Fantasy Action Horror Romance Scifi Welcome to the Void

Oct 14, 2022
Well, I think it is time once again to overhaul my request thread. Hi, I'm Void. More specifically, I came from the void. I'm a fairly private person at the start of things. I don't go into details about my life as a person or stuff like that. Sometimes my ideas will have game-like systems that function within the setting. Another hobby of mine aside from playing video games is writing. I really enjoy it, though it's sometimes difficult to find inspiration and motivation. So I usually try to make a post a week. I have a discord if you want to talk there. My responses are in the 750 mark or 3 to 5 paragraphs, with 10 paragraphs being the most, 3rd person past or present tense. I like to write cliff hangers sometimes as well. I like to write in threads or DMs if that is what you prefer. My favorite types of roleplay are Fantasy, SciFi, Dystopian, exaggerated realism. My roleplays will often feature a collection of characters that are varied in their species and gender.


This is probably my most familiar and favorite type of setting to roleplay in. Fantasy can range from Urban/Modern to Historical. There are also many others in between. Worlds of Magic and Monsters where sword and sorcery rule the lands. Or, they can have a historical foundation in reality and showcase fantastical events. There are so many possibilities nearly as infinite as the void itself.

This is always a good one that reaches into the depths of what is possible. Look to the stars as the new frontier with epic space naval battles and wondrous planets with alien creatures that push the boundaries of life. The mad science of Frankenstein that could be beneficial or detrimental to society. Megacities of the future with cyberpunk elements of augmented reality. Often reaching into the realms of pseudoscience Science Fiction can exist within history or reach far into the future. Where's my hover board?

Welcome to the apocalypse, well perhaps the post apocalypse. With the ability to be cast in a modern, scifi, or fantasy setting. Dystopic is really more of a theme. But a very fun and interesting one. How would you destroy society. What sort of new form of society would be created. Is this a nuclear holocaust with mutants roaming the wasteland or a zombie infection that plagues humanity. Maybe it is a feudal society set in a wasteland that always was.

Exaggerated Realism
I bet you are wondering what Exaggerated Realism is. Well, it's exactly what it seems like. A realistic setting with often intensified and exaggerated situations. Think Hollywood. We all know situations in movies and television can sometimes reflect reality. But most of the situations we see within these are exaggerated for a specific genre. Like the television show Criminal Minds. It has its roots in reality, but the situations often go over the top compared to real life.

New!! The Tale of Two Sisters
- Two sisters, daughters of the gods, separated at birth. Taking strange paths in life, one lived as a warrior only to be betrayed and turned into a monster from the demon realm, abandoned by her parent gods in her time of need. Swearing her revenge she escaped to the realm of Erde. Her sister, a scholar and a mage. Lived in Erde, ridiculed and banished by the magical community for her eccentric behaviour and magical concepts. Locked away in a magic tower that acted as her prison until the day a magical beast freed her rampaging. After she destroyed the beast and most of the kingdom, they imprisoned her. She's dubbed the witch of calamity. The sisters meet only to hate each other, but they cannot escape being brought together to confront their shared destiny. To overthrow the gods that have become lazy with their reign over the helpless people of Erde.​