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Oct 14, 2022
Welcome to the void
I am that which came from the void. You may call me V, void, or it.


  1. While I write erotica, I am not one to care for kinks. So I am not going to list any. Just bring what you want and we will go from there. Though it belongs in a toilet I don't see why I would put it anywhere else.
  2. I am currently stuck at being most active during the weekends, once or twice a week then more on the weekends. If I have anything come up I will try to tell my partner. But sometimes life bares its ugly side.
  3. My ability to write ranges. I always try to put out 1k words which are why my replies are so stretched out. But if my partner can give me at least 500 words a post I am happy.
  4. I don't have any other rules, to be honest. Oh, I almost forgot the biggest rule of all. Let's have fun!

Coming Soon!
  • The Hunt- This rp will revolve around two central characters but will feature a cast of characters that are involved in a giant plot about hunting werewolves. This could honestly go either way or could even possibly be more oriented to the group but I wanted to try it out with one other person as either a series of hunts if they enjoy the idea or a singular hunt before I adapt it into a group thing. But it is a modern supernatural rp. In which MC is a hunter who has a list because they are seeking revenge on some werewolves that wronged her in the past. YC could be their mentor who taught them all they know about hunting werewolves. Or YC could be some werewolf MC is hunting. Each dynamic has its own pros and cons. So you should decide what you would be looking for in this situation? There is a chance for romance if we took the mentor route. But I also enjoy the thought of testing our wits against each other as our characters play hunter/hunted.
  • Ser Nyne- This plot is fairly developed. MY is an automaton with mysterious origins in a fantasy world. Once known as Grey this knight like golem is unlike his larger family no bigger than a man carrying a strange sword and being able to use powerful magic. The knight is awoken by YC and thus begins the adventure to discover the origins of Ser Nyne. While romance is not really a part of this character as it takes blood from the owner of the golem to make it work. Which could be as simple as a drop, however if the person interested in this plot wanted romance there is the potential of Ser Nyne being trapped in the body of the Golem and restoring him to human form would bring the potential for romance.
  • NEW! While the rest of us die - Welcome to the post apocalypse. We didn't know when it would happened but it was only a matter of time before the war went nuclear. There was no surviving. When we rose from the bunkers the world had changed drastically. If you've found this survival guide then you are a lucky one. You're probably confused and wondering where you are. Somewhere in the midwest. The landscape is scarred and littered with the rubble of what our society used to be. But don't waste any time reflecting as there are dangers present. Such as the goblins. green irradiated mutants with pointy ears. Primitive creatures but their often in groups. They're craft little bastards. And where you find Goblins there are Orc their much bigger, meaner, and stronger cousins. Also mutants. Then there are the elves. Their cunning and the closest thing to humans of the mutants. Their not friends but they won't kill and eat you on sight. Just don't trust them. Go to this place on the map in this book and you'll find me survivor. You might be wondering who I am well we'll get to that when you get here.​
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