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Nov 10, 2020
Well let us get this started. The RP stories will come in the following replies to this thread. I will be adding only a handful of plots. If there is something you might be interested in, drop me a line and we can see about it.


(Sniper X Spotter Story) (MxF or FxF)

Primary Location: European Theatre of Operations
Combatants: NATO vs. Eastern Bloc

After Germany's and Japan's surrender to end World War II a new war immediately flared up. The Western Allies vs Eastern Europe in what eventually became NATO vs. the Eastern Bloc. The Soviet Union and her allies continued fighting westard under the belief that the West had allowed Germany to invade their homeland and not caring about what happened to them. NATO not believing the propaganda that the East was unleashing immediately fought back against the invading armies.

The German Army that had surrendered were absorbed into NATO service and used effectively. Since they were the ones who knew Germany the best they became advisers of allied units as well as fought along side them. A number of leaders were still executed for their roles in the camps and the same but others were spared due to the invasion.

Germany was unable to stand back up as a full country due to the entire country being turned into a warzone. The Eastern Bloc had made extreme pushes into the west in the initial stages of the conflict, them having already prepared and caught NATO on the back foot. But with their better equipped armies NATO was quickly able to respond and push back. Greece had fallen to the Eastern Bloc and the northeast of Yugoslavia had fallen to the West. Austria was able to hold its own until they got reinforcements. Eastern Germany remained under Soviet Occupation and the capital under duress was moved from Berlin to the West.

For 70 years fighting was sporadic across the continent. Norway and Sweden was seen as a second front to use against the soviets and it worked well when the landings began. With a portion of the Soviet army moved North the fighting began to intensify along mide Europe as there were rejuvenated attacks on either side of the lines. Sarah is an 8 year veteran of the conflict on the NATO side. She walks around the war torn cities from North Germany down to Yugoslavia. Her targets are enemy officers and their supply lines.

It is the turn of a new decade, with another decade of the fighting being fought. Sarahs new mission is taking her to Northern Germany and on this trip she is assigned a new spotter. Snipers and their spotters had to work closely together as they were going behind enemy lines for their missions.

((The locations would take place from Northern Germany all the way to Italy along what was known as the Iron Curtain. The Sniper and Spotter would start out as strangers but slowly kindle a friendship that would lead to them being quite close with the occasional sex scene while out on missions.))

Weaponry: Since this takes place in the just an alternate timeline I would prefer the weaponry to be something in real life or close too it. So no laser weapons or anything like that. Want to use something from Mass Effect no can do. Want to use a custom built AR10 with a 24 inch barrel, stippled grips, foregrip, Holographic hybrid scope and chambered in 308 Winchester go right ahead.
Modern War
Europe returns to the battleground that has scarred its whole continent in centuries past. The once stable Cold War has turned hot and the Iron Curtain is the battlefront. After 40 years of on and off fighting technology hadn't advanced all that much. The biggest change was the tanks carrying an Autoloader of a turret and reducing the crew down to two individuals to reduce the casualties, as the Anti-Tank munitions were becoming more effective against them.

The 612th Tank Battalion had just been deployed to Northern Italy for a ground Offensive against Yugoslavia in a bid to alleviate the Forces along the Finnish Front.

Futuristic War
The Concord Empire is in full warfare with its neighbor The Lavit Empire. A majority of the Armored forces were heavily embattled in the urban environments without infantry support causing catastrophic levels. It took many years before battle doctrines were rewritten in the blood of the dead. The was itself turned into a bloody stalemate with entire cities turning into post apocalypse hellscapes as both armies attempt to take the ruins. Most of the remaining armored forces are either deployed to the rear while infantry and artillery duke it out, or are deployed to the more open grounds fighting other armored vehicles in either the passes of the mountain range or the grasslands between the cities, even into the forests.
Fallout/Metro Exodus
Zombie apocalypse
Knight/Knight (Medieval Europe or fantasy world)
Monster Girl Maid/Mistress or Master
Soldier/Soldier (Modern Times)
Planet Explorers (Futuristic)
THE LOST BUNKER (Horror/Survival) (MxF or FxF)

The story begins with a Historian doing work in the archives when they stumble upon documents describing the location of a lost bunker the was present in the Black Forest of Germany. There is very little information about what this bunker was used for. The only documents are essentially maps. When overlayed with known battlefields and troop movements, this bunker was about as far as one could get. The area held no strategic advantage and it was no where near the supply lines. So it appeared to be a complete mystery.

The Historian calls their friend and gets them to agree to join them in the expedition to this bunker. However the bunker has a terrifying secret. It is home to monsters and it changes rooms and hallways. Doors disappear as do entire rooms but somehow reappear in a different location later on.
In the year 4554, a new harder element that would fetch an astronomical price was discovered in the Zambak Region controlled by the Veron Empire near the border with Donteen Republic. The Empire lived with an uneasy peace with its neighbors and had its own standing Army but since they controlled the new elements, its neighbors invaded the region for the element. The Armies of both nations including its two other neighbors to the East were mangled and thus was called upon Mercenary outfits, hired in every facet. Reapers Mercenary Outfit was contracted with the Veron Empire and was tasked with Defense as well as hit and runs on supply lines and the occasional assault on enemy positions. This forced them into head on clashes with other mercenary outfits on top of regular army combatants.

Nations involved: Veron Empire, Donteen Republic, Sal Karl, Tarkia

Codename: SURVIVOR
Chassis: RFZ-RJ-2 (Heavily Armored Reverse Joint leg design. Reduces heavy kickback) Pilfered from early battlefield from a Donteen Republic mech

Cockpit: RFZ-CK-A2 (Early designed cockpit with good balance between performance and armor) Removed from Veron Empire Mech destined for the scrap heap

Generator: RFZ-GE-A2 (Standard HOUND Generator with Heavy Armor Portection) Pulled from Battlefield Donteen Republic Mech

Weapon Group 1: RFZ-WSC-1 (Sniper Cannon) 19 rounds maximum w/external magazine, 14 standard (AP or HEAT) Exchanged from a Army Forest unit for food

Weapon Group 2: RFZ-WSC-1 (Sniper Cannon) 19 rounds maximum w/external magazine, 14 standard (AP or HEAT) (Stolen from ocean defense fortress)

Weapon Group 4: WGM-1C (x2) 3000 rounds each w/external magazine, 1400 standard (AP only) Nabbed from destroyed Sal Karl Desert unit

Weapon Group 5: WAR-2 (x2) 160 rounds 160 rounds w/ external magazines, 120 standard (AP only) One taken from an unknown urban unit and other taken off Tarkian unit mech

Support System 1: ASD-N1 (Night Vision) (Range 500 meters) (Pilfered from Defense forces in the city of Valin)
Support System 2: AJM-1A (NA Jammer) (Range 2 kilometers) (Pilfered from Defense forces in Zambak Mountains)
Support System 3: IR Spotlight (Extends NV range to 1 Kilometer)
Support System 4: Standard Spotlight

World Building:
Compared to Earth:
Size- x2.5
Gravity- x1.5
Day hours- 36 hours
Days in a year- 764 days

2 Moons
5th planet from the sun
Rings around the planet at a 25 degree angle
4 main continents
2 primary species (Dragons and Charons)

Varin had a history that was similar to Earth and progressed along similar lines and stories. Charons had dominated a majority of the world for centuries. However there was always one island that eluded their grasps. Through the empires and countries that came and went, none have ever conquered one island. The island was had a seemingly consistent fog bank that shrouded it. Every ship that ever sailed into the fog never returned in one piece. There were a few ships that reemerged from the fog but they were heavily damaged and the crew were either dead or dying, never having made it through the fog to the island.

Now the Island was the only home of the dragons. With centuries of Charon incursion, they were tired of these people trying to get to their island. In the year 1301 the charons made a combined force from all of the countinents. The numbers and technology were in the favor of the Charons as they sailed into the fog. However the enemy they were going up against was nothing like what they were planning for. Every ship that entered was decimated. This time it did not end there as the dragons left the fog and wrecked a lot more of the ships in the surrounding ocean.

With that the dragons took control of the world having put down the forces and any would be resistance group with disturbingly ruthless efficiency. After about 150 days, the dragons moved out into the world with a handful staying back and protecting their island. Those who moved out carved their own lives and lived amongst the Charon population. They became the De Facto rulers of the multiple continents.
Dropship: Piranha-Class
Mobile Exploration Base: ME-86 Captivity-Class

It is the year 4554, The population on Earth had hit critical mass. The planet was no longer able to sustain the populace thus the population and civil order began collapsing as all of the countries and even down to individual communities, began fighting and vying for the limited amount of resources still available. Several governments had seen the writing on the wall and in secret had built large Carriers in High Earth Orbit. Once society began collapsing, the Governments began pulling military personnel, scientists, farmers, and other individuals with skills.

It was originally planned that each country would send their personnel to their respective ships. However, with the collapse of civilization it was a mad dash to gather people and send them to the ships. Piranha Class drop ships that had been moving material and supplies from Earth to the Boxer-Class carriers for months were filled with people, with strict orders to never return to the planets surface. In all of the chaos, the original plan was abandoned and people were put onto whatever ships were close by, regardless of which now destroyed nation built them.

In a stroke of pure luck, each ship had people that were needed for the colonization plan. All several thousand individuals could keep the ships operating and safe from internal strife. When the last Dropship boarded and parked in the hangar, the ships departed for their own designated sectors in different galaxies and solar systems entirely.

Once these ships arrive in the AORs, the Captains of the ship are instructed to send out small satellites to different solar systems and scout for planets that appear to be able to sustain life. Once planets are tagged, the ships move into orbit around the planet for a closer look. If the planet is deemed suitable, several dropships take several teams in Mobile Base's and drop them off at different locations on the planets surface, for area exploration. The teams consist of Military/Security personnel tasked with protecting the scientists, while they conduct experiments and run tests to determine the viability of the planet.

Do you have what it takes to explore many worlds? Or will the first world be your last?
(MxF or FxF) (lewd acts can be optional)
Year: 2556
Race required: ODST or UNSC Marine
Body Gear: ODST gets standard gear with custom helmet
Body Gear Marine: Stardard gear custom helmet/headwear
Covenant and Humans have been at war for what feels like a lifetime. Triumph is one of the last remaining human colonies in the galaxy. It is only a matter of time before the covenant find this world, before that happens the UNSC plans on making them pay for every inch of ground on the planet. They have sent dozens of Frigates, cruisers and other ships to the planet to lay in ambush. The Frigate "Winter Storm" was the last to arrive with hundreds of ODSTs and Remnants of early SPARTAN programs.

The terrain on the planet favored the Covenant heavily as it consisted of Swamplands and Tundra. The Human Armies were spread throughout the planet. Everyone knew they were unlikely to leave the planet alive so they were going to make the Covenant pay for every inch of ground.

Year: 2560
Required: Spartan-IV
Gear: Customizable
Plot Snuffing out both Human and Covenant resistance pockets as well as search for any and all shipwrecks and Spartan casualties
Most any ideas with Nekos, Kitsune and the like.
Isekai: Human character finds him/herself waking up in a world where humans do not exist. (Currently Taken)

More to be added if I remember.


This idea is primarily smut driven.

YC/MC is a driver for a rideshare company as a side gig to make some extra spending money and to meet new people in general. During the course of picking up and dropping off clients, they decide to offer extra 'services' in loo of payment or for an extra sum of money to have fun. They would find an area close to the drop off location, return to said clients home, have fun in a public setting or other locations TBD.
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