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Nov 8, 2020

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The Status bar--a place where we write the most random of things.
While it may sometimes seem like a free-for-all area, there are a few rules that can be applied to the status bar.

For this reason, we've decided to make a separate thread to go over those rules.
If you find yourself confused by any of the rules, feel free to contact an admin or moderator for clarification.

Mind you, this list will likely be edited from time-to-time to clarify current rules or add new ones.
The ones listed are not 'all' the things allowed or not allowed, but more a general idea to assist you.

All site content and imagery rules apply to the status bar.
Also, flooding of the status bar is not allowed.

(Flooding is constantly posting in rapid succession.)

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What Can be posted in YOUR status bar?

Updates about changes to your threads.
Updates about your life events and emotions.

(With some exceptions to the rules as seen below.)
Random posts, jokes, and other appropriate/silly comments.
Notices about going on hiatus or returning form hiatus.
Letting partners know you're going to be posting slower than usual.
Saying hello randomly to the site.
Appropriate Song Lyrics
Mentioning a current roleplay craving.

What CANNOT be posted in YOUR status bar?

Posting long links or repeatedly posting links.
(Tiny URL is your friend.)
Posting links to any 'donation' sites such as campaigns, startups, etc.
(if you have a gofundme due to an emergency or unfortunate event, speak with the lead admin.)
Talking about Suicidal Feelings or Extreme Anger.
(Please go to the Safe Place or Rage Pit forums.)
Erotic, vulgar, or pointless (Spam) posts.
(Don't write 'penis' and nothing else, for example.)
Posts that call out a user, another site, etc., by name in a negative way.
Posting about disagreements with admins/moderators if you've gotten in trouble.

(This also applies to posting about your friend getting in trouble.)
Attention-Seeking Posts.
(Example: 'I feel horrible/this horrible thing happened/I can't believe it, but don't want to talk about it.'
While it's alright to tell someone "I'll message you the details" to not spill out the details on the status bar, refusal to explain or discuss a post of this nature can seem like a grab for attention. We want our users to be able to express themselves, but we don't want that to be abused by users who seek attention.)
What CAN be posted on Someone Else's status bar?

Random Hellos and Greetings.
Welcoming them to the site.
Wishing them well or stating you miss them.
Happy Birthday Wishes.
Compliments about their profile/pictures/thread.
What CANNOT be posted on Someone Else's status bar?

Vulgar or insulting posts.
Spam posts or any form of unwanted harassment.
Accusing or Insinuating they are a bad partner/ditcher/ghoster/etc.

(This includes asking if you are still roleplaying, if they have decided to quit, etc. These questions should be kept in private messages.)
Vulgar or otherwise inappropriate imagery.
Requests to Roleplay.

As mentioned above, this list will likely be edited from time-to-time to clarify current rules or add new ones.
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