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Before posting or bumping:

Feb 10, 2024
So, hello, everyone my name is Cassiopeia and I go by she/her pronouns!. I'm currently looking to travel back a little and thought I'd feel around and see what I could find. Before we get started, here's a little about me, some guidelines, and just the general lay of the land.

  • I'm 18 and (please be over 18+, if there's any romance at all I get uncomfortable with minors. That goes for the characters as well)
  • I mostly play female characters and currently looking for a MxF rp. Your irl gender doesn't matter to me as long as you can write a male OC.
  • I can write a lot. 500 words is probably my minimum but I can go up to novella in length.
  • I may take a while to warm up to you, but I love OOC talk in rps. It doesn't have to be about RL stuff. Show me this cool rock you found. Have a meme none of your friends will appreciate? Send it my way! Share your music. Talk about the plot and send me ideas!
  • Make sure we talk out limits! It's good to establish what we want and don't want. Let me know if there is anything you're uncomfortable at any moment. I don't care if we're 50 pages in! I don't mind backing off a subject.
  • I adore world building, character creation, and all things related. I see a roleplay as a breathing entity with characters that are always growing. That being said, I don't mind if we get halfway through and completely change the plot. If we have new side characters, new ideas, or have fleshed out our characters to the point we think they'd act differently, or just want to try something. It keeps things interesting and the best rps I've had are never set in stone.
As for plots themselves, I've divided them out into two major categories. The historical plots and what I call the "alternate" history.
  • Historical
For historical, this can cover a lot of things. I'm mostly a modernist. But I don't mind reaching way back!
  • Alternate/Historical Fiction
Alternate history covers a lot. From "What if X did X" counterfactual to lets tear up a map, reshuffle it, and then do some cool things with it. It's more of taking historical topics and making them our own.

I have a few ideas that I can offer or please feel free to offer yours. My DMs are open!