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Jan 21, 2022
Hello all I'm JustaBoredWriter but y'all can call me Sammy. I'm new here {obviously} and am looking to how you say 'Test the waters?' I've been roleplaying off and on for about 10-ish years now but the site I used to use has been overrun by angry children so I'm testing other sites to see if there is anything better or if the RP community should be a thing to put in the past. Below you will find a list of stuff I'd like to play and maybe a few personal rules and warnings about my 'style' please reply to this thread if you deem me worthy of your time and if not I thank you for looking anyway Thank you. {This will probably be copy-pasted into the other couple options I'm willing to play so if you find something you'd rather play as FxF or MxM go find this thread in that section, or just PM me and ask, thank you}


Personal Rules:
1. No NSFW Only Roleplays as I would like us to write a story.

2. PLEASE be able to write at least 3000 characters a post I can't deal with one-liners give me details please

3. If sex scenes get played out they mustn't stretch for DAYS I'm ace and can't handle all the icky little details that go on forever just go in, thrust, and cum you don't need 12+ hours of me going "and she moaned and said his name" plus it devolves into one-liners and as mentioned above I need details not porn.

4. Please be a patient person I cannot guarantee a post everyday as I deal with a lot of crap IRL and if we're writing a story the longer I take the more likely it's going to be a BIG post.

5. We will most likely be in PM's for our RP's but I will ask you when brainstorming if you want a public thread.

6. For the love of Lucifer don't ask for or send Nudes because I won't give them and I don't want to see it YUCK!

7. I really don't want to have to say this but I have to just in case DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANSES TELL ME WHAT MY CHARACTER IS THINKING OR DOING! You may only control my character by interacting with them physically {...he grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall staring deep into her Jade eyes...} or if you want my character to think something of yours have it be a suggested not matter of fact {...with his tall 6ft5 stature, golden hair, and Royal Purple eyes Hill knew he was hot so when he passed the new red haired girl he slowed waiting for her to swoon as did the rest of the people in this school...} EXCEPTION! If we are sharing a character then ignore this rule FOR ONLY THAT CHARACTER.

Warnings For Roleplaying with me:

1. I'm a DARK roleplayer Abusive Backgrounds, NPC attacks, Severe Mental Illnesses, Gore, Death you name it I've probably done it to a character in the past and I'm not about to change my ways because I'm on a new site because writing and art are how I deal with my past traumas. {yes I've read the rules don't worry I won't go overboard with my details and yes I'm in therapy}

2. I LIKE PREGNANCY {and Mpreg} shocking in this day and age I know but unless we are playing an underage couple I will most likely have my character end up pregnant so if you can't deal with that please leave {or choose an underage couple}

3. I'm a Bonafied Bitch with several things wrong with me including a short temper so please, PLEASE be careful and patient with me and I'm really sorry if I end up going off on you.

4. I fall into crushes SUPER easy because all you need to do is be nice and write well so if I start getting clingy just tell me to cut it out or block me.

5. I call myself a writer but my spelling SUCKS so sorry if I don't always catch the tiny little red lines when they pop up.

I Really wanna do an Isekai here are the options:

1. Get Out Isekai {Character is taken from World A and is plopped into World B and must learn how to get home} {Couple Options: 1. We both got ported in and must get out together 2. You are a native in the new world and help me 3. You are a native in the new world and hinder my progress}

2. Ex Villain Isekai {Character from Modern Earth gets put into the body of the Villain character from a story/game and must do everything they can to avoid Death} {Couple Options: 1. You are the Original Male Lead and the Villainess's sudden change leaves you wanting her more than the Original Female Lead 2. You are a character from the original that held a less important roll but you can't help but be drawn to this new Villainess 3. you are an underling of the Original Villainess and are bound and determined to get your real Master back. 4. You have no idea who you are cause you got Isekai'd too and well shit's gonna go down.}

3. Same World Reborn Isekai {Character lives and dies in one world but upon dying {usually in a very harsh way} is reborn back on their timeline and must change the future to avoid death} {Couple Options: 1. You were with My Chara (MC) in the First Timeline (FT), and are probably the cause of her death, but now in the second timeline, with little to no memory of FT, MC has broken it off with you and now you can't leave her alone until she tells you why. 2. You are the reason time was reversed and you help MC fix what should not have happened. 3. You are the reason time reversed, but you did not expect anyone else to remember so when MC starts acting outside the FT you decide to confront her.}

4. Different World Reborn Isekai {Character Dies in the modern world and is reborn into a novel/game as an infant and must figure out life based on the knowledge they have of this world as they've become a pretty important character} {Couple Options: 1. Childhood Friends You play a character who is friends with my character and they grow up together while avoiding the original plot 2. Villain You are the Villain to my character 3. Male Lead You are the male lead to my character 3. 2nd Isekai You get Isekai'd later in my character's life and must figure out how your plot differs from mine.}

5. Hero Isekai {Character gets reborn into an RPG and must defeat the final boss to go home}{Couple Options: The Follower Can go either way depending on who the Hero is. 2. Guildmate Just teammates going for the win 3. Rival A rival adventurer trying to stop the hero from completing their goal. 4. Final Boss One of us plays the final boss and stuff happens as one tries to kill the other while the other just doesn't want to die.}

6. Fan Isekai {Character gets ported into their favorite book/movie/game as an extra and tries their best to catch major plot points live only to realize too late that they've seriously fucked up the plot.} {Couple Options: OGML You play the original male lead who is fascinated by this odd creature that keeps coming around to peep at his alone time with the Original Female Lead. 2. 1st World Bff You play the best friend of my character as you both geek out over being isekai'd. 3. 2nd World Bff You play the best friend of the extra in the new world trying to stop her from fangirling and ruining her life.

7. Harem Isekai {Character gets reborn/ported into a new world and suddenly has several characters after them wanting their attention} {Best suited for a group RP this one may be played 1x1 by the overly ambitious who play 3+ suitors all pining after the one female}

8. The Repeater {Character A gets isekai'd and lives through their new life only to be 'reset' back on the same timeline and must figure out Why they are still on this timeline and What there true mission here is} {Couple Options: The Reason Your character is the reason for my character's constant returning, Rando Your just an extra but you're remembering each loop and decide to have fun with it, TVA You are a higher power character that takes notice of my characters predicament and come down to give guidance/mess with them}

All Isekai's will be discussed in detail before we even begin as we will need to figure out what the 'original' plot was before we Isekai and start messing it up ^_^ If there is a version of an Isekai I have not listed that you wish to try please feel free to ask just please remember I don't play Males in Straight Relationships. Now onto Non-Isekai stuff...

Couple Pairings:
Puppy Love {Suuuper young kids playing house can roll into a childhood friend scenario}

Childhood Friends to Lovers {Typical Fluff Couple but with me it is gonna have drama}

VillainXHero {they actually really like each other but can't be together due to hero/villain goals}

AlienXHuman {Human gets abducted as an alien's pet experiment but shit happens and they fall in love}

Arranged/Contract Marriage {Time settings may vary but pretty self explanatory two people get married not out of love but out of a need and... are married will they fall in love shrug maybe, maybe not}

SlaveXMaster {Either of us can be either, but this isn't a smut Slave is sold to Master due to debts and is a maid, or a nanny, or a punching bag. Love is optional}

Basic Plots:

New Girl: She transferred in the middle of the semester. Her hair is the color of blood. Her eyes are so light they might as well not even have pupils, she barely speaks but when she does it's as though her voice is made of pure velvet, but the oddest thing about her is how alone she seems and the secrets that surround her as she seemed to come out of nowhere. Well to {Character X} this girl won't be able to keep her secrets for long as they are determined to figure her out. Will {CX} manage to get to know the new girl or will she keep her secrets till the grave? {You are Character X}

Skip Beat {No Really}: Samantha Stevenson lived solely for her childhood friend {Chara A}. She follows {Chara A} to {Insert City Here} so that she may realize his dream of becoming a famous {actor/musician}. When his dream is realized, Sammy overhears the truth behind his decision to bringing her with him: He was using her as a servant! Shocked and enraged, Samantha swears to take revenge by outdoing {Chara A} in show business. With a new look and a new attitude, she joins {Agency Name} the agency where {Chara B} {{Chara A}’s rival and the #1 actor of {Agency}} works, in the hopes of achieving her goal of destroying {Chara A}'s pride. Along the way, she discovers her true self, makes new friends {and enemies}, and finds herself at the heart of some interesting situations that will change her life, and the lives of all others involved, forever. {Yes this is the plot of Skip Beat do I care no it's interesting and I figured it'd be fun to play off with a roleplay partner You will be {Chara B} and we can decide together whom plays {Chara A} you can do both boys, I can be Samantha and {Chara A} or we can share {Chara A}.

The Switch: Dakota and Danial Smith are orphan identical ‘fraternal’ twins who lets just say have a really, really complicated past that in lame man’s terms consists of a dead mother, a mad scientist father and an unknown disease that ends up putting Dakota in a hospital long term. Now the twins are both 18 and while Dakota spends her days in hospital Danial spends his at an all boys college constantly being chased by guys, even his roommate… Danial soon gets tired of this life and confides in Dakota who, also tired of her life in-hospital proposes a switch, for a month each of them would live each others life, meeting up every evening to swap meds, and then after a month they would run away to be elsewhere and be together. Will the twins plan go off without a hitch or will something happen that causes both twins to switch back and to end up separated forever? {Yes this is a 'choose your twin' plot that is either Hetero/Yaoi but as there is a Hetero choice I'm putting it in here :P Yes you can choose the Yaoi option but do it through PM please as I don't want the mods to be mad at me already}

Love is a Powerful Waste of Time: The girl who lives in the shadows and believes love is only found in fairy tales is set to marry the boy who’s always in the spotlight and believes Love is his to claim.
Kassy Jonstone is the first daughter of the Alpha Wolf of the Vilkas Pack and ever since she was born she knew that on the day she turned 18 she would marry {Your Chara} son of the Alpha of the {Name A} pack to create the {Name B} Pack, but when they met for the first time when they were 10 something happened that caused Kassy to hate herself and did everything she could to try and make {Your Chara} call off the wedding since she wasn’t allowed to, but unfortunately none of it worked so now they are in senior year of high school with 3 months left until the wedding and Kassy has decided to be a Lone Wolf, a Rouge, abandoning her Best Friend and Beta Tala as well as her pack which are all a bunch of pups anyway and will be able to move on without her. Will {Your Chara} figure out Kassy’s plan as well as the secret she’s been hiding from him for years and stop her or does he truly not care for the bitch and let her do what she wants since she isn’t his type anyway? {Okay yes I'm guilty of liking cheesy werewolf smut so what?} {Plot is self explanatory you are Kassy's fiance and must decide if you really give 2 shits about her we can start this at their first meeting or at 3 months to the wedding when Kassy's plan to runaway begins up to you}

I Can Fix You: She's called a Monster and both Feared & Hated by Many. He's a Famous Actor and Loved by All. What happens when they get together is something nobody expected.
After unintentionally causing her mother's death by being born Natsu Aishimasu has been labeled a monster by her father and 2 elder brothers and has gone through school portraying what her family saw her as scaring students into doing her homework and blackmailing teachers and authority figures into giving her passing grades and even a scholarship to a prestigious high school. Now 15 Natsu is entering high school with more enemies than friends and with her father and brother's starting to become abusive Natsu has decided to keep to herself this year, but unfortunately for her not all plans go as well... go as planned as a boy by the name of {Your Chara} has decided that it's his job to try and 'help' her ugh... and what's worse he's the most popular guy in school and has a solid foot in an acting career spanning from his childhood. Will Natsu be able to life a 'normal' high school life avoiding death, her enemies and {YC} or will {YC} manage to crack her outer wall and help the child inside know for once in her life what it's like to be loved? {Simple High School Plot so no smut but shrug I still thought it would be cute} {The two will meet about a week into the school year after your character gets back from some kind of filming.}

Married to a Demon: Promised to a demon in exchange for her mother's life Maya Himachi's life has not been what you call easy and now at 18 she stands in the Wedding Hall of Hell dressed in all black and ready to have her soul taken forever. {Okay this is supposed to be a pity love story where the two grew up together Mika almost gets raped a lot, parental abuse, and demon boi hating her... maybe but whoo boi it's a long plot so here's the condensed version we'll forgo all the other stuff and just have it be an arranged marriage you are demon I is concubine, what you do with me is up to you... please try and be at least a little story driven if you can}

The Wolf Girl: 16 year old Mika Kutafu is a very mysterious girl she wears black and keeps to herself as a goth would, but she dyes her hair bright blue except her ears and tail she keeps auburn, and rarely wears make-up as though she’s trying to draw attention to herself. But try and talk to her and she’ll give you the cold shoulder along with a death glare to rival death glares, but the most mysterious part is that she transferred into your class just before first semester finals and then came out in first on tests and when asked about it she acts as though you’re stupid even though You came in second and up until her arrival You were the smartest person in school. Perturbed by this girl’s sudden appearance and attitude towards you and with the fear of losing the upcoming Class President spot to the girl’s sudden growing popularity you decide to play dirty and try to figure out all the girl’s secrets, even if it means becoming a stalker, but what happens when you follow her home and find out she has a 6 year old son, will you use this information to your advantage to win the election by shaming her or will you use it to try and break down the wall she keeps up to see what lives inside? {Dark High School Drama similar to The New Girl no smut just drama}

The Blind Princess: My name is Elizabeth Yamin and this is the story of how I broke the curse that was put on me before I was born with the help of ‘True Love’ and My Older Half-Sibling.
You know the story of Sleeping Beauty? The girl who was cursed to sleep for 100 years because her father was a man whore and betrayed the trust of a beautiful, yet powerful fairy? Well my story is like that except I wasn’t cursed to a coma I was cursed with the inability to see the beauty in the world, as well as the inability to express myself until the day I was loved by one of my own kind. Okay I know what your thinking ‘Well that’s easy just love yourself,’ and to that I say ‘Thank you Captain Obvious’, but here’s the problem, when I say I’m inable to express myself it’s not just that I have a stone face I have no emotions at all including that of Love, and before you ask yes it makes life quite difficult. Anyway like I said before I was cursed before I was born by a jilted lover of my father, the king, who after hearing about what happened sentenced both the witch and my mother to death, why my mother you ask? Because she let it happen… sigh but I digress both were sentenced to burning, but before my mother could be set aflame for her ‘crime’ I decided to be born, and to make a long story short… well… shorter after my arrival my father disgusted at my presence sent me to be drowned, but instead I was kidnapped rescued by a small girl, about 7 or 8 at the time, who lived on a farm on the outskirts of the kingdom, and she took me to her parents and asked if she could keep me, as though I was a stray puppy. Shockingly her parents said yes and so I gained a family who loved me, but unfortunately they weren’t ‘one of my kind’ and as soon as they realized I was cursed they took me to be blessed by the forest fairies who, though they couldn’t break the curse being one of ‘true love’ they made life slightly easier for me by giving me the ability to ‘see’ through me feet {Think Toph from A:TLA} though as the curse deemed I couldn’t see the beauty in anything, and they gave me the ability to recognize and understand emotion even if I couldn’t feel or express it. They also gifted me with unmatchable beauty and a black stallion pegasus I named Juodas who would serve as my protector and become my emotions.
Now I know what your thinking ‘Where the fuck is the plot in all this exposition,’ and I’ll give it to you now I grew up on the farm as a ‘normal’ farm girl, but when I turned 16 it was discovered that if my curse wasn’t broken by my 20th birthday I would die of a broken heart and so my family started going on trips to try and bring back any person of ‘worthy’ blood, but most once they saw me, or rather saw Juodas who could always tell the assholes and abusers, they would turn tail and run and it wasn’t until I was 18 that I met the person who would ‘bring me to life’… who was this person you ask well my friends that is up to you all you need to know is that he is the child of the witch who cursed me and my father. Let the show Begin. {lol any y'all seen Penelope XD This ones a toughy for me but such a fun one too so Prince charming wanna try breaking the curse?}

I'm Just a Maid: Born the daughter of a prostitute and rich business man Rebecca Waterise had a pretty tough life especially after her mother died, but that's a long story, all you need to know is Becca is 18, pregnant and has a 5yo 'little sister' to take care of and you've just hired her as a live in maid. Why? Beats me that's for you to decide.

Okay that's all for now you got any pairings you think I'd like feel free to ask otherwise this is what I've got... for now. Are they pathetic? Yup. Are they Cheesy? Oh Yeah. Are they the worst plots/ideas you've ever seen? Probably. But remember this is me 'testing the waters' Please let me know if you're interested and we'll have some fun thanks <3
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