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Nightmare Queen
Mar 27, 2022
A Little About me…
My name is Alucide, Khaotic, Khaos, Nyt (prounced Nite), Which ever you prefer. My Pronouns are She/her/They/Them. I have been Co-writing or roleplaying, which ever term you prefer, since I was 13 years old. I love creating new stories and delving into different worlds and exploring. I have a couple Genres that I classically fall back on. Those are Romance being laced with an Action and Drama like sequence. That being said, I am open to quite a bit and in my own mind those topics cover quite a bit in their own right. I prefer some sort of fantasy or mystical value behind things. If I wanted to talk to normal humans, I have this Finesse in real life in order to create those interactions. I desire something further then that when writing. Powers, or something being different is what I like mostly. Below under the spoilers are some examples of characters that I have, these are a never-ending list as I am constantly writing and creating more and more characters. Most of the characters I have do have in depth backstories and thoughts that went into them. I try to keep the parts that I post as generic as I can to make them be able to fit in to the settings. I am also not beyond modifying things or even building new characters if you have a very specific plot in mind.

The type of partner I am looking for—

Flexible— I understand that a long and drawn out response can cause a loss of interest. I can promise a response every couple of days normally. I do spend a lot of time sitting at a computer due to school and the fact that I am also a Twitch streamer. This being said if you have been waiting more then 2-3 days, feel free to message me a reminder it is possible it got lost in the fray or I read the message and intended to respond and the spaced it off. College and ADHD Squirrel brain is real my friends haha

I am here to make friends just as much as I am to write with you. If I get to know you the better, we can write together better! I am a very much reclusive person for the most part, but I enjoy talking to others about things and being there to listen as well! it makes sense to me to have two different conversations going. One for out of character banters and questions about the RP to also the roleplay specific chat.

Writing level—I am open to varying levels of writing. I just can't keep up with a one liner unless its in a chat room situation where we are popping and firing back and forth a quick pace. I usually will have At minimum a paragraph. I do find that if given more to interact with I can give longer posts. But if you just throw a tomato at me and insult me, you're going to get tomato response and response to insult. That's really all I have to say on this. I also know that I write as I speak, and I do not speak eloquently at all. but I am here to do this for fun, not to have to sit here and edit and revise like I am writing a thesis. I have enough of those that I am working on.

Without further distraction here is a list of characters and information about the kind of characters I play. If you have any questions or concerns or something you would like to write on or develop further, feel free to message me. I am a night owl given my husbands schedule of 7pm to 7am. If your concerned about schedule feel free to ask. Also feel free to ask anything you feel is importain to our friendship or writing together.


Age- 24 years old.


She stands 5'5 her hair is dark black and goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes bounce between a baby blue color to the light lavender of a calm demon to the dark red of the raged side. along with a period glimpse of golden yellow color that seems very contradictory to the rest of her features when it happens. The normal style of clothing bounces between cozy librarian and gothic esthetic with fishnets and tight jeans. While the demon is in control scantily clad clothing such as short dresses showing ample amount of skin and heels and boots. The clothing choice is about who Is in control. The make up and over all esthetic more gothic in color choices and styles, usually a leather coat as well that was a gift from her adopted father who died a handful of years after adopting her.


She had a rough childhood. She did not know she had a demon inside her for the longest time. She was born to a family that was riddled with bad choices. Her mother was a drug addict that had reformed due to an abusive husband, the two of them had an older boy before Alma came along. When she was born her mother died. Both her brother and her father blamed her for what happened. Her brother had thing for letting his friends into her room when she got older. Things happened and her father pegged her as a liar, thinking that his golden boy could do no wrong. After a while the anger inside Alma was too much and the demon came out for the first time when she was 10 years old. She ended up burning the entire house to ruins. When the fire fighters came all the found was a young girl curled up in the ashes of the fire and her eyes a light blue color as she shivered and told them she didn't know what happened. She didn't know what happened at that point and wouldn't know for many years until after all the foster homes and abandonment, the demon always being there to help her. Finally, when she was 13 she was adopted by and older gentleman. He came from money she could tell. She didn't know why he had an interest in her until he spoke to her in Latin. She went home with him and never had a second thought. When she turned 17 years old he passed way. In his will he legally emancipated her and told her the reason that he adopted her was selfish. He told her that she was to continue his work. His work was something that a woman normally wouldn't be doing in big citys, such as running a large-scale drug ring with hundreds of people in the loop, no longer did the leader need to be in the middle of it. the funds are just added to an acct and the drugs keep circulating, issues of course come up when people get caught but that was only one piece of this there was also the prostitution ring that he had going on. He was the protector of all the girls in his group. He actually did things like take care of them and make sure that they were okay and were making enough to support what they wanted out of life. Whether that be a family or the drugs that he put into the streets. While his hands were not directly in the game, he kept things going with the right people to make sure that his will was done. The final one was that he saw himself in this young girl when he came in the Orphanage. The last thing in his will was that he too had a demon in him and that it had helped him all this time. He used the Charisma of the underworlder to do the biding and protect the people he wanted to protect. He told her to do the same. Little did Alma know about this Demon, it wasn't just any demon but one that had been sent out of hell for Fraternizing with Lucifer's play toy. It was soon after his death that she decided that there were to many people in her late fathers' business for her to worry about it. she passed the rains off to his second in command who was like and uncle to her and she started her own black-market business in the work of murder. She build up her knowledge on poisons and let the other side of her learn to fight. She was going to protect her new-found family with everything she was and since it was already a black-market group, the new Idea fit in wonderfully. She began the mercenary group called the Night fangs. While it drew in a lot of strange types, she kept her name board up to date and had a constant contact list to keep them with work including herself at times.

Personality description-

Alma is kind of soft spoken and tired sounding most of the time, she runs the business sides of things she is calm and collected and for the most part blunt and straight forward. She has an aura to her that is just enough to put anyone on edge. She is a pacifist; she does not enjoy fighting and violence at all and will walk away from most situations that lead into it.

Lilith, a flirt and very much fun loving, she is looking for anything that is violent and fun. She plays the room to her benefit and makes sure she knows who is dangerous in the room. She usually will find a way to poke he or she with a very large stick. Likes to be the top person in the room and very domineering enjoys being in control of all the chaos in the room. Very much self-destructive and destructive of surroundings in the name of having a good time


A woman walks into a bar the small heel of her shoes click slightly but not enough to get over the crowd of people, she pulls off her long over coat folding it over her arm and tossing her black hair over the shoulder of black lace sleeve on her arm the black vest over the black high necked shirt with a red ribbon around her neck as well. her pencil skirt tight to her legs as she walks over to a booth in the back. The bar keeps watching her as she walks the crowd as they make eye contact with the woman parts with enough room for her to get through easily. It not seeming to be an act out of fear but a general notation that they do not want to get in her way. She heads to the boot hand sits down pulling out a large leather-bound book and opening a few pages in and starts to write down names. The bartender brings over a plate of food as well as a drink setting it down in front of her, she looks up at him and smiles kindly and pulls her wallet out and hands him some money without saying a word. The man nodded and walked back

This particular character was born with a demon in her mind as well as a mortal.

Alucandra (Vampire)

Age- looks around 23-25


She has a dark red to black ombre hair. She wears heavy dark eye shadows against her pale skin. She is constantly wearing corsets and long flowing skirts and tight jeans. She usually has chains in in wardrobe as well. She does have tribal tattoos that wrap around her arms and go into her back in a large Celtic piece of the mark of the daughters of the Moon.


Alucandra was born in the 1300s, she died during the bubonic plague in France. She was a medicine woman and helped care for the sick during this time. She ended up catching the plague later on and ended up on her death bed. Another woman from her group, a witch, by name of Hallay asked her if she wanted to live and when the woman said nothing more than that. She explained a treatment of bloodletting that could assist her in that very desire, being so sick and seeing the end of the road Alucandra agreed to this. Little did she know that the witch in front of her was actually going to be turning her into a vampire and branding her a part of her coven. After Alucandra awoke in this strange woman's home when she turned her, she was chained to the bed with silver the metal burner her arms significantly and she had this over whelming ache in her body hat felt like she was burning from the inside. The witch shown back up her feet in that instant and seemed to laugh a little it as she realized that she was successful in her new creation. She took it apon herself to keep Alucandra captive for 300 years. Until she escaped and she disappeared to the new world to start over. She lived with the Quakers and fled just before the witch trials, during the wars of the country she played as a medic as she had many years before. She was taking care of the injured and the sick and dying. Never once did she utilize what she was against these people that she helped and never did she tell them what she was, she fed on those who were aggressive to her and those who were sweet on her using her witchcraft to make them forget shortly after. It wasn't till the 21st century she decided that she wanted to have life. She moved to a big city go a grasp on life. She was a bartender at one of the highest end bars in town and never had a night where she didn't meet new and exciting people.


Very wise, she enjoys helping people and is very friendly. She is very much the mom of the bar taking care of the servers and making sure they are not miss treated and are getting there checks in a timely fashion. She is a fun-loving person but there is a switch that gets flipped at times and she goes into damage control mode where she can take over a bad situation such as someone getting hurt and solving the problem. She does not allow other people to get in each other's faces and cause problems either.


She is sitting at a bar and is watching the behavior of the bar's goers. She reaches over the bar and grabs the bottle pouring herself another drink. She was off tonight but did not want to hassle the new guy since there was full house again tonight. There had been a series of concerts that kept the small bar packed with groups of people looking to keep the party going all night. She slides down from her bar stool and walks over the liftable part of the table and goes under it grabbing an apron off the wall and walks over patting him on the shoulder smiles kindly as there is a group of people yelling their orders across the bar ignoring the fact the man is at his wits edge. She quickly stats handing out bottles of beer and pouring pitchers as she slides them on trays for the waitresses who are already backed up due to the slow pick up the new guy was. She keeps her eyes on the line as he is making mixed drinks at a snail's pace. She just keeps people talking lightly and keeps the rush at bay while he makes the mixed drinks so he can learn them. A man comes from back and looks at her and puts his hands on his hips "Alice! Your supposed to be off tonight!" he barks. She laughs and looks up at him, "I came in for a drink and the poor boy is drowning Mick. I couldn't leave him to do it on his own." she laughs her slight Southern accent coming out as she talks to the man knowing it would get him to leave her be as she turns and keeps helping the masses with their beer addiction.

This one is a vampire, deeper historically; older from the bubonic plague times.

Nightmare "Ashlee Marks" (vampire)

Age- 22 presenting


She stands around 5'3 long auburn hair to the edge of her waist. Hazel eyes that teeter between green and a pale brown color. She wears the dark eyeshadow and pale white make up with dark lips. Usual outfits, short skirts or jeans with tank tops and loose fitting over shirts of plaids and other loose garments like sweaters and such. She also usually wears choker necklaces or scarfs of some sort to keep the marks on her neck hidden so to be able to avoid the discussion of what happened.


She was in the car with her boyfriend at the time. They had just celebrated their 3-year anniversary. When a reckless driver ran them off the road and caused them to roll their car. Her boyfriend was killed in the accident, and if it were not for the smell of her blood being in the air so would she have most likely as well. The Vampire that turned her was not far away. He ended up keeping her as a slave to him for several years before turning her out. She was all alone, in a different country none the less. She ends up finding herself a few years later and settling into a comfortable lifestyle in Germany. She keeps to herself and since she didn't have much that was important to her in the country, she decided to move back to her home town. It had been almost 80 years since she lived there. Anyone who was still alive that would recognize her was in there 90s or older. She took up residence in her old family home after stating that she was next of kin since her mother and father had just died. She had lied glamoured them into believing she was the granddaughter of their daughter that had disappeared back all those years ago. She had died a few years back in going through her old things figured out where she was from and was going to move back in to attempt to learn about her family heritage. She ended up moving back and opening her own mechanics shop and working on cars. After a few years of working on cars she picked up on some underground street racing and got her hand in on that. While running her own shop being the only shop open at night. She gets her feet in deep with her own small team of runners.


It's all fun and games and sweet and innocent until she gets mad then she is vicious and cruel individual that will stop at nothing to stop what you're doing. She normally is a very sweet girl and very car smart likes to play games with boys who want to look down on her cause of her profession. Usually damages their vehicles and makes her bring them into her to fix since no one else in the small town would do anything with a vehicle she vandalized herself.


A woman slides out of a 1971 dodge challenger after putting the car in park outside of a bar in down town of a small town square area that was bustling with people. She adjusts her black and red knee length dress with three layers of fluff. Her long legs covered in fishnet and shin high leather boots. She adjusts her top a bit as a guy walking down the other side of the sidewalk stairs as he walks by. The woman walking with him slaps him hard in the face giving the woman a little bit of a laugh. She walks to the bar her knee length long black trench coat wrapped around her and her hands in her pockets. Her long red hair falls to frame her face nicely. Her coppery red eyes watching the passersby's nervously hoping no one recognizes her as the missing girl from so many years ago. This was the first time she had come back since her old boyfriend died after she was turned. She brushed her hair back out of her face as she walked in the bar and show the bouncer her Id confidently. He easily clears her to go in and she goes to the bar and orders a drink and sits down at the bar after shrugging of the leather coat she had over the top of the black corset she was wearing, there was a lace collar like choker around her neck with a dark red stone set in the center and accenting stones all along it covering most of her neck.

Also a vampire but a newer vampire. Underground racing background and Gear head


Age: 120 years old


Long hair about three quarters green and the rest a dirty blonde. A braid in the right side of her hair keeping that side of her hair out of her face while the left is loose around her face and down to the middle of her back. Her blue green eyes show age. She hides the bags under her eyes with dark eye make-up and the scars with foundation. There being predominate scar above her eyebrow that normally she doesn't cover up. Normally wearing dark cloths. Skinny jeans with boots and crop tops or tank tops out under jackets and long sleeve shirts. Usually wears a collar like neckless to hide scaring from her multiple abuses and tormenters over the years as a grim reaper. When she pulls off her coat you see scars and burns all over her arms back. Scar tissue from stab wounds on her shoulders.


She was killed by her father on her high school graduation, she was a foster child removed from her bad household as 7–8-year-old kid. She went through the foster care program home after home. Until she graduated high school. She had a boyfriend at the time that she was sure she was going to marry. He ended up only being around her cause he knew what she was. And that was the next grim reaper in line to join their ranks. After she died and was now undead, he went crazy on her trying to control her and manipulate her. Another student at the academy helped her to get away from him and they became close. Until Jason, her ex, came back and murdered him. She at that point graduated with highest honors in this small academy and swore she was going to hunt him down and kill him for what he did. She is highly proficient in most weapons included guns and swords. It has been 20-30 years now and she has seen a fair lot of death and destruction. We have entered a war that can be characterized as World War three, and it is on American soil. Nukes have been dropped and more and more things have come out of the woodwork she never seems to have any down time and death is in good business.


She is normally rather harsh and very honest almost to the point of being rude. Most of that is unintentional. Once she gets into a routine with someone, she tends to explain why she is so mean or where her temper comes from . She actively tries get the job done and get out of the way of the rest of the tragedy. There has been so much mess created she just watches the Chaos unfold infront of her dealing with it one day at a time.


She walks along the deserted strip of what use to be the Las Vegas strip. What is now still in ruins, most of the town's people would be underground due to the radiation. That was if anyone had survived the last 30 years. This would be no shock to her if they had all died. She walked along the roads her boots echoing off the broken-down buildings and rubble. She walks to what looks like an old apartment building that hadn't been knocked down. It was at the edge of town where there was no radiation. She had made this her home. Simple and not far from the site for the new school she was working on. She wondered what kind of people would be in the area. Would she be able to find people that would want to give up the whole world for the death and destruction of being a grim reaper? She tucked the dark green hair out of her face and pulled out a pair of glasses and slides them on and pulls out her book of names and actions. It had been a while since anyone had died, she had to help. The numbers were still against her odds and she clears her throat and sighs and keeps walking to the apartment her hands in her pockets of her long black trench coat.

Grim reaper-- series of my own writing. can go into more detail if this sounds interesting.

Alucide Anari (shadowmancer Reaper)

Age 25


Long silver white hair and startling bright blue green eyes, normally wearing corsets and baggy jeans with her hair loose around her shoulders. Her hair brushes the middle of her back only standing about 4'9 with a small frame, athletic build but a sinched down waist due to the corsets this causing her bust to look larger as well. Wide hips where the gun holsters rest just right on them in plain view holding her two black, blue and silver desert eagles with her initials embossed into the bottoms.


Her Family was all murdered in the beginning of the raids, slightly bitter to people that like all the chaos and fighting, very calm person but also prone to her temper. Normally when she's in a good mood is very flirty and playful. Likes to people watch. Before the war she drove an ambulance and was an emergency health tech. Military background from her father and very formal when things seem to be going wrong. Very calm and concise and to the point. Has the tendency to be brutally honest and harsh but doesn't mean it to be intended that way. Is very graceful and agile in the air. Has gotten very good at parkour since the waring has begun uses it as a main transportation do to all the bombing. Very mothering figure. She misses her younger siblings whom she use to watch out for before losing them in a bombing. Holds up shop in her parent's old bar, maintaining it as a safe zone for passers threw and people of the area. Not much of a fighter but still will. Also is a mage of sorts, uses shadow rounds in her guns and uses shadow manipulation to avoid trouble (Shadowmancer/witch), also has the strange ability to remove souls from the dead and dying. When provoked she can manipulate shadows to knock others unconscious. Doesn't have complete control over this. Learned that she had this ability cause of her siblings dying around her and she was the one that let their souls go on the next life. She also is a pagan and very good at the home remedies and helping with medicinal things.


She was standing behind a bar cleaning glasses and watching the news halfheartedly. Only listening to half of what was said. It was a slow afternoon. There had been bombs dropped earlier in the evening and most of the people did not come out of hiding yet. Justifiable from the woman's perspective it was normal for this to happen multiple times in a day. She sighed as she sat down in a chair behind the bar looking around the small area. This was the building that she had saved and was constantly patching up and attempting to make it a safe haven for the underground people that still scampered across the war-torn US. The reapers and such that plagued though the citys were notorious for showing up and causing problems. As well as solving some problems. She fiddled with a neckless around her neck that was her mothers. It was of a small dark green emerald in a simple silver setting of a tear drop shape. Her thoughts drifted to happier times in the lull of work as she waited for more people to come in. She fiddled and braided sections of the side of her hair absent mildly staring off her blue green eyes glazing over as she is distracted in her own mind.

Dystopian death witch reaper. WWIII aspect with war on American Soil.


Age- 25


She has short horns that curl back and then turn upward. That are burrowed with in her layered shoulder length hair. She has bangs that sweep over her face and wears drow Dark leather armor most of the time but also wears long white sleeve shirts normally as well as a red shall and skirt casually. Her skin is a red and slightly scaled in appearance and reflective along her arms if looked at close enough. this being the main reason she wears long sleeves. She has glassy green eyes that brighten as she gets angrier with something. Normally they stay at a deep forest green though.


She is a young Teifling woman, her mother died when she was little. There was fighting in the town. They were the only family of Teiflings in the area and the people were very against them. They accused them of dark magics and plotting with necromancers that were in the woods not far away. Her mother continued to keep turning the other cheek for as long as she could. The day came when they no longer were taking that information. While Lerissa was in the market looking at dolls her mother was overtaken by a mob at their home where they sold homemade cures and potions for adventures. It was common for adventures to come and go through the town and the towns folk quickly blamed a group of rough looking adventures that came by saying that they must have raided the family's home on their way in. Lerissa come home and found her mother dead, her father was unknown and was not spoke of before between her mother and her. She was only 13 years old. She gathered a meager bag that she knew would keep her afloat in the woods and took to the trees.

It was not long before she found a group of archers in the woods that were different then the druids she was familiar with. These had mutations, different eyes, and different looks to them. They saw her and one of the women of the group stepped forward and introduced herself as Aleice. They were a group of traveling blood hunters. Aleice saw that the girl had a bow, and her hands shook on the handle as she was approached. Aleice offered to teacher her their ways and could help protect her. The young girl accepted the offer and stuck with them for quite some time learned their arts and took to wearing a dark green broach of her mothers, little did she know that her mother had hidden her Angry spirit in the stone that night when she was killed.

The nightmares started, the fighting in her little house like she was her that was being beat, she quickly realized what was happening and pieced the story together. After realizing it started when she wore the broach. She took it to a nearby wizard on their adventures and he told her that there was a vengeful ghost in the stone and that if she meditated with it that it would overcome her and help her when she needed it. She put together that it was her mother and that she was going to get vengeance for her she vowed to that particular stone. She felt a power overcome her and she fell unconscious, standing before her was the ghost of her mother. They two of them made a pact bound in magic. The starts of a new warlock.

Over the next short while with Aleice, Lerissa grows her power and expands her ability with the bow and with the magics she has been given by her mother. The decay and rot at her fingers and ability to spell her weapons to mimic that ability and dives deeper into the arcane learning the basics of controlling the energy of her mother's raging spirit within the stone through the mutagens in the Blood hunters tool boxes she begins to understand how to call it all forward on demand.

She returns to the city she came from with rage in toe. The family that killed hers still rulling over the city. She was now the rough looking party that came in. Aleice had died, left the group of ragtag blood hunters in Lerissa's leadership. Given she was just turning 20. She was the leader of a new generation and they listened well they easily took out the noble family that caused so many issues for her and her mother for so many years. She then turned the city of Aless over to a new family. That family being the next in line for the crown a lovely older woman and man with a set of twins that her mother said were destined for a Godly path later in their lives. They would be the rulers of the Aless going forward. Lerissa chose to settle down in this city where she called home for so long. So much had changed in 7 years while she was gone. Tieflings were no longer a strange thing, people welcomed her and her people with open arms. The queen even suggested she start her own guild up; teach more blood hunters like she learned and keep the doors open to others that can help as well.

She wields two hand cross bows and only uses magic as a last resort. It usually ends up taking a lot out of her physically and has a long recuperation time afterwards. She no longer uses her mothers' spirit in the same way, it has now become part of her and is keyed by her anger. Her eyes shift from a dull green to a bright and vibrant almost poisonous green when she keys into it. Now being a leader of the guild, she goes on missions still but much fewer and more of patrols around the city as a acting Royal guard instead of as a hunting party like before.


He is a kind woman and willing to help most. Though when faced with someone who has done her wrong, she will harshly judge them and has no problem using violence if necessary. She is also always interested in new people and what their skill sets could do for the guild. She does have many enemys and usually uses cloaking abilities to take the form of another being so as to not be recognized. She is slow to trust people into her inner circle but does have a soft spot for warlocks and any one good with a bow.


She sits at a large desk that is covered in papers. Those papers being the many many bounties that had been proposed and completed in that day. Somehow, they had found themselves mixed together in a mush of paperwork as she is slowing working her way through them. It was just the start of the day and so much to be done. Not to mention that there were also going to be new recruits coming in today. She was told by a couple of her other men that had followed her in from her time in the woods. It had been a year now since they had initiated the guild. They had just finalized the new building and had just started last week taking newcomers. Usually, the one that the Royals would turn away. More Rogues and darker magic users or even blood hunter initiates here as of resently there had been 3 already under training from her men, and they were sure a handful.

She had sat down at the desk in her leather armor in the beginning and stood up and started to strip it way, no longer being comfortable to wear while sitting for long periods of time. She always got comments that she looked like a librarian from the men when she didn't wear her armor. She worked the heal of her hands in to her deep green eyes for a moment and then ran her hand through her dark red hair and let out a stiff sigh as she continued working through her papers and organizing them and pulling them all together into their respective piles. She does this for the majority of the day and around lunch time she decided to take a break and finds herself walking down the hallway to go the dining hall and pulls herself up a stool at the bar and siting down running her hands though her shoulder length hair as the bar keep walks up and takes her order for a sandwich and some mead. She did this on purpose, that was to see the new recruits and the new people who had joined without them yet knowing who she was since she was not armor adorned and weapon holding. would be intresting to see what happens.

Midevil Fantasy; Teifling scorned grew to guild leader after Civil war.


Age: 25


She has blonde hair that hits her shoulders. She has a very athletic build to her. She has trained her body and had the muscles to show for it. she has silver blue eyes that are set at a constant resting bitch face form. She is pale in complexion and her face is generally free of makeup. Very much a tomboy and brash like one of the guy's kind of actions to her. Her general dress style is cargo pants or tactical pants. Tech wear and such when she is working a job or even training. The tops usually staying along the lines of tank tops or other tight-fitting shirts and such to keep them out of her way of her aim.


She comes from an underground faction of a group of the rebellion from the war time that had melted down. She is a deserter to the United States military whom they were fighting against. Since then, she has thrown in the towel and broke off on her own finding her way into other factions and spreading the discourse for the rebellion. She is a marching martyr as she is thought by most to be dead and have died in a large fight between the rebellion and the US military. Her return brings hope back to the rebellion.

In the time that it was assumed she was dead she had received Digital modifications and enhanced abilities from said modifications. She has an electronic system in her body that is what controls her ability to walk as well as everything below her waist to keep working correctly. She had taken a shot to the back that severed the connections, and this was the only way to fix it. When it was finalized, she ended up training and becoming recon sniper and hand to hand combat specialist.

She commands an entire group of men that come from the lead of the rebellion that are now her followers. In that there are two of them that are her left and right hands her right hand being her brother. They all left for their own reasons. This new rebellion was for the factor of eliminating the class diffrences that were always apparent in each group. To rebuild a new community as just that, a community rather then who is better than another.

Weapons she uses- She primarily uses a long-distance Compound bow, she uses steel arrows that carry a current when she fires them that the discharge comes from the system in her body. She also is a good shot with a sniper and highly trained in hand-to-hand combat to the point which she would eliminate her target with her bare hands.

The system- it is a series of wires and wiring that is wired directly into her Central nervous system. It helps the broken connections be rekindled and connected to one another again to communicate properly. In this, it does not restore feeling or the ability to feel if anything muscularly or structurally is broken or not working correctly.


She is a military brat, she grew up in a military setting and was raised in that and continued through that. There is little sensor to what she says. She says what she wants and usually pays the price for that. She is a rather carring individual but shows it in kind of brash ways that most people don't see that way.


She was standing on the roof top looking out over the bunker that her and her family were living in. Currently she was sitting in a wheel chair her arms crossed in her lap calmly as she watched the sunrise. There was a group of kids down in the training room below her that she needed to teach how to be the next generation of Rebellion leaders. This was not something that was simple. Kids here were scared of war. Scared of what it ment. It was rare that she could find anyone that was really willing to fight for the world to be better. Most just wanted to stay complacent. She had already scared off several groups of kids with the stories that she had spoke of. It didn't matter how much she said that it all mattered on training they had. They usually got up and ran out of the room. She sighed and decided that it was time to go back to her bunk and room and get ready to handle the next round of disappointment. These were kids from a different underground development. Maybe it will different.

She wheeled herself down the ramp and into the locked down enclosure after scanning her hand on a biometrics pad. Few people had the biometrics programed into the system that allowed outside access. Her team. The mayor who was her father as well as the small band of hunters that would go out and scavenge to find goods to bring back to keep people afloat. Once she made it back down the tunnels and into her room, she transferred herself from the wheelchair over to the bed. She grabbed something that looked like a series of wires and batteries that she started hooking into wires that connected to her spine. She seemed to flinch every wire she hooked together into there small HUD. after she plugged them all in she stood up slowly and walked over to the mirror having pulled off her shirt. She strapped the battery like packs to her side carefully making sure their location wouldn't inhibit her movement at all. She pulled her tank top back on after that and through on a baggy hoodie as she waked though the hallway down to the training room.

Dystopian world at war aspect. Cybernetics and hard ass military woman.

Alester Nyxthin (Grim Reaper)

Age: presents at 24 years old actual age is no longer known


Standing at a tall height of 6'4 they avoid wearing anything that puts much more height on them. They are usually wearing their reapers cloak which while wearing continuously changes the appearance of the person who is wearing it to keep there idenity secret. They can choose to not have this occur and to take their normal human form though as well. When they do that, they are normally wearing black tie formal dress style. Particularly a dark red button up with a black tie and black vest with black dress slacks. There long black hair hangs loosely around their form and orange amber eyes that have a resting look of aloofness and generally not paying attention to anything in particular.


They have been a reaper for a long time. They don't particularly have any time that they remember their mortal lives. They only know the soul retrieval process at this point. They also don't remember if the form that they choose to take is their actual form. They do identify in some ways with the form and that is why they choose to constantly take that one as their natural form, but they had been reaping for so long at this point that it had been lost to time. They know their name because it is something that a reaper doesn't forget since it is importain to not loose that part of your idenity.


They are generally curious about humans and about life in general. Since they don't remember anything and are not aloud to interact with people since they can't see the reaper till, they pull their soul from their bodies after they die or as they die in some instances. Most souls don't even acknowledge the reaper, they just move on with in a fluid motion after they have been reaped. They move on to there afterlife and no second thought of the neutral thirty party in the mix. They are very blunt and to the point normally in personality wise. Answer questions with very black and white answers. Little to not emotion while speaking though Alester has not spoke in a few millennia now and does not usually even interact with his own kind.


Alester was standing on the rooftop, he had just taken the soul of the woman that had jumped from the building top. There cloak was pulled tight around them still. There was a human there with him. The sky at that immediate point had caught their attention but the human was in eye shot as they revealed at the beautiful sunset behind the heart broken person also in their eyes shot. It was then that Alester realized he was being staired down by this particular human. They stepped off the roof and walked up in front of the particular person and pushed their hood revealing himself in his true form causing the world around them to freeze.

"What are you that you can see me mortal…" A midrange voice ringing from there vocal cords that sounds almost melodic. The confusion was evident on the face of the Reaper and the cloak still closed over the rest of their form in what looks like Coalescing shadows around them.

This is a Genderfluid/ Non-binary character that I have resently created. Diffrent rendition of the Grim reapers.

I also have images for each of them. we can go into further detail if you are interested in a particular character. I look forward to making friends and building stories and worlds with everyone!
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