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Before posting or bumping:

Feb 22, 2022
1. I play female main characters only.
2. I tend to use face claims when I rp, and don't like them to be chosen for me.
3. I just want us to have fun and get along.
4. I'm more comfortable rping in the pms.

Onto my list of pairings.

Mafia Boss x Civilian
Wife x Assassin Husband
Ghoul x Lover
Criminal x Civilian
Psychopath x Civilian
Cop x Criminal

Vampire x Human
Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf x Human
Demon x Human
Vampire x Demon
Demon x Demon
Demon x Werewolf
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Demon

Werewolf King x Human Queen
Orc x Elf
Demon King x Servant
Vampire Lord x Blood doll
Mage x Orc
Witch x Elf