Hetero Casual Moderate The Storyteller's Workshop

Dec 5, 2021
Hello and welcome to my workshop. This is a place for me to toss my ideas. I will have a mixture of thoughts from fully developed ideas to simple one line that could we could expand. But before we get into that, let me get myself acquainted. I've been writing for about ten years, at least four years role playing. I always try to respond with three paragraphs. Sometimes more, but always three. I can reply multiple times spread throughout the week. My most active times are weekends and evenings. I like to think about my replies. Plus, I work full time. Sometimes long hours. I don't really have any requirements for when my partners reply once a week, once in a while. Take an entire month to work on a reply if you like. I believe you should have fun with roleplaying and that it shouldn't be a chore, so take your time.

Sometimes I work a lot of overtime, So my replies might be once a week, but I understand that we all get busy so if you drop off in time don't worry about telling me send a message once you are good and we can continue. Real life is always more important than Rp. If you get concerned, just shoot me a message. Anyway, I prefer to play 1x1 not that I don't like groups, I just sometimes find them disorienting, So I usually look for a 1x1. I really like mixing fantasy with other genres. Modern, Medieval, Steampunk or Industrial era, Sci-Fi. I try to incorporate comedy, drama, action, adventure into all my plots. If I read something I saw on yours that reflects an idea of my own, I will see if you are interested. Or if you see something here that you like. Send me a message. I am also ooc friendly. I will chat about anything you like. Smut is not something I am after or required. That doesn't mean I can't write it. I just don't really care about it. If it is something you want to incorporate, then I would prefer to play a mxf relationship. The gender of any partner I have doesn't matter to me, just write a good story. If you want smut, I am sure we can figure out a way to work it in. Otherwise, I will usually have the scene fade into the next and move on. Being an ambiguous storyteller, I play both male and female characters, unless there are romances between main characters all side characters with have platonic relationships. I am a huge sucker for Romantic Tragedies.

As far as limits go. You will not find them here. Now, of course, follow the sight guidelines and rules. But as far as limits to a story, I always let my partner set their limits because there isn't anything I am not willing to write. If you want to play a scene where our characters go on a murder spree. Let's do it. Your character kills mine or Vice Versa I am for it. Slavery and slave auctions I'm there. Don't be afraid to do things than you wouldn't normally write. I am always willing to explore new things. But that being said there are some things I can't do. Like being in a same sex relationship. Not that I am against it. I would definitely give it. But usually most of my characters have platonic relationships unless otherwise discussed. See you soon. I'll get something up here sometime, but I can't tell you exactly when.