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Nov 10, 2020
Yes Hello, I am Zverda and I'm a 31, almost 32, y/o female who much prefers to play in her age range. I prefer to stick with people who are 20+, mostly because I feel more comfortable doing any form of romance with people within that age group. Nothing against those any younger, it's just a comfort thing - you are of course, under no obligation to share with me your age and I will not ask, but I would prefer a level of honesty in this. I have been writing for the last 17 years and I absolutely love it, even had a friend whom fed into it for awhile, but alas our lives moved past one another and now I'm here, hoping to find a writing partner as crazy as myself! I don't really have any limits as to what I will write, save what is considered illegal by US standards, it's illegal for a reason and I find it gross anyway soooooo... yeah hard pass. However, there are many things that I'm cool with that I find others aren't, if you think a thing is weird but you wanna try, or you have something you want to have written out and you aren't 100% certain I'm ok with it, please ask - chances are I'm cool with it. I have been writing far too long to have a narrow field of vision.​

I RP in DMs mostly, though I also favor Google Docs if you are looking at it to be more of a story setting rather than just a jumble of things - This is with the understanding that yes, moderators no longer come into play, but considering we are both adults I highly doubt things will hit the fan.

I prefer playing a female character though I do not lack the ability to play a male character, I'm comfortable with either. Please feel free to poke me here or DMs :D

What you can more or less expect from me:

On average I write anywhere from 2 to... however many Paragraphs that I feel like. If it is something I am enjoying and you are just as interested in what we are doing, I can easily knock out a few paragraphs, at least on a good day. Now I understand that everyone has off days, so if you are having any issues, please let me know and I will do my best to work with you. I want you to have just as much fun writing as I do, and if you aren't feeling it anymore then please say so. Communication is super important in this line of play. Keeping that in mind, I do like to chat OOC with my partners, I find its important to get to know each other for both the sake of being a better writing partner and it's fun meeting and learning about new people!

Also, I have a tendency of responding just about every day, sometimes I can only manage one a day if I am super busy (which isn't often to be honest), other times I go nuts. I have a bit of a writer's bug bite though so... well, good chances I'll be on top of it for awhile.

What things do I like you ask?
  • Action
  • Progressive Character Development
  • Fantasy (Yes, this is broad and trust me, it is meant to be I promise)
  • Sci-fi
  • Egyptian Mythology
  • Greek/Roman Mythology
  • Aztec Mythos (Mostly Tezcatilipoca)
Stories that take place in either:
  • Modern Day
  • Medieval Times
  • Mixture of the Two
  • Somewhere between the Two

Things I do not enjoy:
  1. Being the only one who pushes stuff forward, if you have a question about moving forward, all you need to do is ask. If you have an idea, please, use the OOC to bring it up to me.
  2. Damsels in distress so please do not expect me to play one.
  3. Ridiculously submissive characters on both ends. I find it hard to interact with or play a character whom can't think for themselves... the bedroom is a whole other story.
  4. Insane amount of swearing. Now, I have the mouth of a Soldier so I understand swearing as much as the next person, but please refrain from every other word :D
  5. I SEVERELY DISLIKE SLICE OF LIFE! I have yet to come into contact with one that doesn't fizzle out due to getting bored.
Here is my Kink List if you wish to know of it. Orange does not mean no, it mostly means I have to be in the mood or I've actually never done it before so I don't feel one way or the other about it.

My feeling on Romance in RPs:
I do not mind Romance in the least, however I will not make it the main premise of the story. It is perfectly fine as an addition, as in some cases it is completely normal for people traveling together to end up forming some form of bond with one another. I don't expect it to be instantaneous... I rather have it be something that forms gradually over time as it makes it more believable. If Romance isn't something you want to do, just let me know that you have no intentions towards that, trust me, it won't bother me in the least. If you want lots of smut... well, I can do that to and with no issues what so ever, but I would still like a main plot to the story we are creating together.

What to do with ideas:
I typically have ideas, just let me know what type of things you are looking for and we can always work on something together. If I already have a basic plot outline I will run it by you and if you like it, we can flush it out together and if you don't, then we can come up with something completely new. If you have things you want to do, or just basic ideas off of things I like to do, lemme know ok? Frankly, I hate making people think that I only wanna do what I wanna do, because that isn't true I assure you. The more ideas, the more fun things can be for either party.

Pairing Ideas - but not limitations:
  1. Human x Demon
  2. Human x Angel
  3. Angel x Demon
  4. Supernatural Creature x Hunter (Human)
  5. Vampire x Shifter (Think werewolf but not just wolves... and not just bipedal option)
  6. God x Human
  7. Demi-God x Human
  8. Demi-God x God
  9. Human (normal, every day, nothing special) x Supernatural Creater