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Jul 9, 2021
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⊱ ────── {.⋅ Introductions ⋅.} ────── ⊰
Nice to meet you, potential partner! Thank you for showing your interest and clicking on my request thread.

My name is It'sOKaii. I'm happy with whatever nickname you want to give me as long as it isn't insulting, haha. Some suggested nicknames people called me before: Zombie, Dark, Angel, or Kai if you guys want a nickname for me. Though I guess that’ll be confusing considering one of my characters is called Kai, haha.

I'm a long-time roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for about... eight/nine/whatever-ish years now(?). I've been around the block in different roleplay communities from tinierme, deviantart, f-list, and random roleplay forums. You might have even seen my username before since writing home isn’t the only forum I lurk in. I roleplay as a hobby and as a stress reliever from school (I'm in college). That being said, I am a busy college student with a social life (surprisingly). So, I won't be able to reply every single hour or day. But I will be at least able to reply once a week and if luck has it, more. I do tend to roleplay more often at the start of a roleplay to properly establish it before setting down for a slower, consistent pace.

If you’re interested in a writing sample, here is a premade starter for my A Villainess’s Munity plot. You can find more information in the Misc. Plots Tab
Every story has a beginning.

Some stories start traditionally, that critical event that kicked off everything in motion or the hero’s humble beginnings. Sometimes they start in the middle, at the heart of all the action or close to the climax… medias res as those snobbish literature majors like to state. Flexing their knowledge on a vocabulary word that everyone knew if they ever took eighth grade English. Other times, they start with the end, flashing a conclusion to make the readers wonder, “how did this happen?” Slow burn. Fast-paced. Shocking. Humorous. Beginnings come in a million different shapes and flavors.

Kai’s story started with her face becoming well acquainted with an oncoming semi.

Depending on how she looked at things, this event could be her beginning, middle, or end. This could be the start of a compelling story about how the hero managed to overcome her disadvantages to lead a fulfilling life. Perhaps this was the climax where Kai learns about the beauty of life and turn a new leaf. As for the end… she didn’t even want to humor the thought. With all these possible paths opened before Kai, thanks to her misfortunate accident, why is it that her trigger event happened to be an overly dramatic Isekai opening?

Thinking back on it, Kai wondered how this all even came to be and how she ended up like a sack of flesh at the side of the road. While Kai would always jokingly say that she would barter to god or satan to sell her soul for some excitement in her life, she didn’t actually mean it. Her morning started out normal enough. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Freshen up. Pack up and head out to catch the bus. All Kai needed to do was cross the street, and that was it! And no, don’t think that she stupidly crossed the street to catch a bus. She might be considered a “young and wild” college student that the media liked to portray, but Kai very much valued her life and respect traffic laws to a certain degree. No… while feeling slightly light-headed from lack of sleep, someone pushed her onto the road.

People say that when accidents happened, the world slowed down, and your life flashed before your eyes. Not for Kai, though. One moment she was on the sidewalk, next she was making out with the front bumper of a freightliner. If Kai could concentrate on anything but the excruciating pain of getting hit by a truck, she would probably be thinking how fucking ironic it was that she got hit by truck-san, the trope she made fun of for months. It looked like god had her sense of humor as well.

According to studies, it takes the police about nine minutes to reach the scene of an accident. Unfortunately for Kai, she was only able to hold on for three minutes. It was the most painful and scariest experience in her life. It wasn’t the way she wanted to go, yet her soul wavered between life and death… just to be snatched. When her eyes closed for one last time, they opened for the first time.

People wondered what happened once you die, Kai here got to experience it for herself. Opening her eyes, she expected the void, yet she found herself in some sort of limbo. It was blindingly bright, and her brain couldn’t process what she was seeing. Yet remarkably, she wasn’t alone. Well… from first glance, it seemed as if she was alone. There were only herself and the white void. But Kai had a distinct feeling that she wasn’t alone. Call it her sixth sense or intuition, but Kai had the feeling that she was being held or being kept in place. She looked around for what it was that made her feel uneasy. Nothing could be seen, but it was definitely heard.

“You can tell I’m here?” a voice spoke, seemingly coming from all directions. It was an unnerving experience, but Kai kept a level head.

“Not exactly… The experience was way too surreal not to question if there’s some deity watching me,” Kai said, choosing her words carefully as she tries to form the thoughts. It was a bit hard, though, feeling rather sluggish and muddy headed. “That being said, what situation are we looking at for my soul. Are we looking at a judgment type scenario where my soul is on trial or something a little more isekai?” Kai asked, not one for small talk. “Considering you’re so kind in showing yourself.”

“Funny little toy… I was planning on making myself known once you settled down from a panic. Still, I suppose this works out well in my favor,” the voice spoke, “It’s a… as you put it, an isekai direction but not what you think.” Kai couldn’t help but roll her eyes slightly that the voice expected her to panic. She was terrified, of course. But it’s just a waste of time and breath to go through the motions.

“So, either a Korean or Chinese style isekai then,” Kai said, taking the words of the voice literally. She was picturing Japanese style isekais plot lines but seeing how they said it wasn’t what she was thinking, she considered it a fact.

“Is there a difference?” the voice said, seemingly annoyed by the comment but pushed through to get to the point. “Let’s just skip this nonsense, I can tell we’re on the same page… I am not a god. I am not satan. But you can consider me both at the same time,” the voice explained, “I am a game master. GM for short… and I am running a… campaign of sorts. A story to entertain the masses. But to do that, I need characters.”

“Cue me?” Kai said, picking up the direction of the scheme pretty quickly.

“Exactly. You, unfortunate soul, have met a tragic fate. Dead yet alive… a coma as you know it. I plucked your flickering soul and placed it here in my world. The situation is simple, play my game and win: you have a second chance at life. Decline or lose, you die,” GM explained. Kai began to stroke an imaginary beard as she listened to the wager. But there was hardly anything to consider. A one in three chance in surviving didn’t sound good. But if you were to die trying and not trying, might as well take the risk.

“Rules?” Kai asked, showing her interest.

“A roleplay game. I give you a role, and you must act it out through the story. Based on your performance, I reward you points. Points can be used to aid you in the game, and points can buy your second life,” the GM told Kai.

“Haha… so it’s Chinese style isekai then,” Kai muttered to herself, seemingly pleased that her guess was on point. Hearing it now, she wasn’t delusional enough to believe that she had the game in the bag. But she was surprisingly excited at the prospect of playing such a game. Finally, a break from her boring lifestyle. “Why do I get the feeling I have the role of a villainess?”

“… Lucky guess,” the GM said after pausing for a long moment. Hearing that caused Kai to laugh.

“For a game master, it seems like you designed a rather cliched plot for people to watch. How quaint… next, I’m going to learn that the setting is a fantasy with princesses and such,” Kai said, with an amused sigh. She was tossing out a guess in the dark only to receive a positive confirmation by the lack of rebuttal from the GM. At that, Kai snickers slightly, but she doesn’t push it. “So, all I need to do is make an interesting story by acting like a villainess and earn points… simple enough. I’ll join. Not like I have anything better to do considering the repercussions for refusing.”

“Good. I’ll start integrating your soul then,” The GM said.

“With all things considered… It’s safe to assume that the other major characters are in the same situation as me?” Kai asked one final question before going. There was a pause from the GM, and it seems like he wasn’t going to answer.

“Who knows?” they simply responded, not giving a positive or negative. It annoyed Kai to no end, but she decided to leave it be and consider it as another win to her. She probably guessed correctly again, but the GM didn’t want to admit it. “You act like you’re used to all this. Not really bother… why?” the GM suddenly asked Kai. It was a surprise to hear them to be somewhat proactive in a conversation, she pinned the GM to be a single-minded person. A wrong calculation but not a big deal… especially for a question, she knew the answer to.

“Hm… who knows?” Kai said, a sweet smile on her face as she repeats back the same words the GM said to her. Petty, but she was to be the villainess for his story. If the GM was going to say anything, Kai never got the chance as she began waking up in her new form.

⊱ ────── {.⋅ Rules & Standards ⋅.} ────── ⊰
  • No roles switching: When it comes to my plots, they are rigid since they’re tailored specifically for my OCs.
  • Quantity and Quality: I am in the camp that quantity reflects quality and vice versa. Of course, I’m not some writing tyrant to demand long responses for every single reply. That’s just insane and draining on one muse. I also understand writer’s block occurs and that in some replies, a point simply ends and it’s time to move on. But it isn’t nice that I wasted several hours on a solid post that’s 1k+ long, for example, just to receive just some short, three sentences response to x amount of dialogue/plot prompted in my post. I expect my partners to more or less match the amount of effort and length I give them. On average I give about 500-word responses, though I have been writing up to 1.5k as of late. The only exception I give on those are partners who take on a ‘GM’ role in a roleplay; since the world and results are reflected on my character’s actions.
  • On the spot brainstorming: Do not put me on the spot for brainstorming an entirely new plot out of the blue. Everything you see in this thread is everything I have to show and present. My pairings and themes are there to prompt YOU to come up with something new if none of my plots are appealing. I don’t mind working together to come up with what we both like but don’t expect me to shoulder the conversation and create something for you. This point especially goes for expecting me to make new characters to use instead of my OCs. I’m not inclined to make any new characters for some specific roleplay when I know I’m going to get ghosted later and now have a useless character… no offense to anyone.
  • Ghosting: Despite sounding bitter about it, I don’t mind getting ghosted. I understand. Things happen, pressure from life, and just general disinterest. I will check in but after seeing radio silence, I won’t cling on. But I would appreciate some kind of warning if you wish to end our roleplay for closure. This is mostly an etiquette thing.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ Roleplay Information ⋅.} ────── ⊰

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ Key ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
(This is a Navigation Key to understand my cravings)
Green coloring means I’m craving this
Yellow coloring means I’m okay with doing this
Red coloring means I’m not really interested in doing this right now
*Roles* with asterisks means that I want to play that role.

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ Kinks ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
My List

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ My Characters ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
(These are my main OCs. Purposely left vague since I enjoy revealing a character through roleplay. Please message if you want to know more.)

༻✦༺ Onyx Stone ༻✦༺
- A tsundere demon with a heart of gold.
- A story-heavy character with a lot of work done on her. My most used and oldest OC
- Not interested in using her due to always using her for the past 10 years and I want a break.

༻✦༺ Kai Corcuera ༻✦༺
- A playful yet incredibly intelligent human girl.
-Recently went through a revamp. Now a more story-heavy character
- The OC that's easier to get along out of the three.

༻✦༺ Kura Fujioka ༻✦༺
- A sadistic and twisted villainess. She’s a necromancer who wants to start the zombie apocalypse and destroy the world.
- Only for zombie plots. No Romance/Smut. Just your run of the mill villain
- A Halloween exclusive and specific cravings

⊱ ────── {.⋅ Plot Inspirations ⋅.} ────── ⊰
(This is a section to help inspire potential partners to come up with their own ideas, transform current plots, or find a muse for current plots.)

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ Themes/Aspects ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
Reverse Harem
Arrange marriages

Gentlemen in distress (Note: I notice these tags attract certain types of people. So I want to quickly preface that I'm not a femdom to those who are hopeful)
Switched typical gender roles (ex. A female knight and a prince, a female doctor and a male nurse, etc.)
Urban Fantasy
(Really craving that early 2000s campy supernatural young adult fiction. Ex. twilight, fallen, etc.)
Alice in Wonderland setting
Creepy Carnival setting
Mystery Horror
Genuinely sweet and nice guys
(idk, I'm in a "UwU soft" mood)
Corruption (Idk, the idea of corrupting a heroic guy into your personal pet sounds hot. I have dom maker as a kink yet never used it lol)
Campaigns based on CYOA albums floating in Imgur (I don't DM/GM)

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ Pairings ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
*Demon* X God
*Person* X Incubus

*Demon* X Angel
*Person* X Supernatural creature
*Person* X Elf
*Person* X Murderer/Stalker/Kidnapper (Super Craving)
*Heroine* X Prince
*Human* X Angel

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ Images ⋅.━━━━ ⊰
(It seems like everyone has their own image gallery on their request thread, huh?)
This is a mix bag album that contains simple couple pictures, to yandere inspirations, and reverse harem ones
View: https://www.pinterest.com/ItsOKaii/inspiration-i-guess/

⊱ ────── {.⋅ Roleplay Plots ⋅.} ────── ⊰

✥﹤┈┈┈┈The Recycle Bin┈┈┈┈﹥✥

Here lie my half-baked ideas that never properly got developed into plots. These are mostly jumbled trains of thoughts that I would like to put into a roleplay but never made anything concrete. But as a man once said: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Who knows? Maybe these streams of consciousness would inspire a potential partner for a roleplay plot.

───── ❝ Concept One ❞ ─────

A generic isekai idea where my human OC, Kai finds herself in another world and was (kinda) adopted by a wizard/mage/sorcerer/magician as an apprentice. The wizard/mage/sorcerer/whatever is the strongest magic-user in (that) world and it's strange for him to just pick up an apprentice (or whatever). Turns out wizard is in a bit of a pickled being cursed with an "incubus curse" (a twist on the usual 'succubus curse' in hentai lol) and he needs a magic-user strong than him to break whatever spell is on him; but yikes, he's the strongest magic-user in that world. What is a man to do besides groom a lost other-worlder with unknown potential to break the spell for him and/maybe groom her into a bride while he's at it. IDK.

───── ❝ Concept Two ❞ ─────

Something about aliens, I guess. Something like soulmates where an alien race comes to earth using their advanced technology that tells them who's their best mate or whatever. Maybe some alien general who thinks it's a sham to breed with humans and paired off with my human OC? Idk I'm not a sci-fi nerd.

───── ❝ Concept Three ❞ ─────

Some kind of urban fantasy idea where our characters are forced to team up to search for a mysterious artifact or solve a mystery (Like National Treasure nonsense) to save the world from disaster.

───── ❝ Concept Four ❞ ─────

Idk, something like Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns minus the furries part. Maybe replace it with kemonomimis. I should preface that I never watched this movie and I only know about this after watching a movie review on it from youtubue.

───── ❝ Concept Five ❞ ─────

I read a shoujo manhwa where there's a world where it's all men and to solve that issue, they summon women from other worlds to take them as brides or something of the sort. I like this idea of a world full of men summoning women for x reason... could easily combine this concept with Far From Home but I'm open to other suggestions that go along with this concept.

───── ❝ Concept Six ❞ ─────

Okay, so follow me on this… Basically, there's this town or island or whatever location that's cursed with a majority of men (yeah, it's one of those idea. I'm so original har har). It's an incubus curse. Rumor has it that long ago when arranged marriages were a thing, a woman made a deal with an incubus to change a man she was supposed to marry. But this selfish wish caused all men and future men to be incubi. People are trapped in this town where society is warped around sex and such. Yada yada yada, I was thinking it to be some kind of escape mystery plot in trying to find a way out and breaking the curse. It starts out with my girl, Kai getting kidnapped and sold to this place. Or something like that. IDK it's just a concept.

───── ❝ Concept Seven ❞ ─────

A budding male yandere plot that's similar to my "Forget-Me-Not" plot. One morning, Kai wakes up to find a random guy in her bed. He's her self-proclaimed boyfriend who now sticks to her like glue. No matter how many times she kicks him out, he always finds a way back in.

───── ❝ Concept Eight ❞ ─────

Idk, something like the game Conception with my girl Kai. Note: I never played the game, all I know is that you have kids and make them fight. And I kinda find the concept interesting.

───── ❝ Concept Nine ❞ ─────

Pending title(?): “Get my body back!” Guess, what, another isekai plot! I think I got an addiction to these type of plots… The basic premise is that my OC Kai gets, well, isekai’d. And while looking for work in this strange new world, she stumbles upon a ghost looking for anyone who can see him. Turns out that he was a prince/diplomat/etc. and some evil bad guy stole his body to do evil shit, or whatever. Since Kai is the only one who can see him, he asks her to got get help and expose the fake. I'm really feeling an elf prince for this but I'm flexible. (Unsurprisingly, I got inspiration from Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks when I was remembering games I played as a kid. If anyone knows it…)

───── ❝ Concept Ten ❞ ─────
For this concept, I was thinking of a yandere police officer/detective/private investigator who was hired to protect my OC Kai. Yes, I know the circumstances as to why sounds vague but it's mostly due to character spoilers about my character. I'll discuss about it more in-depth if anyone shows their interest in this. That said I am leaning towards this idea of the yandere also being a serial killer or something unique outside of the job occupation. But I'll leave that up to you.

───── ❝ Concept Eleven ❞ ─────
Inspired by the new webtoon The Guy Upstairs.
Kai finds her new upstairs neighbor to be a pain. At all times of the day, she could hear his heavy footsteps and the distinct sounds of dragging. Fed up with the noises, she decided to go upstairs and tell him to knock it off. Upon knocking, she realizes that the door was unlocked as it creaks open. Just peaking around the hall, his latest victim bleeding to death was begging for help before she dies. Taking that as a sign, Kai returns back to her room, thinking he never saw her despite watching nearby. He decided to kill her once he finished dealing with the subsequent police visit but that never happened. Kai never called the police. Finding it curious, he grows a morbid fascination with the prey that didn't call for help.

✥﹤┈┈┈┈Misc. Plots┈┈┈┈﹥✥

Misc. Plots are plots that don’t fall in one specific category like the other tabs. These plots are a more “general” and average.

«────── « ⋅ Saved By A God ⋅ » ──────»
Injured and in critical condition, Onyx was on the run after getting a surprise attack from a gang of monsters sent by her evil step-sister. She managed to fight them off, but she never expected them to have a poison that counteracts her reintegration ability. Unable to self-heal and getting eaten away by the poison, Onyx was sure that she was finally going to die but (your character) stumbles upon her body. (your character) is one of the gods of the land (popular or not, up to you) and is worshipped by a couple of the nearby villages. (your character) was inspecting his land around his shrine and stumbled upon Onyx. After healing Onyx of the impurities, Onyx felt indebted to (your character) and decided to serve him till she deems the debt is paid (not served in that way, you perverts. Being a bodyguard). With darkness on the horizon, rival gods/goddess, and protecting the land, (your character) and Onyx got their work cut out for them.


«────── « ⋅ Princess to Prince ⋅ » ──────»

(Your character) was a beloved princess and the only child of the king and queen. Having no male heirs, (your character) was expected to eventually be married to some unknown man to maintain the kingdom’s tradition. But the day when (your character) was supposed to meet her suitors, she ended up kidnapped by a demon lord. But, she ended up saved by a handsome hero with red eyes; Onyx. Despite finding it strange that your hero has a female name yet looks like a dude, (your character) falls in love with Onyx and gives ‘him’ a surprise kiss as a reward. Following the next day, (your character) wakes up to find that they aren’t a princess anymore… but a prince?! You run to your hero to find that he became a girl! Onyx explains that years back, she was under a curse and became a male. She never really mind being either gendered but she’s happy to be a girl again, but it seems like the curse was pass on to (your character) and it looks like there’s no ‘take back-ies’. Despite your predicament, you slowly come to find that you like being a guy? You find yourself free of the ridiculous expectations on woman and finally have a chance to become the ruler of your own country!


«────── « ⋅ To be the Demon Queen’s Husband ⋅ » ──────»

It’s common knowledge that demons value power above everything else. Whoever is the strongest becomes the leader of this kingdom. It’s one big ‘King of the Hill’ battle every month with a foolish demon dreaming of ruling the demonic lands. Never was an uprising successful till recently. It was shocking news to everyone in and out of the country. The undefeated dynasty of the current Demon Lord finally came to an end; being slain by an unknown female general leading an army of peasants. It was a brutal take over with the Demon King’s death and the killing of the royal family. Rumors have it though that one of the daughters of the Demon King escaped to a foreign country across the sea.

Coming right out of a civil war, the demon kingdom is going through a much needed reconstruction period with buildings being replaced, laws being fixed, and the courts being shuffled around.

Everyone waited with bated breath to see the new Queen’s policies. It’s common knowledge that every demonic ruler had a conquest mindset and desire to control the world. It’s been a constant push and pull between the demon kingdom and surrounding kingdoms. But seeing how the Queen is more concerned in dealing with in-state issues, everyone established that she, at the very least, isn’t concerned about controlling the world. Taking this opportunity, the nearby kingdoms sent diplomats and deals to secure a good relationship with the demon kingdom. Most notably, they were sending marriage offers. It’s common knowledge that the Queen is unwed and in need of an heir. Being married to her would prove to be a great boon to whichever kingdom managed that feat. While the demon kingdom isn’t known for their fertile lands, they’re a powerhouse of a kingdom with metals as a natural resource. Power and wealth? You’d be stupid not to even try. Due to the increased number of marriage offers, the demon kingdom opened its doors to bring in the princes to inspect them and have them compete. But who knew that the real challenge was the Queen’s prickly nature?


«────── « ⋅ Let’s Destroy the World ⋅ » ──────»

There's... something wrong with Kura Fujioka.

At first glance, Kura is quite the eye candy to both men and women. Porcelain skin, cherry red lips, mysterious green eyes, and an androgynous frame. Her appearance is a vortex of mystery. But there's something off about her. Was it how cold she was (not in just a personality sense)? Was it the sadistic smile on her face when she sees violence? Or was it the fact that she likes playing with dead bodies?

In a world full of heroes and villains, Kura use her gifted powers to raise the dead and aim for world domination. But raising the dead and maintaining an army takes a lot of time and energy. Time and energy that she doesn’t have enough to waste on meddlesome heroes or detectives. Being the number one villain is rough. All eyes are on her and she could never catch a break. She needs someone to take the heat off her.

Are you willing to help? Will you be a puppet and pretend to be her alter ego: “Chaos” while she works behind the scenes? Or would you rather make yourself known and take her throne… a throne she really doesn’t want to begin with? Or maybe you’re an undercover agent… but be careful, Kura is quite the control freak.

Regardless of who you are, Kura will push your morality to the brink and if you disappoint her… well, a bullet to the heart is the best-case scenario.


«────── « ⋅ The Final Pupil ⋅ » ──────»

Onyx lived for a long time. Longer than she could count. She experienced a lot and picked up many weary spirits along the way. She housed five successors and considered them her family. But after the fifth, she swore to a life a solitude. If only it was that simple...

A long time ago, Onyx saved a family from disaster. To thank her, they asked what she wanted as payment. She just said, “Give me something useful” before going on her way. Considering that she meant “someONE useful” they set about in raising YC to serve Onyx. From birth, YC was told that he will serve a demon. Once he was of age, he was kicked out of the family to go to Onyx. Feeling bad about the whole thing, she decided to take him in. (Bonus: can be tweaked for an arranged marriage flavor).


«────── « ⋅ Not-So Holy Maiden ⋅ » ──────»
(This plot’s theme based on fate grand order/fate series and other gacha sort of games. By no means is this a cemented plot. More than anything, it’s half-baked. I’m more than open to hearing alternatives to this sort of theme. I just want to do a whole “Summoner X Summoned vs. battle royal BS” idea. If you got something better, by all means, I’m listening. ALSO. I couldn’t decide if I want a reverse harem or male yandere theme for this too. I can swing either way or both tbh.)

Every century, seven maidens are randomly chosen as candidates, by the universe (aka lottery), to have the chance in becoming the Holy Maiden. These girls compete against each other to prove that they are holier than the other. The last maiden standing becomes the chosen Holy Maiden with the mission to reseal the ancient fallen god from rising once again. To prove who is holier, each maiden summons their own protector and feeds them their magic. The one who has more potent magic has the stronger protector, hence the winner.

Holy Maidens are pure, innocent, and kind-hearted girls. In their own rights, each maiden has the ability to be the Holy Maiden. Yet after centuries of peaceful tradition and good sportsmanship, the universe oddly chose a girl who didn’t properly fit the requirements. Kai is rather crude, blunt, and not a shed of lady-like elegance within her. She’s boy crazy, selfish, slightly narcissistic, and emotionally stunted for the role of a saint. Why did the universe choose someone like her?


«────── « ⋅ A Villainess’s Mutiny ⋅ » ──────»
(Note: To quickly explain the thought behind with this plot, let me point to an anime called My Next Life As A Villainess. It may seem new, but the tropes in it are old af. A girl wakes up to find out that she reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game or a shoujo light novel. Knowing that her future will lead to destruction, the girl now wants to change her destiny. Basically, taking this premise and mixing it with the Chinese trope: system transmigration. You don’t really need to perfectly understand the tropes, but I’m willing to explain if you want me to.)

After meeting an unfortunate accident, Kai wakes up in a strange and empty dimension. She died! Or rather… she’s in a coma. Having her soul trapped in a ‘game’ of sorts, a mysterious figure called “the gamemaster” (or GM for short) gives Kai the offer of a lifetime. Participate in the GM’s game as a ‘character’ for a chance to come back to life or refuse and die. The rules were simple: follow your role, and if your performance was entertaining, you earn points. These points are used to purchase cheats or items through the System (video game style), and of course, you use points to buy your second chance. The option Kai chose was a no brainer, but she was given the unlucky role as the ‘villainess’! A role that can earn easy points at the beginning of the story but ultimately lose everything once the heroine takes the spotlight.

What rotten luck! Out of all the roles!

Thinking it through logically, Kai figured the role fit herself well, and she wouldn’t miss the chance in knocking those braindead heroines down a peg! Petty women like Kai always get dealt a bad hand in the end. Time to show that not every story is a fairytale and that wickedness wins (sometimes)!

(Info: So, this is a very flexible plot where the aim is to world build with my partner. Anything really goes since I don’t have my heart set in a specific story arc. It could be a reverse harem story where Kai wins over the heroine’s love targets. It could be more RPG for a monster boy direction. It could be a 1x1 idea where your character is in the same position as Kai, either trying to score points or maybe someone who lost and your ‘role’ consumed you… becoming the GM’s characters. Or one of GM’s NPCs who gain sentience. Really, I’m open to a lot with this.)

«────── « ⋅ Magic Girl⋅ » ──────»
After the rift was open, Earth became the cultivation grounds for a demonic fruit called 'Adam's Apple'. It was an invasive species that drained the surrounding area of life and it is said that eating the fruit can make one 'achieve their desires'. Though the payoff for it usually leads to death and if not, the person turns into a horrific monster, a slave to the fruit and its desires. Thankfully, it was an easy matter to handle. At least, at first. Just by burning the trees, humanity gave it an early extinction. Though, it was never that easy. Those who are fooled by its power saved some of the Apples and it's even said that several nations kept one tree alive in a hidden location. But that wasn't the worst part… the Apple… adapted. Instead of growing on soil, the seeds managed to take root in the hearts of people. It would be easy to say that it only targeted the wicked but that wasn't true. The Apple grows in those who have strong 'desires', both evil and good. Wicked and zealous. Regardless of intention, their goals would quickly become a bastardized version. These people are different from the regular monsters that consume the fruit, they effectively became hosts of the Apple. Some suspect it's a hive mind but it seems contradictory due to clashing goals. They called themselves Lilim.

The world seemed screwed, to say the least. There were secret gardens that grew Adam's Apples, monsters that came from it, and those who merged with the Apple. But from the rift, another entity emerged. Or rather, several entities. They called themselves Keepers. Unfortunately, they weren't on the side of good. But they weren't evil either. They cultivate and grow Adam's Apples. When it's time for harvest, they come down to collect the Apple's and return home. Of course, they promise to repay the world for bearing the fruit but they don't say what. Exhausted and unable to do much against the supernatural at this point, the world just agreed with the Keepers' terms. As long as they get rid of the fruit and the monsters.

With that, magic girls are born. Or, as the Keepers called them, Eve's Daughters. For every Keeper, there is an Eve. There were so many, in fact, there's one magic girl to every hundred women. You would think that the Apple and its forces wouldn't stand a chance against the sheer numbers but it wasn't the case. Keepers' culture is a mystery but they are a selfish and individualistic race. It's magic girl vs. magic girl vs. Apple. When the girls weren't fighting Lilim or monsters, they were fighting among each other to pick the fruit first. Apparently, their Keeper and subsequently their own power would grow stronger for conquering the other. Grouping began to form.

There were the government-funded magic girls who had the backing of the world's military. They aren't allowed to attack each other and powering up is divided among each other. They're significantly weaker but their resources are massive and they have the aid of numbers. They're more focused on defeating the Apple and its army but they don't have the strength to do so.

Then there were professional magic girls. They turn to talent agencies for a form of protection. You could say they're like movie stars and have the resources to boost their career. They're able to fight among each other, as long as they're from opposite agencies, and can team up. The power scales vary among the girls and they're in direct competition with the girls in the military. The two groups often steal each other's jobs. Though, despite the glamor, there is a lot of in-fighting, which leads to lots of messes, leading to a low success rate. They're too focused on earning power and fame.

Then there are the lone wolfs. The magic girls who only rely on themselves and their Keeper. Unfortunately, this is the group with the highest death rates as everyone else prefers to gang up on them since they're considered easy pickings. Those who survive hunt as ghosts and work between the military magic girls and the famous magic girls. The rewards were big but so were the risks.

And so, the scene is set for a new magical girl to gain her powers.

(Bleh, I just puked out everything in my head. I still have a lot of ideas for this plot. Lots of world-building stuff too ranging from more SFW settings to more NSFW settings. I can swing either way in terms of lewdity scale for the plot but I want to emphasize that I still want to tell a story. Also, I do plan to use my OC Kai for this. That said, I'm open to brainstorming with this plot in terms of direction and whatever. I don't really mind what I'm looking for either for a partner. I can see either a GM or a partner for a 1x1 story with a 'Keeper' or a character like 'Tuxedo Mask'. Not interested in hearing 'average Joe tagging along with magic girl' suggestions.)

✥﹤┈┈┈┈Male Yandere Plots┈┈┈┈﹥✥

As the heading suggests, these are all my plots revolving around male yanderes. People often ask me what’s my fixation is with male yanderes since they “seemingly” go against my kinks and preferences. The cut and dry answer for this is: "Because I do, and I like their loyalty and affectionate nature." While my monkey brain finds guys covered in blood or having a crazed look to be lowkey kinda hot, I don't consider mindless killers or psychopaths as yanderes. Yanderes are much more of a complex trope than that. I guess the best way to say it is "A yandere is not a serial killer but a serial killer could be a yandere" (if that makes sense to anyone). I’ll discuss this more in nature with those who present interest in any of these plots to make sure we’re on the same page.
➽────── Notice Me Sensei ───────❥

Onyx is a high ranked adventure guild member. (Your character) is an apprentice under her. For some reason, (your character) “can’t” pass his test for becoming an official adventurer despite being taught by Onyx for so long. It’s a troubling issue and Onyx hasn’t been getting new apprentices, either. Each apprentice either died, disappeared, or refuse to study under her. Can Onyx figure the reason why and finally get (your character) to pass the test?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Forget-Me-Not ───────❥

Kai suddenly wakes up in a hospital with no memories whatsoever. She was in some sort of accident but can’t remember what the accident was. She can’t even remember her past or any relatives. All she has is her name, her personality, and a blurry memory of someone trying to kill her. Trying to organize her thoughts, Kai didn’t realized that someone visited her room. It was (Your Character). Looking at his face, a piece of the puzzle fell into place and the blurry memory cleared up to show that it was (Your Character) trying to kill her. Why is he here? Did he come to finish the job? “You don’t remember me? I’m your boyfriend/lover/husband (you choose which role).” (Your Character) claim to be a romantic partner of hers. If that is the case, why does Kai vividly remember him trying to kill her? Everyone in Kai’s life seem to know for a fact that (Our Characters) are in a relationship and see him in a good light. But why can’t Kai trust (Your Character)? Living together under the same roof, can Kai recover her memories fast enough before it’s too late? Or will (Your Character) somehow convince her that he’s not at all “sketchy”.

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Till Death do we NOT Part ───────❥

In this plot, our characters are reincarnated lovers. (Your character) firmly believes that this is faith and that our characters must become lovers again. Kai on the other hand, thinks something else. She thinks it’s neat that they are reincarnated lovers, but they don’t need to become lovers again. To be honest, Kai is content with her life and isn't interested in love. It doesn’t help (your character)’s case, that Kai has no memories of the past either. Armed with just his past life memories (and a knife probably, lol), (your character) will try to win Kai’s love. Will he be able to secure his happy ending?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Imaginary World ───────❥

While shopping in a flea market, Kai was sold a key from a rather odd stand. She thought of it as rather neat and just took it as a decoration purpose. Late at night, she found herself unable to sleep and decided to play around with the key. Surprisingly, it fits perfectly for her closet door. Turning the knob, she found that instead of seeing her clothes, the door leads to another universe! Venturing inside, she meets (Your character). They get along and Kai learns that this place is (Your Character)'s world where whatever he wants to happen happens. But he also lives alone there and Kai is the first to ever visit. Feeling tired, Kai returns home after biding (Your Character) goodbye. She returns to visit often but as Kai starts visiting less and less, (Your Character)'s world becomes harsher for some reason. Can (Your Character) keep her trapped forever?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── The Cursed Mansion ───────❥

(Your Character) is a butler for a cursed mansion. He lives there by himself for as long as he can remember. For some reason, he is unable to leave and forced to take care of the mansion. From time to time, people enter the mansion and become the (forced) owner and unable to leave. Their time is short though since they have the lifespan of a human and end up dying. But (Your Character) lives on for years, never aging. One day Kai wanders into the mansion and became the new owner after a long period of time of no owners. She wants to leave. This time is different though. There is a good chance that She might escape. What will (Your Character) do?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Animal Lover ───────❥

(Your Character) is Kai's pet dog/cat/hamster/ect. He was an ordinary pet till one day a shoot star pass and turns him into a human. There was some confusion of course, but Kai kept him around. But for some reason, now that (Your Character) is human, Kai is becoming distant. There is even that guy who likes to visit her. What will (Your Character) do to keep his master?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Repaying Love ───────❥

This plot is similar to the Japanese crane story, Tsuru no Ongaeshi. If you never heard of the story, basically it’s about a man who saves a crane from a trap. Feeling in debt and falling in love with the man, the crane became a beautiful woman and married that man. The man falls on hard time and to help him, the crane makes clothes out of her own feathers for the man to sell. One day, the man discovers this and the crane flies off, never to return. So, got the gist of it? Basically, Onyx saves (your character) from a trap. After making sure (your character) isn’t hurt, Onyx sends him off. Feeling in debt and fall in love with Onyx, (your character) becomes a human to chase after her. Lines blur as (your character) tries to do acts to repay the debt.

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── Freed Love ───────❥

This plot is sort of a mix of plot four and plot seven. Onyx discovers (Your Character), trapped inside his own little world. Onyx manages to free (Your character) from his jail. At first, both parties were happy with this. But as Onyx sees more and more of (your character)’s darker and more obsessive side, she learns that (your character) was trapped in that world for a reason. Will Onyx manage to trap (your character) again? Or suffer the consequences?

« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »

➽────── The Wrong Bride ───────❥

It was common knowledge that humans would do anything for superstition. Praying to the gods for bountiful harvests, safe travels, good weather, and everything in between. They would offer up goods to please their gods... and those goods include human sacrifices.

Onyx was traveling in the dead of night when she ran into a running couple. The human woman was to be sacrificed at midnight to their town’s god and “become his wife.” This woman loved the man next to her and she fears of dying, so the two eloped. Hearing their pleas and the sound of footsteps behind them, Onyx decided to take her place to buy the couple some time. After all, what would a silly human ritual do to a demon? The idea was simple enough. Onyx will act as the stand-in bride then leave once they try to kill her. No one could see her face with the veil on.

It was so simple yet Onyx never imagined that the lavish marriage ritual would actually summon the god and that he actually agree to the wedding. A marriage with a god is not a simple business anymore...

(Extra: I'm sure so people are wondering how this idea could be turned into a yandere idea. The concept I have is that... what if she wasn't the wrong bride? This was all a long scheme to trick Onyx into the marriage since he knew Onyx would want to save the couple. We can talk more from here.)

✥﹤┈┈┈┈Reverse Harem Plots┈┈┈┈﹥✥
As the title suggests, these are my reverse harem plots. They are not open to being changed to 1x1 pairings.
≿━━━━༺ The Marriage Spell Mishap ༻━━━━≾

Onyx and the guys all broke into a dungeon to steal an important artifact. As they fight one another and struggle to grab the artifact, they accidentally set of a spell trap. It transported the artifact to a safe location while randomly setting off a spell to distract the intruders. Turns out the spell was a marriage spell that force this group to be bound to one another. Now they have to figure out how to break the spell... or not. (Note: I do have more technical, world-building info on for idea.)


≿━━━━༺ Far From Home ༻━━━━≾

While looking for her lost dog, Kai found herself pushed into a hole she was trying to avoid. She expected herself to reach the bottom with a broken arm but when she opens her eyes, she found herself in the middle of a fantasy-like town. Shocked and confused, she looked around; only to see that she was surrounded by obviously non-human beings. Before she was able to do anything, a set of guards takes her and drags her off to a castle. There she learns of a “prophecy” that says that a hero would come from another world to lead these people to peace and prosperity. To Kai’s realization, the prophecy was actually just a summary of a shitty romance novel from the book section of Walmart. Since no one would believe her on this, Kai is now showered with attention and gifts from the people… which includes a harem. Now Kai has to juggle being a proper leader and trying to figure a way out before anyone finds out that she’s a fake.


≿━━━━༺ The Conquest ༻━━━━≾

It’s a cruel, dog eat dog world out there. Where kingdoms fought among each other for power and control. Thankfully, for the guys, they don’t have to worry about that. They lived a life of luxury within the royal harem. Every day, they would eat expensive food and wear extravagant clothing. All they have to do is entertain the King/Queen (up to you). One day, their peaceful lives were turned upside down when the kingdom was conquered by a “barbaric” tribe. As per the rules of conquest, everything that once belonged to the King/Queen now belongs to the leader of the tribe. They expected to be treated like dogs by the new ruler but to their surprise, Onyx just… let them go. At first, they were thankful for this but soon they realized they had nowhere else to go. They grew up to be part of the royal harem and had no real skills. The only thing they had out there in the real world is prostitution. Now they must try to get on Onyx’s good side or end up on the street.


≿━━━━༺ Mirror World ༻━━━━≾

While preparing herself for school, Kai was shocked to find that there was a strange woman looking back at her in her mirror. Not being able to do anything, the strange woman reached out and grab Kai and drag her into the mirror. To Kai’s horror, the two switched places and watched as the other woman break the mirror from the other side. Startled, Kai looks around to see that she’s in a much darker and harsher world than where she’s originally from. Crime is the law and anarchy is the government. And the only way to survive is to travel in groups. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kai was swept into one of the traveling groups, the guys, and now being dragged along for the ride. Now she must try to find a way out or die trying.


≿━━━━༺ 1-800-Date ༻━━━━≾

Hiring people to date you is not a new concept. It’s a big industry in Japan but due to its increasing popularity, the industry has now become worldwide. Lonely people can now hire someone to date, chat, or just hold hands with. It’s an expensive rental service but if you’re lonely enough, most people are willing to fork over the cash. And if you have the right amount… you might end up being lucky. While traveling to school, Kai saved a businesswoman from fainting into oncoming traffic. After thanking Kai and exchanging contacts, Kai thought that was the end of it but when she woke up the next morning, she found a couple of hot guys before her door. To her surprise, the woman she said the day before was actually the CEO of one of these dating businesses. As an act of thanks, the CEO sent her top workers as a free month’s trial.


≿━━━━༺ Fated ༻━━━━≾

Imagine a world where women were queens and men were expected to be homemakers. Where a man’s chastity is valued while women’s promiscuity was normalized. Such is the matriarchy realm called Iliyica. While biologically speaking, men and women are the same as our world, women there are born with stronger innate magical abilities compared to men. But what solidifies the power dynamic is that there are women who rise above the rest, the Fated. The Fated are said to be the beloved by this world’s goddess. Gifted with special abilities and only one per race, these women are expected to do something great; as seen by the "Mandate of Destiny" each woman holds. What their destiny is, only time would tell but it could be anything from being a revolutionary leader, a grand inventory, and even a hero. According to legends, the reason why there are the Fated is that, after her reawakening, the goddess was horrified to see how men brutalized her “daughters”; treating them as objects. So, she blessed these women to rise up and take back the world that was rightfully theirs.

Of course, there was one race who unfortunately was never blessed with a Fated: the humans. It wasn’t like this, of course. There were plenty of human Fated but the last of them decided to use her powers to become a tyrant. In some way, she fulfilled her destiny by united all continents under her control, but the bloodshed she left created a stain on mankind’s soul. The historian’s call her the Savage Empress. According to the church, the goddess was disappointed with the humans and stripped away their destiny, leaving them Faithless. The elves, who played a large role in taking down the Savage Empress, were deemed a noble race while humans became a bane of existence.

A thousand years later, it seems like humans were going to be Faithless yet again until a strange human girl woke up in the middle of a meadow. Has the goddess finally forgiven humanity?

(Note: LMAO this is so cheesy, but I needed to get this idea out of my head. Basically, this is another isekai idea for my girl, Kai. I was thinking that the Fated all have similar abilities except for one that makes them stand out from each other. Besides stronger magical prowess, I was thinking they’re able to enter contracts with men called “The Red String of Fate” (haha I’m so original). Basically, the exchange is that these chosen men are strengthen and cure of any ailments/curses but in return, they must serve the Fated for eternity. So besides having an interest in power, fame, or money- there could be men who wish to enter a contract to escape a terminal illness, for example. Also, I really like the idea that the Fated are marked with a womb tattoo and this is the "Mandate of Heaven"; idfk, I’m still hazy on the details tbh.)

✥﹤┈┈┈┈Monster Boy Encyclopedia Plots┈┈┈┈﹥✥

If it isn’t obvious from everything above, I’m a person who very much loves plot and isn’t all that focused on smut. But, I’m human too and have a taste for smutty plots or worlds. This section is dedicated to a rather smut-heavy plot/world.

If anyone knows about Monster Girl Encyclopedia, then you know what I mean about “smut heavy world”. It’s literally a book about the breeding habits of Monster Girls in this world. But before anyone gets triggered happy and message me going “YES. PLS. MONSTER GIRLS.” This isn’t a plot for Monster Girls but Monster Boys (hence the section name: MBE- Monster Boy Encyclopedia).

I’m interested in doing a genderbend version of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe. Instead of ravenous and horny monster girls kidnapping men, it’s now monster boys. Come on, why is it that guys can bang cute monster girls yet normal girls are stuck with ugly bastards. Kills my metaphorical boner. Yuck.
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ Island Vacation ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

After accidentally getting separated from her group of friends during a beach trip, Kai found herself crossing a boundary that she shouldn't have. An island far removed from what we consider reality with its own unique ecosystem. The inhabitants being otherworldly creatures: monster boys and an eccentric scientist/goddess who created them. A guilty pleasure experiment... or maybe nefarious scheme, either way; the scientist/goddess realized her creations may go extinct with no solution in sight for how they can reproduce. Scientist/goddess would volunteer but she's unfortunately unfertile. Cue Kai, who fell right into her lap. A control freak, scientist/goddess wasn't interested in inviting other women or creating female monsters but the scientist/goddess see a part of herself reflected in Kai. Trapped now in this snowglobe like work, Kai is now playing cat and mouse with the scientist/goddess who wants to turn her into a breeder.

∘◦ ✾ ◦∘

‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ The Apocalypse… Hentai Version ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

I don’t have much to say for this. The monsters are sex-crazed fiends and so on. Basically, Flexible Survival or Lilith’s Throne sort of plot (Bless you if you know what they are). I guess I’m looking for someone to basically ‘DM’ this as a sort of campaign? DnD style…

∘◦ ✾ ◦∘

‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ A Road Branches to Three Paths… ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

Ever since the rise of the new Demon Lord that caused all the monsters to turn in to human loving, sex maniacs, the human population started to dwindle. Human women were being kidnapped left and right to become their brides while human men were turned into a variety of monsters if captured. The world’s balance is looking bleak. The gods and goddesses were scrambling all over the place looking for a chosen hero to defeat the Demon Lord. Some had a chosen one while other gods looked for heroes in different worlds…

So, these plots are broken down into three categories: Power, Wisdom, and Love


It became a common occurrence for humans to send out a holy crusade to defeat the Demon Lord or just bring back supplies for cities under siege. But as anyone can imagine, every single crusade failed with each member succumbing to a monster. Onyx is part of the 38th crusade to bring supplies for the city. But she was chosen by the god of power to carry his will to defeat the Demon Lord. Traveling with her party, each member was taken out one by one till she was the last one standing. All alone, she found herself with a monster… was he an enemy or an “ally”?

(About this, I know Onyx is a demon but for this plot, I’m actually willing to make her a human for this. Or a half-demon, to make it a little more interesting, giving a twist)


An isekai twist for this and the next plot. After a very unfortunate accident with Truck-san, Kai woke up in a new world. Chosen by the god of wisdom, her job is to document the new and improved monsters to discover their weakness… becoming the one who will make the Monster Boy Encyclopedia. But of course, every occupation has hazards.


Isekai twist. Same scenario with Kai but instead of the god of wisdom, it’s the god of love. And well… the god of love is all for the monsters. Basically, this is more of a oneshot plot of just “Find a monster and fuck it.” Nothing really amazing here. Feel free to suggest something if it fits the theme.

✥﹤┈┈┈┈Plot Remix┈┈┈┈﹥✥

Sometimes I like my plots just as they are… And sometimes, I think up a reskin of one of my plots. While the concept of it is still the same, there are one or two minor differences that set it apart. Could be major, could be minor (mostly minor).
»————The Cursed Mansion————–✄
(Found in Male Yandere Plots Tab)

Instead of one butler, there's two instead. Yup, super creative. I just like the idea of double yandere love.


»————Far From Home————–✄
(Found in Reverse Harem Plots Tab)

The world where Kai falls in is a world full of Kemonomimis and it's basically an animal kingdom.


»————A Villainess’s Mutiny————–✄
(Found in Misc. Plots Tab)

Male Yandere focus… where Kai wins the male lead before the heroine but this ends up warping his personality into a yandere since she effectively solved his “issues” before the heroine. Basically, a homage to other villainess reincarnation light novels with the same trope such as "The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone Wild" or "I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away" and so on (there's so many).


»———— Island Vacation/Wisdom/Hentai Apocalpyse ————–✄
(Found in Monster Boy Encyclopedia Plots Tab)

So, this is a plot remix that can apply to any of these plots. Basically, it's just an extension of my impregnation kink: Kai now gets pregnant and gives birth; the children then help her. Similar to games like Conception (I know what it's about but I never played/watched it). I'm open to hearing about any stand-alone ideas that are similar to this theme as well. Kill me, I'm so embarrassed typing this out aaaaaaaaa


»————A Villainess’s Mutiny 2————–✄
(Found in Misc. Plots Tab)

Another plot remix for my villainess plot (what can I say, I really like otome isekais). That said, the twist here is... what if Kai successfully beat the game with your character and defeated the heroine? But disapproving the victory, the GM snatches Kai away to destroy her identity before resetting the game? Kai is sent back to the beginning believing it's her first time playing but somehow, your character managed to hold onto his memories. Basically a cross between soulmates and possibly male yandere themes. Inspired by this manhwa called The Villain demands I love him, cheesy I know.
└────────────────────────────────────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────────────────────────────────────┘