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Nov 8, 2020

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Bumping is slowly changing as new add-ons are being released.
To avoid spam posts in the 1 x 1 sections, we have enabled such an add-on.
For the rest of the site, bumping still must abide by the rules below.

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I : Writing Home is to become a 'Bump' free zone--at least in written form.

Moving forward, all written bumps will be seen as spam and deleted.

No, you won't get in trouble for doing it accidentally somewhere where 'bumping' may still be seen as useful, but the majority of the forums do not need to be bumped and, thus, we no longer want to promote bumping. Instead, we want to promote active and resourceful posting.

Example, if you want to move your group roleplay recruit thread up in the forum, instead of writing 'bump', you could write; "We're still looking for five new members!"

With that said, we still don't want people constantly posting when already on the first page of a recruitment forum, but we can address that when it comes about with gentle reminders.
II : Bumping is now as simple as the Press of a Button!

So, what do we do now that users cannot write out a physical bump?
They can press a button!

This button, to be precise.

When you first post a new thread, because your post will be on the first page of the forum, you will not be able to press the button.
Instead, you'll see a date that indicates when you can press it next. This will repeat after you can bump it for the first time.

Due to Writing Home still being relatively small, we will allow one bump per week per user (much more than the old way of waiting until you were off the first page).
Pressing the button will act like any other bump -- it moves your thread to the top of the forum.

As the site grows, we will adjust the time-frame for bumps within each forum dependent on how fast they rotate. The faster the rotation (the more active users), the shorter the time required between bumps.
III: Limited Posting -- One post slot per user...unless...

Users will notice that when they post a (request 1x 1 ) thread, they cannot post again in their thread.
To avoid people ignoring the rules (sadly, this isn't uncommon), we have chosen to stop users from making more than one post per 1 x 1 thread they make.

However, we know some users have larger threads and want one intro post with their actual pairings in another.
Others may want everything roleplay wise on the first post but like to have a second post to alert users to updates.

We don't want to limit your creativity, so, we're not strictly limiting it to one.
Users can request added posts should they need them.

To get an extra posting spot, users must follow these steps:

1: Contact UndeadEyes with the following PM title: "Extra Post Request".
2: Explain how many you need and what they will be used for.
3: Link your thread.
4: If accepted, UndeadEyes will create the posts on your thread and transfer ownership of the posts to you, giving you the ability to edit it as you see fit.

Note: You may be rejected if your need for a spot isn't for something of use.

Example of accepted posts:

"I want a second post so I can put an intro in my first post with my rules, but I'd like to put my pairings in the second."
"I want to have a second post so I can put all updates to the thread or if I'm available or not in it."

Example of declined posts:

"I want a post just to write 'I updated plot three...and then I'll need another next time I update something...and then another'."
You must consolidate all updates into one post. Asking for numerous posts for numerous updates will be declined.