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May 31, 2021
Hello friends! I am the Ambiguous Storyteller. But you can call me Storyteller. I’ve been roleplaying and writing for a while now. I am always creating new ideas, be they a plot seed, a full-on setting or just a character that came to mind. There are many things that I am interested in. But we will get to that later. I try to reply at least two to three times a week. I will try once a day. I usually write 3 or more paragraphs. They could be simple or complex, and the amount depends on the settings. I like twice a week because it gives my partners and me some time to think about the response and put some real effort into them. Anyways that’s a good enough introduction for now. I will add more as it comes to me. This will be a request thread for any female characters I create.

If you have made it this far, maybe I can interest you further with these themes and settings. I am not too comfortable with Fandoms, but I will give them a try for sure! I lean mostly towards original characters in fandom settings. Other things I like are Modern/Realistic, Modern/Fantasy, Medieval/Fantasy. These three are probably my strongest and most enjoyed themes in roleplaying. I also like sci-fi, Victorian Era, Post-Apocalyptic. I love the saucy romances and the slice-of-life awkward romances. I enjoy my fair share of smut though I don’t want that to be the focus of our roleplay. I have many ideas, some I will put here. I am also interested in your ideas as well. Do you have something you want to carve out of the stone but never found the right person for the setting? Let’s talk about it, or we can work together and make something completely original.


Alright, now the fun stuff, these are the pairings I am into. If you have some you are interested in; I will do my best to play the part. But don’t be discouraged if I am not into it. I am sure we can work something out or find someone else we both can find. On a tangent here…
Most of my pairings are FxM but really, as an ambiguous storyteller, I am also NBxNB. We can be anyone we want—even genderless robots (if you are into that).
KnightxPeasant girl
Modern MxF
Space adventurers
Bounty HunterxOutlaw

The first character I am really looking to place is her.

Race: Kukan Kitsune
Age: 1000 years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 134 lbs.

The Kitsune nation
Tosha (pronounced Tasha), born into a Kitsune clan, is the first nine tails since the first forming of the clan. Their power was sought after by emperors, kings and other rulers across the lands. The kitsune clan chose to hide in the forests. The Kitsune nation splitting into three clans. The Shadow clan, The water clan, The fire clan, Tosha belong to the shadow clan. She is the head instructor of martial arts in her village. She was born into a family of fox samurai who uses blue fire magic along with secret sword techniques taught for Millennium. Her father taught her all she knows about hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship. The Shadow Clan was one of the most feared among the Kitsune as their magic uses their fighting style and swordsmanship. The blue flame magic and its uses are considered one of the most dangerous magics to encounter. The only thing more dangerous is a Shadow Clan Kitsune’s Katana.
Tragedy Strikes!
When she fights with her father and runs away from home, lost and cold, she finds herself being wooed by a wealthy Royal. The royal had a powerful mage put Tosha under a hypnosis spell. Using her to take over countries, Her final order was to wipe out her clan. She did so only to have the spell broken and be left with the memories of what she had done. She wanders now a Ronin with no master working for the highest bidder. But her price doesn't come cheap. Only the wealthiest of kings and emperors may afford her services. Those who know or know her often refer to Tosha as the Kitsune with Sad Eyes when telling her story.

Tosha’s Sword
Midnight Warrior Katana is a sword wielded by the leader of The Kitsune Shadow Clan. Tosha saved it, the other thing she has left from her Clan, besides the painful memories of the slaughter she had escaped from. The blade is hand-forged from magically enchanted steel that has been folded 11 times by the Kitsune Blacksmith. The blade was then clay tempered to produce a true hamon line and an edge that is never dull. Beyond its extraordinary blade, the Kitsune boasts elegant aesthetic trappings, as well. These include a brass blade clip and menuki; black ray skin handle wrapped in the soft light blue cotton cord; and iron tsuba forged with exquisite ornamentation and keen attention to detail with a fox chiselled into the Tsuba. A handsome, polished wooden scabbard finished in a rich dark blue lacquer and the same light blue cotton cord wrapping that completes the masterwork. The sword is a complete set with a Wakizashi and Tanto of the same composition. If she doesn’t have the sword, Tosha can summon the sword with blue flames, allowing her to make it appear whenever she needs it.

Tosha’s Magic/Secret Techniques
Passive abilities: Being that all kitsunes use magic so freely as they are creatures of a magical nature. They have the ability to tap into environmental magic. As well as absorb magic. While this does not mean they can absorb a direct attack, there have been stories of kitsune absorbing catastrophic spells. However, these are just legends among the kitsune. Tosha being a dark kitsune called Kukan, can manipulate magic to an extent. She cannot stop multiple attacks; she could stop a singular attack and manipulate it to become magic for her to absorb or redirect consciously; this would leave her vulnerable to attack, which is why she uses this ability strategically to defend or attack. All kitsune display some fire which is why they are known as fire foxes. Kukan fire is a topaz colour.
Among her many magical abilities, she has grown particularly good at taking on a human form. She has 4 forms she can shift into An anthropomorphic 9 tail fox, a giant or small 9 tailed foxes with fire breath, a young girl or an old lady; though Tosha is female, she can also manipulate the gender when shapeshifting. Tosha is capable of shapeshifting into a person she sees, although this takes time, and she has to see the person clearly talk to them for complete mimicry. Though she is sure, there are many other forms she could take on given the time to master the ability. She particularly likes her human. She can shapeshift into a nine-tailed fox of various sizes, from a small hut to a mouse. Tosha can physically fight while taking on her human form, but activation of any of her magic will remove the disguise, while in human form, she cannot change her eyes or hide her ears. However, she takes care in making them look fake. In her large fox form, she can fight and breathe topaz flames. She can fly or levitate rather, though she cannot become invisible as the legends of Kitsune suggest. However, she can blend in quite well with the darkness.

Secret Technique #1: Piercing Fang~ This is a stab Technique using magic to enhance her movements and the strength of her blade. The Technique allows Tosha to strike an opponent with a stab that can pierce shields and armour or protective magic spells; when the Technique is performed, Tosha dashes faster than the eye can see from a long distance. Reappearing in close range for a blitz attack. The visual is the blade of her Katana has a teal blue fire at the tip spinning. The drawback is the technique is easily countered with time magic or a magic cancelling spell. Though the magic would only cancel, the opponent would still have to dodge the attack. The attack itself is supposed to be a quick one-shot attack ending the duel efficiently. Because of this, she is left exposed for a counter-attack if she misses or is blocked.

Secret Technique #2: Smoke screen~ This Technique is a teleportation sneak attack. The Technique appears as a frontal assault, but when the opponent attempts to counter the attack, Tosha turns into a grey-black smoke and reappears engulfed in teal blue flames that extinguish quickly attacking from another direction. This secondary attack can come from behind, above, left or right. The Technique can also be applied with a delay, making the opponent confused. This is a relatively easy technique for Tosha to use with little effort making it one of her most used techniques when in combat. The only drawback is when she is against an extremely perceptive opponent, they can predict where she will reappear. While her other two techniques require commands to use, this is a passive technique she can use freely.

Secret Technique #3: Zangetsu~ This is a combo hit that can be connected up to 20 times through skill. She could chain more if there were enough room. Each hit is a kill strike or a strike that will take out her enemies or opponents. The technique is done when Tosha becomes a streak of topaz light and darts across the battlefield. The strikes she makes with her sword are quick and precise. When she finishes the dash through the chain, the damage is applied. The attack can be cast once every three turns. A roll of dice decides how many attacks are like in the chain.

Secret Technique #4: Dance of the Nine Tails~ Tosha’s strongest and most difficult Technique is Dance of the Nine-Tails. This Technique is her own unique Technique. She wished she could have shown it to her father and clan. But instead, she uses this as a trump card when fighting multiple opponents or when she needs to use an overwhelming force to defeat a strong opponent. The Technique requires her to unfurl her nine tails. When this happens, each of the nine tails has a teal blue fireball on the tip. These fireballs create nine identical swords to her Midnight Warrior Katana. These swords can focus on a single opponent giving their opponent up to ten generic attacks to have to defend, or they can fight independently of themselves and each other. Allowing her to fight up to ten opponents. They can attack omnidirectionally. The drawbacks are when this is cast; it requires complete concentration. This means she can’t use any other of her secret techniques alongside this technique. She becomes exhausted from using this technique when it finishes. The Technique can be maintained for three rotations.