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Sep 20, 2023

Welcome to the musings of Nyx. I hope that if you make it through this that you find something you like piques your interest. If not thank you for your time and good luck on your search.

Going to be very upfront here, I am only looking to take on couple of partners just now. So if you are a bit take or leave it with how much you would like to write with me I would rather you left the space for someone who really wants to. I want this to be a real passion project. So thanks in advance and all the best.

My preferences are widely varied, Fantasy (High, low, dark, urban, historical)
Action Adventure.
A mash up of any of the above.

I don't do fandoms or slice of life.

All my characters are original, I would like the same from you. Strong dynamic but flawed is ideal, in fact I have preference for characters who would be considered,difficult to like or care for/ threatening/ unikely / unappealing in some way, but this is your character so bring me what you will. Just remember perfect is dull.

Story Story Story -If you are looking for a story that involves sex in the first two posts, please just get your coat. I am not, and I cant stress this enough, I am not interested in writing a sexual scene only, I want a strong story where the intimate encounters are the intermittent pick me ups, not a constant fuckfest.

Equal input, please invest in the world we are building, don't let me carry the plot.

I work a little bit differently here, I personally prefer to create intense chemistry and intimacy without the expectation of it necessarily leading to the characters having a full on sexual encounter. I prefer the suspense to the outcome.
When it does come to the smutty side I have no set list of preferences because it entirely depends on the character, the setting and the plot.

Two runaway young lovers are not suddenly going to whip out ball gags, chains and nipple clamps. Well they might :eek: but it's unlikely. Those scenes are most likely going to be awkward, fumbling, sweet and pretty vanilla.

If it's a medieval fantasy war story, chances are there will be some forced and non-con aspects. Then again if my character is a battle hardened warrior she probably knows what she likes and isn't shy about getting it.
If the setting is some alien world where the beings happen to be related to our father Cthulhu. You can expect we will be flying that 'Freaky' flag pretty high.
I think you see what I am getting at. However I will never expect you to step outside of any boundaries you are not absolutely comfortable with.

To see if you have read this far tell me your favourite gaming fuel.

Contrary to what this may suggest I am actually pretty approachable, if you have an idea hit me up in PM, I am all for brainstorming even if it doesn't pan out.

What I want from a partner.

Original characters, Dynamic, flawed, plenty of depth and potential to grow. Just remember perfect is boring.

If the story isn't working for you, that's cool just let me know.

Stay in touch OC, once a week is fine.

Be patient, I have to work on my phone sometimes , and it takes 3 edits to get the post spot on.

Second trip up question, when you PM me tell me the name of your first pet.

Someone who isn't going to ignore everything in my RT and try to shoe horn a sex scene in to the prologue!! You know who you are.

If you do not like the story, if it's not working for you or if you simply no longer have the time to commit to it, please give me the courtesy of telling me and not leave me hanging. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, if you are old enough to write on this site, you should be old enough to give that common courtesy to your writing partners.


Plot twists - Please be able to throw in the occasional twist that I didn't see coming and be the type of writer who enjoys it when I do the same.

Intelligent & witty writing partners - If you can appreciate sarcasm (more importantly if you can spell sarcasm ), if you've ever picked up a series of books and read them for nothing more than the enjoyment of reading and know how to weave a story, we might be able to write together.

Well thought out, Dynamic, flawed characters with plenty of depth and room for growth.

Romance - I love the unexpected pairings, where you think there's no way these two would click. Also anything that gives you the chills, the intense and usually dangerous kind.

Dominant characters (you) I'm a sucker for it. That said, I will on occasion switch for a story if I like the concept, however, a strong, dominant, sometimes jealous, sometimes possessive strong partner is a huge bonus for me, but I'll make you work for it. (Not required for every story, again only when it fits.)

Consensual and Non Consensual Story elements including but not limited to kidnapping, blackmail, coercion, etc..This can be Psuedo NC, or full on Rape, please ask if your unsure of the diffrence to avoid unpleasant suprises.( Again relevance.)

D/s and/or BDSM - (mental and/or physical) not for every story, but I'm very much in favor of this, and not just for the bedroom scenes, a strong or domineering partner is big plus. For the right scenario and partner, I am willing to go to extremes in this area, from hair pulling to broken bones. Knife and gun play, Blood is fine, Gore is a meh, prefer to keep it outta the bedroom, not a nah just a meh.


Safe word; Erebus
Harem/multiple partners.
Subbing to Domme.
Domme-ing, I am a god awful Domme.

If you want to come to me with an idea or scenario, or a story you want carefully built please PM with my safe word rather than reply to thread and I will do my best to oblige , if it doesn't work out then at least I have made a new friend some . Nyx.

Please Do Not Respond on Thread.

((story ideas still to come))


So a few of millenia ago a human Ark crashed on a barren planet. With absolutely no way of being rescued the occupants excepted there fate.

Only the planet wasn't entirely what it seemed. It exists in a place between planes of existence. Being humanity would have considered omnipotent , out curiosity they opened a path for themselves to help these small fallen creatures of the dust.
these beings come from a plane of existence outside what humanity is familiar with and this planet is one of the few places the warp is weak enough for these beings to pass through onto the mundane plane we live on.

with no way to return these creatures out of nothing more than a desire to share knowledge and experience , gave of their own unlimited energy to help create a city deep beneath the ruinous planet surface.

But humanity did what it always does and it took and it took without thought or care until it believe it was owed. And so the elders retreated back from where they came.

Having been there for so long these beings had forged unions and friendship and from that gifted some of themselves to those they felt worthy.

these became the warp touched the only ones who could utilise that strange force. And pretty soon the mundane, the rulers marked them as dangerous and herded them off to become a living power source for the city.

There's a secret below this city....and the hidden warp touched who remain are tired of hiding, of being enslaved.

Is there away to turn things around?

:Keeper's of the Veil

In a world where even the lowliest servant has some measure of magical ability, the powers that be covetously guard the source and the capacity to increase their powers. Sadly only the very rich, very powerful, well connected or naturally gifted are encouraged into higher echelons of this elitist society are able enjoy this privilege.
It is a world of many races, all working to their strengths. Whilst there are prejudices, as happens, anywhere where there are differences they are largely small or personally driven feuds.

The exceptions are Baels,\Maenads\long lived lore keepers and kin to Daemons\ Fae , being of immense power, originally a benevolent race, they have been hunted mercilessly as devils bringers of doom , stealers of children,rapers of women creatures hell bent on the destruction of the lesser races.

Truth is these creatures are the guardians of the Allure, the power that gives the world all its magic. This fact has always been withheld from the masses by the powers that be, whilst they also fuel the hatred with cleverly woven fear mongering and propaganda.

Now certain they are down to the last few of the Bael the Most powerful put their ultimate plan into action. What do they want? To kill the keepers of the Allure taking it for themselves and remove the ability from everyone except those they deem most worthy.

What they don't realise is when the last one dies so will the worlds connection to the Allure.What else they do not know is that once every 5000 years A chosen member of the Bael goes on a mission to replenish the veil that keeps the world protected from their chaos blooded kin, who linger on the fringes of the world occasionally able to enter through fissures appear randomly when the veil weakens, these beasts are hungry for the opportunity to one day gain unlimited access and wreak total destruction. The time has come for this ritual to be performed again.

Can this ancient protector of the world convince their would be assassin to aid them or will the Hunter take the Bael and its secrets to their employers, bringing about a future doomed to chaos.

The Characters.

The Bael

The Hunter. Or Posssible other.

Any others as needed.

: The Mark.

Ari quite simply is a hunter. That's what they was 'created' to do. She knows nothing else. Obeys their masters, follows their word absolutely and without question. They use Ari to keep the balance of the city in their favour. And in their time they have done their work well.

Ari receives the next dead drop. The targets name....It doesn't matter they all end up the same way.
Or will they?

Initially sent to take out a political target , Ari's employers have decided that they have been involved in too much and send someone to take them out...however they want no loose ends so it seem Ari's assassin is also to be removed .
the plan then becomes for them both to stay alive.

Setting/Genre: open to discussion.
There will be violence both on npc's and our main characters. Am open to, con/ non-con/ reluctant admiration then finally comradrie?
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