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Nov 8, 2020
Dear Lovelies of Writing Home,

You may notice a 'Donate' at the top of the site and a donate widget to the side of Writing Home for a short while.

Writing Home has always made it known we want to help our users when they need it most.
Over the course of Writing Home, UndeadEyes has offered to send money to users struggling (even if most refuse the help).

At the moment, a user of Writing Home who is known well by the community (left unnamed for privacy reasons) has found themselves struggling due to the current state of the economy, injury, and a spouses sudden loss of work. While they are barely getting by on rent, they are lacking money for basic necessities, such as food for their pet.

UndeadEyes has already donated outside this current campaign and is hoping users, if able and willing, can contribute to assist further.
All donations, for simplicity sake, are done through GoFundMe. Donations will be manually updated on site daily should a donation be given.
Donations can be done anonymously or have your name present.

This campaign only seeks to earn up to $100 and will be closed when the mark is hit.

We thank everyone who can help/share in advance.


Writing Home