NSFW Action Scifi Moderate Advance Open Vault-Tec Calling! A Variety of Fallout RPs Contained Within!


Situation Normal; Everything's Fucked
Nov 11, 2020

Hello there, and welcome to my collection of Fallout RPs! After binging a massive Fallout 4 campaign recently, then going back and playing some New Vegas and even a bit of Fallout 1, I've found myself craving some writing in the setting. Contained within here are my thoughts, roleplays, pairings and plots! Please feel free to message me about anything I haven't mentioned!

For other plots, and for my full list of RP rules (it's very short, trust me,) please see here!

Fallout 1
Looking mostly original characters within Fallout 1's setting. The only canon characters I'm really interestred in exploring here would be Tandi, before she leads Shady Sands to greatness. Otherwise, I'm happy to play as either the Vault Dweller or as an original companion to the Vault Dweller. Dogmeat almost certainly included in there somwhere.
Fallout 2
N/A. I know bits and pieces of the lore, but never played it. Sorry!

Fallout 3
Much like 1, mostly looking for original characters in the Capital Wasteland. None of F3's companions interest me enough for a roleplay.

Fallout: New Vegas
Here we get into the good stuff! I have a few plots I'm interested in going for here, and plenty of pairings. First up:


I am interested in playing with or as the following characters, either paired with each other, with the Courier, or with an original character. If there's a character you're interested in that's not here, let me know!

- OC Courier
- Arcade Gannon
- Craig Boone
- Rose of Sharon Cassidy
- Veronica Santagelo
- Christine Royce
- Waking Cloud


The Ill-Fated Tower

The Lucky 38 can be seen from almost anywhere in the Mojave Wastland. Formerly a place of mystery, the location of the enigmatic and mysterious Mr House, now, the place has a new owner. The Courier.

Walking out of their grave, the Courier turned the wasteland into a bloodbath, wading through the gore to sit astride a throne of bodies. Ceaser. Kimballl. The King, and Mr House himself all fell to the Courer's ripper, as did countless soldiers. Now, the Strip is kept under an iron thumb, the casinos shocked and terrified into submission, Freeside cowed even as the Courier flowed caps into it. His securitrons keep the wastes safe... And oppressed. But it will not last forever. To the west, old enemies have settled rivalries as they attempt to overthrow this new tyrant and change New Vegas' fate.

Last of the Brotherhood

When Veronica Santagelo encountered a stranger at the 188 who only had a brief discussion with her, she never could have imagined what would have occured later. She returned to Hidden Valley one day to find her home destroyed- everyone she knew dead, and with nothing left for her. Lost, hopeless and with nothing to lose, she signed up with a trade caravan and started making her way East- following the trail of the Lyons expedition.

Fallout 4
Let's round out this list, shall we?


I'm interested in playing as the following:

- OC Sole Survivor
- Synth!Codsworth
- Synth!Curie
- Deacon
- Nick Valentine
- Piper Wright
- Preston Garvey

Interested in playing with the following:

- OC Sole Survivor
- Synth!Codsworth
- Synth!Curie
- Deacon
- Paladin Danse
- Deacon
- Robert MacCready
- Nick Valentine
- Piper Wright
- Preston Garvey
- X6-88


A Brighter Tomorrow

The Sole Survivor was the best thing that could have happened to the Commonwealth. Gentle. Kind. Caring. They solved problems, settled disputes, and brought together the Railroad, Brotherhood and Minutemen into an alliance- uneasy at first, but stronger as the years went on. With the Institute's captured headquarters, science and technology ploughed ahead, and now, the New Commonwealth Confederacy strides out of Boston to right some wrongs.

The Setting:
Patrolling The Chugach Almost Makes You Wish For Some Nuclear Fire

Welcome to Alaska. The year? 2100. After all the blood spilt between the Chinese and the Americans to hold it, Anchorage wasn't even worth one measly gravity bomb. Now, the city is a powderkeg, as military elements from both sides, the Free Anchorage Militia, a splinter faction of the Enclave and nascent raiders all vy for control. WIth the radiation still fresh and the wasteland freezing cold, only one can remain standing at the end.

Once again, please feel free to message me about anything I haven't mentioned! I'd love to work out a plot or pairing with you!