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Nov 11, 2020
Ah, fellow resident of Writing Home, welcome! I hope you are prepared for a rambly mess of a thread that nonetheless attempts to gauge your interest!

Now with freshly (2023-04-12) added plots!

And who exactly are you?
Me? I'm Hekazu, a creator of characters and stager of worlds, a wordsmith for a fair bit of time though suffering of a lack of reputation given I am no published author. I have realised I am drawn to characters and settings that real life cannot provide to us, and even then an underlying plot device of some kind is definitely required. Slice of Life carries me only for so long. My usual characters of choice are those that are not human, or at least possess abilities that cannot be found on just anyone that's trained them in this mundane sort of life. I prefer to write in multiple paragraphs per post, and if the tale is to veer towards explicit themes I more or less expect there to be a background established. I sneak plots into everything. You'll see.

My posting frequency is unreliable at the present time, but I can safely say I should get everyone at least a reply per week, more if my other responsibilities allow me the opportunity. I'm around to partake in OOC chatter daily however, so should you miss my ever so illustrious self (yuck) you can reach me with relative ease, even if I won't happen to have the time to sit down and write a full IC post.

That is what I said, yes, yes indeed. It includes plenty of things, given humans are a very slim take on all that there is in the world. I've things from the popular weeaboo monster girls/boys to Elder Elementals of immense power, bipeds, quadrupeds, octopeds, crawlers, uncountables... Far too many to list them all. I tend to create them in great numbers, and hardly get to play them all. And some folks with just animal ears, or furry traits. I cannot promise to have everything, should one come asking, but I have plenty.

And now, plots!
This wouldn't be much of a thread if I didn't pitch something of mine now would it? Blabber on about what I do, but not give anything to actually bite down on, forcing all the work onto you. While I most certainly don't mind people approaching me with plot ideas and requests as long as they do take into account what my niche is, here are some things that I've prepared ahead of time, though there remains some cooking to do. I wouldn't want to dictate everything after all!

Seasons pass even in the colder regions of the land. Snow melts, and new life grows out of the soil where the frost relinquishes its hold. But in the glacial castle no such things concern the inhabitant. Overseeing a more mellow valley between the mountains, the silver dragon sovereign observed the little people with interest, every now and then going as far as to grant them audience. But even seemingly eternal cycles break, and so happened here when armies came marching over the mountains.

As fires burned in the valley and farms were taken under control of the conquerors, the guardian dragon took offence. The cycle of seasons would not continue, for with a single wave of their humanoid form's arm they summoned a storm to take what had been already taken from them, raining down snowy fury among the invading population below. The winds carried a message with them: Come and seek amends, or fall to the elements. A single entourage was allowed to pass the winds, and only towards the spires of ice climbing into the rift of clear skies. The already worn and strained people had no option but to accept the summons.

Northern Hospitality is intended to be a tale of people down on their luck seeing their last ditch effort blow up in their face and hoping to still be able to reclaim what they fought for instead of dooming two peoples in one. The overseeing dragon will seek a companion for themselves, so expect romance from this plot and plan accordingly. Violence as an option is right out.

For some more details, the silver dragon has two shapes: a human-looking one, and the proper four legs, two wings, silver scales dragon form. They are highly capable in frost and snow magic and maintain control over cold weather conditions. The castle they reign from is built from permanent ice as a testament to these abilities. The invading army, in turn, is a people down on their luck, having lost their own lands and crops to either other attacking people or simply the harsh climate (though no doing of the dragon), and the food stores in the valley simply couldn't feed the two peoples both. For time period, I'm looking for something fantasy medieval-ish, if not something before it even.
On the seas, a lawless bunch maintains their bizarre order. Guided by the cries of their strikingly blue parrots, they attack any vessel that is marked for death by these animals their superstitions decree as prophetic. Loot is a secondary objective to the almost religious fervour of the bunch that call themselves the Corsairs, though naturally once the ship has begun sinking anything salvageable is fair play.

In a stroke of luck for a captive, or just the silver lining for someone that worked on a target vessel, they end up winched on board one of these corsair vessels, meeting the wildly varied crew on board. The terms are simple: Join them, or those down on their luck among the waves.

Piracy, with a twist! The Corsairs are an enigmatic bunch living a dangerous life, and now they have hauled along new blood to join their cause. More ships will fall, more loot will be shared, and the cries of the Blue Prophets will carry high and far. What is the purpose behind it all, is there loyalty among possibly reluctant thieves? Come spin a tale, join the crew on the High Seas! Or die.

The time period I'm looking for here is the age of sail, though with plentiful fantasy elements. I'd like to involve something more behind the superstition in the RP, that the "prophets" actually are on about something, but this is not strictly required. Hints of magepunk could be involved, at least. The crew of the ship though, I don't aim to have as human focused, not at all. Many kinds of nonhuman friends to make, or to bed.
Character from you, the reader: One of surviving members of a Daemonologist family
Character supplied by yours truly: The patron fiend of the family
Other important characters: None required, ideas accepted and provided per further plot details!
Time period: Anything from medieval to modern

Times were a-changing. The leadership of the country had once been more accepting of daemonogy, even called on the services of the family on a number of occasions. But when faced with such power and having to consider the debts that may mount out of wielding it, not to mention what could happen when such power ends up in the hands of the enemy… fear, once again, proves a powerful motivator of rash actions. The once even venerated were now being hunted, and being a family of scholars possessed little ability to protect themselves from the violence of their former patrons. All but one of them. A single patron left them not, them being the very fiend that the family had conducted most of their high profile deals with to date. And now it was time to cash out all of what had been built through generations, just to make sure that the bloodline does not fall there and now.

But there is no debt so big it could cover the protection of such a powerful fiend for the rest of the summoner's lifetime. Another solution had to be found. And the two would also come up with one. The family, as well as the fiend, both knew of the ancient evil, Delma, that had been defeated by the forces of good and torn apart, the seven parts of its body split across holy sites in an attempt to prevent the awakening of such a powerful creature ever again. Only now the only way that is presented as a way out of running for one's life for the rest of their days is to allow precisely that to happen. The patron fiend shall absorb the seven pieces of Delma and grow powerful enough to free the daemonologist from the burden of running. In fact, even elevate them above all others, grant them the position where other lives can be discarded on a whim.

Feel free to fill in the gaps here! I'm mostly thinking on high fantasy kingdoms kind of thing, and leaning towards the fiend being a shapeshifter which makes gender a rather meaningless concept to them, but nothing is set in stone! Something Hellsing-esque would be cool for one!