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Do you like the idea of Anonymous Posting (read thread before voting)?

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Mama Undead
Staff member
Horde Leader
Nov 5, 2020
Hello, Lovelies of Writing Home!

As we continue along with our every growing site, we continue to see different add-ons and options to change things up!

One of the changes we're considering adding is Anonymous Posting.

Now, we understand how dangerous this could be, so we are ensuring the add-on will fit with our needs.

The add-on in consideration can be assigned to specific forums (likely forums like the Rage Pit, Safe Place, etc).
Admins can still see the person behind the post in case someone uses it to misbehave.

There are times where we feel a user may want to ask questions or rant without the general public knowing it's coming from them (especially when it comes to sensitive topics that can be found in the above mentioned forums). This is our main reason for wanting to offer Anonymous Posting in specific threads with the safety net that Admins/Mods can still see the poster to know who, if anyone, tries to misuse the feature.

However, by limiting what threads it can be used in, we can better control and avoid its misuse.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic (and vote in the poll).
Remember, be respectful with your opinions.

if you have questions about the add-on, @ UndeadEyes (me!) and I'll answer them ASAP.

Thanks for reading!


Mama Undead