheless, they DO understand what humans are saying and learn from them despite being unable to speak it themselves.
This means, they can actively give consent, even if they cannot speak.
Unless it's a psyduck... That thing is an idiot... A cute idiot, but an idiot... But that's a duck, so we don't need to worry about him.

Since it's unlikely for anyone to RP with a partner who can only speak the name of the pokemon,
it is to be assumed people will give the pokemon the ability to speak or communicate in some form, be it a psychic link or a device.
This step is not necessary, but it would be a little strange without it.

"Why is Mewtwo okay and Mew isn't? Aren't they both alien cats?"

Simply put: Mewtwo is a humanoid alien with cat-like genetics. He is intelligent enough to speak through psychic link to the humans around him. He is also intelligent enough to learn about the humans around him, allowing him to understand and consent.
This makes him an humanoid alien more than it does a cat.

On the other hand, mew is a small cat-looking alien that goes "mew". Thus, it is a cat.

Can I humanize a pokemon that is too animalistic?

Of course!
If you desire a pokemon that is too animalistic, you can make them into a bipedal, humanoid version.
A furry version of a Growlithe is A-Okay by us.
This can be both done prior to the RP or in the story itself.

✢ Can an animal be changed into a furry/human/humanoid? ✢

Yes, your roleplay can consist around the altering of an animal into a furry, human, or humanoid-type creature,
be it through magic, science, or magic beans (whatever works).
However, this does still require them to be able to understand and consent before sexual conduct can take place.

The transformation must also be long lasting or permanent. Changing only to have sex removes the realistic nature of learning and consenting.

This does NOT apply to humans or humanoid creatures who are turned into an animal due to a curse and only change back to human on a rare moon, as they are already designed with the understanding and ability to consent. However, these types of characters still cannot engage in sexual activity when in an animal or animal-like form.

✢ I'm confused about Consent? ✢

Consent doesn't mean the character has to consent (we understand the rape kink).
What it means is that the person has enough knowledge of what sexual contact and conduct is that they could, in theory, give the consent needed if they were placed in a situation where it was required.

It does not mean that the character HAS to consent, but has the ability to with complete understanding.
For instance, if a scientist turned a cat into a cat-girl (of appropriate age) and after teaching and guiding her to be able to live in the human society
with full understanding of how it works, including sexual relations, he could then have sex with her.
He can also have sex with her if she says no (rape kink) because she understands what is happening at this point.

It's basically the difference between asking a 5 year old and a 25 year old to consent.
Both can say 'yes' or 'no', but only one actually understands what they are saying yes or no to (and one is just absolutely disgusting).

However, the ability to consent does not outweigh the 'if it looks like an animal, it's an animal' clause.

✢ Safe or Banned ✢

Below is a basic diagram of what is considered safe and what isn't.
It's not a full diagram, but it can help guide you.

If EVER you are unsure about a character, ask an admin or moderator.
You will never get in trouble for asking.

*Mind you, these are only banned when paired with a human or humanoid creature, not with its own kind or similar animal.*

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