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Jun 14, 2022

Hello! Welcome to my little slice of WH where I tell you some of my interests at the moment. I'll try to keep it light and to the point while still giving all of you potential partners an idea of what I'm wanting. Hopefully something will catch your interest and we can begin creating pure magic. So come in, grab a cup of coffee and lets get cozy.

I go by Snow. I've been roleplaying for 20+ years on and off. I've wanted to be a published writer for as long as I can remember however, life just simply hasn't given me the opportunity which I've made peace with. I still like to create my own storylines and attempt to writing my books but that has become less since I've started my family. However, life still permits me to enjoy my second passion; roleplaying. There's a certain kind of fulfilment that I've learned I get from writing with others that writing alone just doesn't fill. It's a joy that I'm able to share my creativity with others and their creativity with me. It's something that just brings me immense happiness.

I'm 32 years old and I live in Virginia. I'm married with one toddler. I also have a full-time job. Some weeks I may be a little scarce as I'm a manager so if work is a little busy or my schedule is a little jacked for the week, I may not pop in all week or I may pop in a few times. Some weeks are slower than others. It seems like most people here are older and have lives of their own as well which is nice because I don't think I'll have to explain myself.

I'd like to think I'm super easy to get along with. I'm very accepting to others, cultures and beliefs that may differ from my own. Even though my writing tends to be full of angst, I'm actually a super bubbly person. I'm a bit of an optimist and it shows. XD I do have a love and appreciation for my life even with the ups and downs and I'm just grateful to be able to do what I do and live the life I have - even if it's far from complete. I still have much to be thankful for.

As for my writing - the reason I'm here! I'm pretty flexible with my writing style. I can write as little as a paragraph but I can also write 9+ paragraphs and turn into a novelist. Most of my writing does include romance or some type of intimate relationship that does include eroticism. However, I do not write smut. My stories contain sexual themes, yes, but they have lots of story development, character development and that overall storytelling factor.

Author's Note: I don't care what your true gender is, the characters I'm looking for to pair with my characters in these stories are male.

  1. The Last Kingdom - In season 4, Aethelflaed decides to stay in Uhtred's home instead of leaving when they get word that Aethelred has learned that she had gone missing. Together, Aethelflaed and Uhtred devise a plan to kill Aethelred. When Aethelred is dead, Aethelflaed assumes the control over Mercia but only with Uhted at her side. Together, they plan to take Bebbinburg and help Edward successfully create their father's vision of a united England - however, nothing goes to plan. (Themes; Intimacy, murder, strong character development, alternate ending to the show.)
    Author's Note: This is a loose idea and can be changed through discussion.
  2. The Last Kingdom - In season 3, Athelflaed is taken by Sigfrid and Erik in an attempt to get money and land from King Alfred. However, everything goes awry when Erik and Aethelflaed fall in love. This is a different telling of that story and not only does Erik not die, by he and Aethelflaed are able to escape Sigfrid with the help of Uhtred and his men and decide to travel with Uhtred and his men. Together, Erik and Aethelflaed help Uhtred along the way in killing Sigfrid and helping to conquer the lands for Alfred's United England.
    (Themes; Intimacy, strong character development, strong story development, alternate ending to the show)
    Author's Note: This is a loose idea and can be changed through discussion.
  3. Ramses Lockheart is the reincarnation of Persephone. She learns this upon going on a trip to Greece to escape the falling apart of her life. Upon arrival, she meets a man name Leo who agrees to be her guide and takes her to the sacred alter of Persephone and Ramses comes into her power. This is also where she meets a man named Kennedy Black who is the reincarnation of Hades. Together, they must reunite with their reincarnated counterparts and find out who killed the gods and seek revenge on the person(s) responsible.
    (Themes; Adventure, intimacy, fantasy, mythology, strong character development, strong story development)
    Author's Note: There is a much longer and more detailed idea of this.
  4. Aoife Cliona Raigon is a 25 year old fae. She is heir to the Hive and future Queen of the Seelie Court. She ran away from home just before her crowning to escape being murdered by her aunt and uncle over the throne. She longs to return to her hive. She uses the alias Aoife Reeves and works for an “herbalist shop” (which is actually a real magic “supply shop” for fae and supernaturals), among other fae in hiding. One day, she's graced by the god Gaia with her powers and becomes half-goddess and Gaia tells her to use this new power to go avenge her mother's death and take her place as Queen. She meets a man named Marius who is a half-god (the son of Poseidon and a human woman) who sees her fighting a weird creature and goes to her aid. Once it's killed he finds out that she is really Princess Aoife Raigon and offers to help her on her journey. Together they are to take down her aunt and uncle and reclaim her throne.
    (Themes; Adventure, intimacy, fantasy, mythology, strong character development, strong story development)
    Author's Note: There is a much longer and more detailed idea of this - as well as an alternate idea

If any of these interest you or if you have a separate idea that you'd like to discuss with me - feel free to message me! I also have Discord if you would prefer that.

List of genres I enjoy using in my writing
  1. Historical
  2. Fantasy
  3. Mythology
  4. Supernatural
  5. Romance
  6. Folklore
  7. Action
  8. Adventure
  9. Horror
  10. Biblical
  11. Drama
  12. Urban
  13. Lite Fandom
  14. Fairytale
  15. Dark/Gothic
List of Fandoms I enjoy when I do partake in them
  1. The Last Kingdom
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Avengers (Scarlet Witch stories in particular)
  4. X-Men
  5. Aquaman
  6. Underworld
  7. Star Wars
  8. Greek Mythology
  9. Lost Girl
  10. The Merry Gentry Series
  11. The Nevers
  12. Warrior Nun

Below, I'm going to list a few characters of my own that I've created over the years that I enjoy roleplaying with. I don't mind using the characters for storylines that are not listed or that that does not pertain to their specific backstory. If you see one of my characters that you are interested in writing with, please let me know and we can discuss a storyline to use with them! - I want to add that I tend to re-use faces for characters because faces/actresses sometimes inspire me. A lot of inspiration for my characters comes from my own ideas but I pull from fandoms that I like at times and sometimes certain faces just inspire me the most so some of my OCs have the same faces. If you'd like to know the backgrounds on each character, you can visit my character creation page for their full bios.

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