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Shadow heart

Sweet neko
Jul 2, 2021
Hello, this is shadow heart, I'm posting this thread in search of some fun rp partners. Shoot me a pm if you see a pairing you like and we can brain storm ^^

Pairing list
Prince x princess
Mage x familiar
Human x neko

Slice of life:
Popular guy x unpopular girl
New girl x bad boy
Master x maid
Boss x secretary
Friend x friend

Nyanpire (neko who drank the blood of a vampire, and has the powers/ abilities of one) x human
Exorcist x demon like being
Ghost x human

Fantasy II:
Prince x Princess or princess x princess
Dragon anthro x princess or dragon anthro x regular human
Mage x knight
alicorn anthro x anyone
cheetah anthro x anyone
time traveler x medival person / present person

popular guy x new girl
popular guy x nerd
teacher x student